£100K Garage: Mike Cheshire

Name: Mike Cheshire
Previously owned: Metro GTa, Suzuki Ignis Sport, Suzuki Swift Sport, Peugeot 3008
Currently owned: Abarth 595 Turismo with Monza exhaust
On the shortlist: Alfaholics GTA-R 290, Cayman GT4, Metro 6R4

Rest of Europe: Alfa Romeo GTAm
: £36,995
Balance: £63,005
Why I chose it: "I can't think of a car that makes me want to go for a drive more than this one. I seem to remember the previous advert for this car mentioning much of the work and the parts came from Alfaholics and I love Alfaholics. The reality of owning a real GTAm would probably be quite punishing in reality and that is what Alfaholics and those like them do for me, they sell a dream worth having!"

UK: Noble M12
: £33,495
Balance: £29,510
Why I chose it: "As much as I like the M600 and what it achieves, I can't help but wish Noble stuck to the formula they had with the M12. Without actually driving one myself, I cannot think of one thing that could put me off this car. Some will moan about the forced induction but I bet they wouldn't moan about it in an F40, a car this often gets a more than complimentary comparison to from the journalists. I had my eye on a yellow one (more later) but actually this blue works wonders for the looks!"

Japan: Mitsubishi Evolution VIII FQ330
: £12,950
Balance: £16,560
Why I chose it: "I needed a family car, I'm from an Impreza household and found a similarly priced Spec-C and various other standout JDM models. There's just something about the Evo, maybe because it is different to the Impreza in subtle but important ways, or the looks... I'm not totally sure. I love them both and the decision was hard! This particular car has black out mods, make it very appealing though!"

USA: Pontiac Firebird
: £11,500
Balance: £5,060
Why I chose it: "First and foremost... it's yellow. Second, its engine sticks out of the bonnet (if there even is one supplied with the car?) There can be no mistaking where this iconic car comes from and you have to kinda love it for its honesty... and it is very yellow!"

Germany: Volkswagen Lupo GTI
: £3,489
Balance: £1,571
Why I chose it: "I always wanted one of these and I am always jealous when I see one, as I haven't owned and probably will not for the forseeable future. I especially like the silver ones and the more standard the better!"



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Comments (12) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Equus 15 Apr 2017

    Oh my eyes!

    Rows of exposed rivets on a shape as pure as the Alfa?

    Like a line of warts on the face of a supermodel. frown

  • mikester29 15 Apr 2017

    Epic choices, that Alfa is stunning

  • Swampy1982 15 Apr 2017

    Congrats, you win 100k.

    Epic garage

  • staffs Mike 15 Apr 2017

    I'm inclined to agree but I do rather like it!

  • Addymk2 15 Apr 2017

    Nailed it.

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