£100K Garage: Sarah Byles

Name: Sarah Byles
Previously owned: 1999 Ford Fiesta 1.3 Finesse (1st car)
Currently owned:  2001 Ford Fiesta 1.6 Zetec-S (2nd car), 1992 Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth replica
On the shortlist: Ford Mustang, Nissan Skyline

Rest of Europe:Renaultsport Clio RS 200
Balance: £90,505
Why I chose it: "Stunning colour - though not to everyone's taste - that's rare and will stand out amongst everyday traffic and the usual car park congestion. This one also appears to be well looked after and maintained, it's very well spec'd, and would be at home sat in traffic, at a car show or belting around a track."

Germany: Volkswagen Scirocco TDI
Balance: £79,525
Why I chose it: "A somewhat practical daily car, in another bright colour - however, it certainly stands out amongst the usual white or black versions! It's the 170hp version rather than 140, the options are good, the mileage is low and it should be quick enough while still being economical. It's a practical but still cool-looking car; it should be cheap to run and insure too."

Britain:Rover Mini 1000 City X
Balance: £64,530
Why I chose it: "A British icon that I've always wanted to own, with a Yamaha R1 engine on board and 170hp on tap! It should be a lot of fun and this one looks well built and maintained, this has surely got to be the best compromise of a British classic and a race car. It's still road legal also so there's no need for a trailer. It's also a little different from a standard mini but I think still retains some of the character.

Japan:Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V-Spec>
Cost: £21,000
Balance: £43,530
Why I chose it: "A gorgeous example of a JDM legend! This one has had a recent bottom end rebuild, upgraded turbos, and as an import should be rust free too. It's also a rare V-Spec model and I particularly like the painted bottom front lip. Kept in its current condition this car is likely to increase in value too I think."

USA: Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT
Balance: £8,540
Why I chose it: "An iconic muscle car, V8 and right-hand drive and a manual too, in a limited colour that screams traditional muscle car. With the modifications like the Ford Performance Suspension kit with Steeda Progressive Springs and Ford Racing X-Pipe Exhaust Centre Section it just improves on the dream car for me, with the painted plastics under the bonnet and just how clean the car is. It would turn heads at any car show, and who doesn't love the burble and snarl of a V8? With the money left over I could make it even louder!

[Sadly Sarah's chosen Mustang was sold, though this unmodified car - also in Competition Orange - is a similar price - MB]

"The money left over would be used for boring things like, insurance, fuel, tyres and so on."






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  • SteveSteveson 08 Apr 2017

    Good choices, apart from the VW. I like the mini a lot. Personally I prefer a bigger, more torquey bike engine in a mini, like a K1300, Busa or ZZR1400 but any bike engine car gets my vote.

  • EdHall697 08 Apr 2017

    The RS 200 looks good but its a bit pricey, some better examples out there and cheaper and with uprated track components.

    Skyline - Even imports have rust. Usually around the struts. Have a look at Brave Auto Imports youtube channel to see some examples. Really interesting channel especially if your into jap cars.

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