Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Pack: Spotted

We're big fans of the C63 AMG here at PH - the AMG C63 too. Readers have let us into theirs, owners have explained the appeal, and we've even told you what to look out for when buying your own. So you can imagine how happy it makes us to see good examples in the classifieds.

Case in point, today's Spotted. This 2010 car comes courtesy of PHer Shaun and is particularly noteworthy for the spec boxes ticked when it was built - and since.

For starters, it's equipped with the £3,200 Performance Pack, adding uprated brakes, firmer suspension, an Alcantara steering wheel and a limited-slip differential - widely agreed to be a must have on the C63.

As it's a post-2009 car, it could have been further enhanced with the £6,000 Performance Pack Plus. This improved the power output of the 6.2-litre engine by 30hp and snipped a tenth off its 0-60 time, thanks to the use of forged pistons carried over from the SLS AMG, new connecting rods, a lightweight crankshaft and a modified ECU.

This matters not though, as Shaun has taken it to the chaps at Ecotune himself, who have endowed it with the same 512hp as its Black Edition big brother. Add to that a carbon fibre boot lip, diffuser and red brake calipers - giving it the look of the aforementioned PP Plus - and an 11 speaker Harmon Kardon sound system, and it looks like we're onto an all around winner!

It comes with a full service history and, according to the ad, the current owner has always run the car on 99 Ron - a definite plus given that, as our Buying Guide advises, the C63 can be particularly sensitive to the fuel it uses.

For a fiver under £22,000, it's an awful lot of bang for your buck.

: 6,208cc, V8
Transmission: seven-speed auto, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 457@6,800rpm
Torque (lb ft): 442@5,000rpm
MPG: 21.1
CO2: 319g/km
First registered: 2010
Recorded mileage: 39,000 miles
Price new: £54,645
Yours for: £21,995

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  • dinkel 31 Oct 2017

    Recently I drove the biturbo 3 litre V6 AMG, 367 horses in a GLC, a 400 SL and the AMG 43 roadster. And BTW, the 333 brake version in the all new E400 cabrio: in full anger these cars really are quite a handful and they do need some decent space, like a race track, to play with. Fast. Loving the 4 Matic AWD.

  • only1ian 31 Oct 2017

    I bought the 2009 SL63 AMG with the same performance pack. I wonder why it kicks out 525bhp when the C63 with the same engine produces considerably less?

    Great car and the LSD, brakes and suspension changes make the world of difference to the SL. A car most on PH consider a GT not an out and out sports car...

  • Desert Dragon 31 Oct 2017

    Headstuds a big issue on pre 2011/2012 cars. Invariably need to be sorted as heads lift and oil and water then mix. Rectified on facelift cars. I'd love one but have to have one small car that does more than 30mpg! wink

  • ghibbett 31 Oct 2017

    only1ian said:
    I bought the 2009 SL63 AMG with the same performance pack. I wonder why it kicks out 525bhp when the C63 with the same engine produces considerably less?
    The C63, due to packaging constraints, has a more restrictive exhaust manifold. Also the throttle is artificially restricted to an 80% opening over 5000rpm, all to ensure it doesn't deliberately tread on its big brother's toes.

    A remap to remove the throttle restriction will liberate a good 50bhp (52bhp in my car's case).

  • DBRacingGod 31 Oct 2017

    The man maths is strong with this one.

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