Lamborghini Miura SVR: Pic of the Week

Any of the 763 Lamborghini Miuras would be perfect desktop wallpaper fodder, though some are - believe it or not - rather more special than others. Welcome to the Lamborghini Miura SVR, just restored by Sant'Agata's Polo Storico heritage department.

The SVR is a truly one-off Miura. Following Bob Wallace's crash in the Jota prototype, incessant demand led to Lamborghini building a few SVJ versions. Clearly inspired by those cars, a German named Heinz Straber - owner of this car when it was 'just' a green Miura S - went to its maker in search of something more extreme. After 18 months of work (and presumably lots of cash), this SVR was the result. Of course, without any social media in those days, very few people would have been aware of the car's existence, and with the Countach in production Lamborghini wasn't going to do any more Miuras - the SVR remained unique.

Its rise to notoriety began when it was sold to Hiromitsu Ito in Japan; not only did the SVR feature in a comic book series, it was the basis for Kyosho's very famous Miura SVR model. Well, if there's only one ever made...

Now the car is back in Japan following an exhaustive 19 month restoration at Polo Storico. Having arrived in bits, the team clearly had their work cut out, but hopefully we can all agree that the end result is absolutely spectacular. Not as pure as a standard Miura, granted, but the mystique and the presence more than make up for it. An interesting point of note, too: the four-point harnesses, upgraded seat and roll bar are the only modifications made from the original spec, though they've been put in at the owner's request "to improve safety during the car's racetrack exhibitions." Bravo.

We're so taken by this Miura SVR, in fact, that we couldn't settle on just one image for this Friday's Pic of the Week. Therefore two are on offer below, from the front and the rear; take your pick - or take both - and indulge your desktop with the ultimate in Italian supercar excess.

Option 1
Quad HD

Option 2
Quad HD

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  • DrSteveBrule 22 Jun 2018

    I can't even begin to imagine the sums of money involved.

    It's lovely to see a Muira in any capacity but I'd take the sublime original over this (if I was offered a choice).

  • RobDickinson 22 Jun 2018

    Worst looking miura ive seen

  • Plug Life 22 Jun 2018

    Aes87 said:
    that spoiler looks dreadful
    The grandfather of canards.

  • andy43 22 Jun 2018

    Eww. No. No. No.

  • ZX10R NIN 22 Jun 2018

    OMG that is stunning.

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