Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: Pic of the Week

The Lamborghini Aventador has never been a particularly excellent driver's car. Memorable, intoxicating and oh-so-fast, yes, but to steer at pace along a technical road? It's never felt completely at home in this scenario. Unless, of course, it was an Aventador of Super Veloce form.

Take the Aventador SVJ that's just been launched, for example. It's blown all perceptions of the standard car out of the water. The SVJ is not the first model to do this, mind, because the SV of 2015 had already demonstrated the wicked effects of some fine-tuning on Lambo's V12 monster. But the SVJ is here to really hammer the point home. It carries with it the new Nurbugring production car lap record at 6min 44.97sec, in case you still haven't got the point.

Our recent go in the most capable road-going 12-cylinder Lamborghini was restricted to track work, but it confirmed to us that this is indeed the real deal. A scintillating high-performance proposition that's as eager to attack an apex as it is to blast your eardrums into the middle of your cranium.

It's also the last or damn near last of the breed, because the Aventador's successor will almost certainly have to adopt hybrid power in the face of environmental pressures. Lap record and extraordinary performance aside, that alone should surely leave it deserving of your desktop background.

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