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992 Porsche 911 GT3 sports new aero | Update

A development car breakdown gives our snappers closer looks at a race-inspired spoiler and diffuser

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Update: 03.07.2019

The next Porsche 911 GT3 looks set for a big boost in lateral performance thanks to the use of some extreme aerodynamic pieces, which have been photographed up close thanks to a development car breakdown at the Nurburgring. The partially-taped-up 992 is sporting a swan neck wing with enormous endplates, which sits above a rear diffuser featuring six prominent slats, split only by a pair of exhaust tailpipes.

You don’t need a degree in fluid dynamics to know this setup points to a big boost in downforce; the fact it looks properly racy is probably enough. But those who like the details will understand that placing the wing’s mounting points on top means there’s less drag on the underside – unlocking more downforce. Could the swan neck also enable active aero? There’s certainly enough cladding over it…

While that rear diffuser is considerably smaller than the item used by Porsche’s RSR Le Mans car, it’s quite a bit more substantial than the setup used on the 991 GT3. Coupled with the winglets located on the car’s floor – we know they’re there thanks to the sticker warning marshals of them (and probably their fragility) – this should give Porsche’s first GT-spec 992 a substantial aerodynamic advantage over the regular Carrera models. And they’ve already proven themselves very effective at hunkering down around corners.

This aerodynamic edge is vital, of course, because the GT3 has lost the advantage of a wider track width and, since it’s set to retain natural aspiration in an updated version of Stuttgart’s glorious 4.0-litre, the boosted regular cars will be closer still. Naturally, we’re expecting a small bump in power from the 4.0 flat-six, although not too much, as it already jumped to 510hp at 8,400rpm in the Speedster with a 250bar fuel pressure system, new injectors and individual throttle valves. It’s not exactly a unit that’s lacking in emotion, either.

But this is the Porsche GT department and time and time again its engineers have delivered more when we thought progress was nigh on impossible. So while we’ve still a good year to wait before the 992 GT3 arrives, consider us very, very excited.

Original story: 21.02.2019

There aren't many cars that get a chat going on PistonHeads quite like a 911 GT3. Whether it's the trouble with getting hold of one, the secondhand market or - should anyone dare - how utterly fabulous they are to drive, the conversation is never brief.

With engine fires, an automatic-only phase and the reappearance of a Touring model, the 991 provided plenty to talk about. Still kinda does, in fact, with the Speedster on the way. But that's all made to seem like yesterday's news with the emergence of these new 992 spy shots. Photographed testing in the Arctic Circle just this week, the next GT3 is expected as a 2020 model - which makes sense when you think about it, as the 991 GT3 arrived in 2013, or two years after the base Carrera.

With that arrival not all that far off in the grand scheme of things, there are a few clearly recognisable GT3 traits in this development mule. Note the twin central exhaust pipes, rear arches seemingly wider even than the already broad Carrera, a dramatic fixed rear spoiler and vented bonnet. The yellow calipers on this car would imply ceramic brakes, although the discs look like iron - those of greater knowledge, feel free to contribute now.

Given a hybrid 992 is not expected until at least the mid-life facelift, it would a surprise verging on shock to discover any petrol-electric tech on the GT3. As so much was invested in the 4.0-litre flat-six for the 991 facelift, it would seem logical for that engine to continue here. Furthermore, with the uptake of both the manual gearbox and Touring package higher than expected, we'd bet on those appearing in the GT3 range again. Given the 9,000rpm 991 first made its debut at Geneva in 2013, we'd bet on a debut in the same place next year. Plenty more to follow before then...

[Images: S. Baldauf/S.B. Medien]

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