PH Carpool: Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9

Nick McConnell
1988 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9
Owned since:
'Clean' doesn't do Nick's 205 justice
'Clean' doesn't do Nick's 205 justice
Previously owned:
All sorts of cars from Fiesta XR2i, Vauxhall Calibra, Modified Rover 620Ti (250hp and kept eating gearboxes), MR2 Turbo, 406 GLX with £10K of ICE install, '99 Audi A6, Saab 93 TiD, Audi A4 Avant...

Why I bought it:
I bought Pugly the 205 for a couple of reasons. Firstly I always wanted one, secondly I had just come out of a long term relationship and needed something to keep me occupied so what better reason to buy a toy/project - not that us men need a reason!

What I wish I'd known:
How naughty you become when you get behind the wheel! Good 205 GTIs are alive and make you do naughty things. My good friend has a 1.6 GTI and it's the same for him! Nice open roundabout ... damp or dry a good excuse to tripod round it or encounter the wonderful lift off oversteer!

No, he hasn't married it, though it is love
No, he hasn't married it, though it is love
Things I love:
It's raw, basic and mechanical. No PAS, ABS or traction ... pure driver skill and enjoyment. I love the fact that the car will always bring a smile to my face even if it's just a trip down to the supermarket or a Sunday afternoon countryside blast - it just makes you smile and feel happy! I also love the attention it gets. Everyone seems to have a soft spot for the GTI. I even got pulled over once by the police because they just wanted a look at the car!

Things I hate:
The air circulation/fan ... it's pants but that's about it!

205 GTIs are not dear to run. On average I get about 25-26mpg out of a tank of super unleaded. Parts wise, well, thankfully it doesn't break that often and if it does I have a trade account at my local GSF. Also the local Peugeot dealers normally help me out and offer some discount! Pugly isn't my daily car and lives in the garage most of the time.

Even Clarkson is a fan of Nick's 205
Even Clarkson is a fan of Nick's 205
Where I've been:
Pugly the 205 has been all over the place! She is used on track, me and Sarah (now my wife!) did a road trip in Europe back in 2009 where we did 1,100 miles in four days including a "fairly spirited" lap of the 'ring. Pugly didn't miss a beat and the only thing that went wrong was an indicator bulb blew. She is already a bit of a media star in that she was used by Performance Tuner Magazine (now defunct) and Auto Express for features. Mr Clarkson has also used her (and the 405 Mi16) recently for the filming of his Christmas DVD. Peugeot UK also seems to like borrowing her for shows etc and there is a rumour that she will be taken for the local and national launches of the 208 GTI next year. Peugeot UK always looks after her and lends me something nice; last time it was a brand new RCZ that Sarah got to use for the week as I was out of the country with work!

What next?
Well, having just restored her at the start of 2012 (see the standalone thread for the full story) I have some planned maintenance on Pugly planned for this winter including new shocks all round, new discs and pads and some braided hoses. I will probably change the bottom end shells just as a preventative measure. Oh and I am having the wheels refurbished.

Restoration blog reveals depth of Nick's affliction
Restoration blog reveals depth of Nick's affliction
I am never selling Pugly - she will be with me til I die now, Sarah knows this and has come to terms with it ... at our recent wedding Pugly was my wedding car and the ushers turned up in my best friend Kevin's white D-reg 1.6 GTI!

Pugly will be hitting the tracks next year too as well as making appearances at as many PH Sunday Services as possible.

Not forgetting my other project for 2013 - Molly the 1993 Ph2 405 Mi16. Keep your eyes open for the thread on the forum.

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  • TVR500Morgan 22 Oct 2012

    Definitely a future classic ! and massive fun. thumbup

  • X5TUU 22 Oct 2012

    Beautiful, and what a worthy project, and the fact she is being used and not just a garage queen makes it even better!

  • sinbaddio 22 Oct 2012

    Great car, excellent write up. Look forward to reading about the 405.

  • Gunslinger1979 22 Oct 2012

    Lovely Pug! How I ache for a clean one of these. My compliments! Great shot of you and the big man too!

  • SpeedEight 22 Oct 2012

    Reading that makes me miss mine frown

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