TVR Griffith at Castle Combe: Time For Coffee?

Can it really be nearly 15 months since the world first laid eyes on the new TVR Griffith? Time really does fly. Indeed according to the original story, production should be starting very soon, meaning 2019 should be the year for driving it. How exciting...

Until then we have this teaser, from tyre provider Avon. It's less than a minute long, so look elsewhere for an in-depth track assessment, but it's nice at least to see the car driven in anger on circuit. Pleasingly, there aren't any surprises: the Griffith makes lots of noise, lots of smoke and lots of speed. Marvellous.

Beyond that, there's not a lot to know. It doesn't look too big on track - you'd be amazed how some road cars can feel on circuit - and Castle Combe looks as entertaining as ever. Is the car pitching around a lot on the brakes? Maybe. Or maybe we're used to cars not moving one jot on track, and then feeling aloof on road.

There's a lot to still to find out then, that's for sure, this video only whetting the appetite further. Let's hope there's more to follow soon...



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Comments (86) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Cacatous 15 Nov 2018

    Sounds like a lot of farting to me. Bring back the Speed Six!

    PS. The wheels look much better!

  • Equus 15 Nov 2018

    Cacatous said:
    Sounds like a lot of farting to me.
    It does, doesn't it?

    Presumably a result of the front-side exit exhausts, so that you're only hearing half of the engine at any one time.

    But definitely an overbearing impression of flatulence...

  • Ex Boy Racer 15 Nov 2018

    Cannot understand how anyone can hear that noise and their first reaction being to criticise. Sounds pretty good to me - quite aggressive and un-PC, just like it should. The car looks better in the wild too.

  • Equus 15 Nov 2018

    Ex Boy Racer said:
    Cannot understand how anyone can hear that noise and their first reaction being to criticise.
    Because it sounds like a Harley Davidson that's had a bad curry?

    Noise and looks used to be the (only) two things that TVR got right. frown

  • GW65 15 Nov 2018

    What a let-down. Doesn't sound like a proper V8, and it looks tall, narrow and bland. I'm sure proper Griffs are spinning in their graves....

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