£100K Garage: Johan Pederson

Name: Johan Pedersen
Previously owned: None, impoverished student
Currently owned: A Raleigh bicycle; for actual cars, see above
On the shortlist: Practical, reasonably priced, low-mileage estates such as the Alfa 159, Volvo V70 or the Jaguar XF Sportbrake. Although in my dreams a Series IIa Land Rover is just the ticket, in essence I love cars that are as comfortable on the Autobahn, as they are going to the DIY shop on a Saturday.

UK: Jaguar Sport XJR-S
Balance: £77,005
Why I chose it: "As a massive fan of Jaguar, my £100K Garage had to include one. The XJS may be an unpopular choice, with those strange buttresses surrounding the rear window and a far from brilliant reliability record. However, it is a big V12 GT that found its way on to the racing circuits of the world under the guidance of Tom Walkinshaw - that is what makes the XJS special to me.

"And this is not just a normal XJS, but a Jaguar Sport XJR-S improved by TWR to be a far better sports car than most people ever expected of it. It's a rare car - only 837 were ever built - and this is the only one currently for sale on PH. I think it's destined to be a sought-after classic and this example will be great for a weekend drive, enjoying the smooth purr of the V12." 

Rest of Europe:Alfa 159 Sportwagon TI
Balance: £65,015
Why I chose it: "When I was looking around for an exciting yet practical everyday car, this cropped up and I needed to look no further. For me this is one of the prettiest cars of the 21st century, and this example showcases that to the fullest. 

"Not only is it already one of the cars on my future shortlist, it also happens to as close to my perfect 159 as is currently available: a red 1.75 TBi Sportwagon in the TI spec, with a gorgeous black leather interior - a stunning combo in my opinion. The only thing I happen to dislike on this car are the silver roof racks, however removing those should not be impossible."

Germany:VW Golf R32
Balance: £54,065
Why I chose it: "This is the car closest to my heart on the list. Hot hatches are what I grew up dreaming about as a young boy in Germany, immersed and shaped by German car culture. As a Volkswagen fanboy, my hot hatch had to be a Golf, and for me nothing beats the Mk4 R32 with its sonorous VR6 and bulbous arches. This is the car of my childhood dreams, the car I always bought first when playing racing games and for me this was the only car of which its inclusion in this list was a certainty.

"This example ticks all the right boxes:  not only is it blue, original, low mileage and well maintained, it also happens to be a three-door, which to my mind is essential for a proper hot hatch. For hot hatches should sacrifice practicality for looks and performance!"

USA:Pontiac Tempest Station Wagon
Balance: £29,315
Why I chose it: "When people speak of quintessentially American cars, they mention hot rods, pick-up trucks and muscle cars; but the Americana I like are big station wagons, with room for friends and gear as you head off to the mountains, beach or camp site. This for me is an embodiment of American motoring: a big V8 out front and 15 feet of car behind that. 

"The Pontiac Tempest did not instantly jump out at me, but its qualities are obvious once you read the description and look at the pictures. Having lived its life in the dry climate of California, it is in great condition and it's also pretty rare by the sounds of it. In its beautiful white paint with a red vinyl interior, it is an immaculate example of the American station wagon, which offers a V8 burble, practicality and a certain coolness."

Japan:Subaru Legacy Spec B 
Cost: £8,490
Balance: £20,825
Why I chose it: "The Japanese are masters at keeping the most interesting and quirky cars to themselves. Nowhere is the case more evident than with this Legacy Spec B WR, a model that never made it outside of Japan yet for me is a far more interesting car than an Impreza STI or Lancer Evo. 

"This for me is a wolf in sheep's clothing and offers the best of both worlds. It still has the near-300hp flat-four turbo, but it has a less boy racerish look to it. And it's more practical. This is a recently imported example straight from Japan and comes with all papers and registration in order. This example was modified by the previous owner, but is otherwise in good condition and has done a not unreasonable amount of miles."


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Comments (14) Join the discussion on the forum

  • sc0tt 19 Apr 2017

    3 wagons and a golf?

  • ducnick 19 Apr 2017

    I want that Pontiac so badly. What a cool car

  • great_kahn 19 Apr 2017

    ducnick said:
    I want that Pontiac so badly. What a cool car
    Really cool car, imagine driving that anywhere in the UK, great choice.

    Like the XJS too, they have aged so well to my eye, and that's a really beauty.

  • louiebaby 19 Apr 2017

    The thing is, with a Yank station-wagon, it needs to be a "Woodie". Something like:

    Whilst I like the one you've chosen, there's just something strange about it, and I don't need that in my neighborhood. wink

  • ChemicalChaos 19 Apr 2017

    louiebaby said:
    The thing is, with a Yank station-wagon, it needs to be a "Woodie". Something like:

    Whilst I like the one you've chosen, there's just something strange about it, and I don't need that in my neighborhood. wink

    Personally, for some weird reason I've always fancied the king of 80s timbered barges, a Mercury Colony Park

    The angular styling and turbine wheels really do go well. The machined silver anodised aluminium buttons and switches inside remind me of the controls for an old B&O stereo system, and look how comfy those seats are!

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