Honda NSX: Pic of the Week

Just in case the news of the Mazda MX-5 being 30 years old in 2019 doesn't make you feel over the hill, don't forget that it marks the same birthday for the Honda NSX - another hugely significant sports car that's changed the genre over the past three decades. Moreover, it's 30 for the Lexus LS400 this year as well, so another one to add to the party list - a big year!

Anyway, the least we could do for Honda's New Sportscar eXperimental on its big birthday was a Pic of the Week. Hopefully there will be one or two more features marking the occasion during the year, but a new wallpaper seemed like a good start. Both images below feature Honda UK's lovely (and very early) NA1 NSX, the same that featured in our Hero piece of a few years back.

Truth told its automatic gearbox makes it less than fabulous to drive, but that doesn't get in the way of how it looks, which is what we're celebrating here. For something designed in the middle of the 1980s, there's still something that works so well about the NSX shape, even with its slightly long rear overhang. The pop-up headlights are great, the low scuttle is great, the rear light bar is great... there's a lot to like, even after all this time.

So make your choice (or take both) and get downloading below. Rest assured this isn't the last time an NSX will be seen on PH in 2019!

Picture one:
Quad HD

Picture two:
Quad HD

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  • Agent57 10 Feb 2019

    Whenever I see an NSX from the back all I can think is that they had that whole long red strip and yet they could only get one fog light in.

    Make it symmetrical.

  • LarJammer 10 Feb 2019

    A birthday worth celebrating!

  • myhandle 10 Feb 2019

    The US spec Acura is symmetrical .

  • Global Nomad 10 Feb 2019

    Symmetry is over rated. There is very little that benefits from symmetry, including us.

  • samoht 10 Feb 2019

    Nice pics.

    I'm very keen on the idea of PH doing some more NSX pieces this year, it's very much a historically significant car in multiple ways, marking Japan's effective debut at the top level of the market and a key influence in making all subsequent supercars better engineered and more usable.

    I'm curious about ownership and running costs; in principle one would hope that a Honda drivetrain in an aluminium body would be the perfect combo to last forever with minimal maintenance costs, but of course it's still an old performance car at the end of the day. A buying guide / living with article would be great, basically.

    I'm also interested in hearing about the handling, which attracted mixed reviews (rather like the S2000, come to think of it), and interestingly comes with either unassisted or ePAS steering. And of course, anything about the unicorn Type Rs (NA1 and 2), and how big the gap is from the regular models.

    So anything PH can contribute on the above would be of interest personally - and, of course, any PHers who want to post :-)

    Agent57 said:
    Whenever I see an NSX from the back all I can think is that they had that whole long red strip and yet they could only get one fog light in. Make it symmetrical.
    They did make it symmetrical, with two reversing lights. Then when they wanted to sell it in the UK, a rear fog light being a legal requirement, they changed one of the slots for that, to accommodate our quirky local requirements.

    (pic from )

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