VW virtually admits it is targeting FoS record

Last time the ID.R appeared at Goodwood, it was just three weeks after it had claimed the Pikes Peak record. The team literally shipped the car, and then had Romain Dumas drive it up the hill in the same configuration it turned up in. That was good enough for 43.86 seconds - the fastest time for 15 years, and a record for EVs.

Now though, fresh from its success at the Nurburgring, the team has had longer to think about the tricky little hill at Festival of Speed. This time, they're coming prepared. Just as the ID.R was retuned for the Nordschleife so it has been revised for the much shorter challenge of Goodwood.

"We have developed another evolutionary stage of the ID.R - a sprint version with smaller batteries, in order to further reduce weight," says Franรงois-Xavier Demaison, Technical Director at Volkswagen Motorsport. "We have also opted for a far more aggressive energy management strategy for the short distance. You need very high output for a very short time for the sprint in Goodwood."

Why go the time and expense of doing that? Well, because the car only needs to go two and a bit seconds quicker for it to eclipse the 41.6 seconds recorded by Nick Heidfeld in a McLaren MP4/13 - the current hillclimb record holder. That time was set in 1999, and thanks to a ban on official timed runs for Formula 1 cars, it has never been likely to fall (Porsche having declined an attempt with the 919 Evo).

Now, with Volkswagen deeming Festival of Speed, "the perfect stage on which to demonstrate the performance of Volkswagen's electric technology," you can bet your bottom dollar that it has its eyes set on much more than simply bettering its own EV record...


P.H. O'meter

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Comments (40) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Some Gump 14 Jun 2019

    Not suorised Porsche declined with the 919 - if mum y understanding of how it made it's laptime is correct, it would have struggled anyway (the tricky active aero benefiting at mid / high speed).

    It'll be some ask, but I reckon the ID.R has a damn good chance of getting there...

  • Redline88 14 Jun 2019

    That sound though smash

  • Sway 14 Jun 2019

    Considering the difference in crowds since 99, and the "not huge" changes to crowd protection at FoS, is this really sensible?

    The guys like Justin Law going for FTD always seem to have a little in reserve, and doing it mainly for fun. Going for an outright record is a rather different ballgame.

    I suppose I'm moderately surprised they're (Goodwood) considering it. The consequences of it going wrong are rather large.

  • Markytee 14 Jun 2019

    I was fortunate enough to be there when Nick Heidfeld did the record time, it was mightily impressive! I kind of hope it doesn’t get beaten, but I suspect it will....

  • poppopbangbang 14 Jun 2019

    Markytee said:
    I was fortunate enough to be there when Nick Heidfeld did the record time, it was mightily impressive! I kind of hope it doesn’t get beaten, but I suspect it will....
    I'm half tempted to build a "Goodwood" gearbox for the Minardi, turn it up to 17K and see how close a hot shoe can get to McLarens time in it.... it's 20 years on in tyre development and I have access to Pirellis laugh

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