Hyundai i20N spotted!

For a first effort at a hot hatch, the Hyundai i30N was deeply impressive. Fast, fun and entertaining - as well as very good value - it offered everything you would hope for in a modern, quick hatchback. It's also ensured some considerable excitement around the next Nanyang/Nurburgring Hyundai, which we've known for a while to be an i20.

And here it is, spied near and on the Nurburgring with very little disguise. It's most certainly the N also, with a few tell-tale giveaways: the N gear knob, a strut brace in the boot, Pirelli P Zero tyres (as found on the i30 N Performance) and N-embossed wheels. The exhausts and body still look a little meek, though that could well change before production. Still, plenty to be encouraged by.

Previous speculation has suggested that the i20N will use Hyundai's 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, boosted from 177hp as it is in the Tucson to around 200hp, making it broadly competitive with cars like the Polo GTI, Fiesta ST and Renault Sport Clio. In fact, given the dearth of worthy Fiesta competitors at the moment - no quick Ibiza or Fabia, no replacement 208 GTI in sight and the Corsa having gone from VXR to GSI - the opportunity for Hyundai to be successful is arguably greater than ever.

The i20N was initially rumoured as a 2020 model; given we're now nearly half way through 2019 that predication should stand true. Furthermore, with the European affection for a hot hatch showing no signs of abating, a motor show debut on the continent might make sense. And Frankfurt is early September - expect more news soon...

[Images: S. Baldauf/S.B. Medien]


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Comments (26) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Frimley111R 08 May 2019

    Nice Megane wheels!

  • Jon_S_Rally 08 May 2019

    Looks like some tacked on temporary arch extensions on there. I would imagine it will look a fair bit different before production.

    Looking forward to this car. If it's anything like the approach they took with the i30, it should be a cracker. As the article says, plenty of space in the segment too with Peugeot and Vauxhall seemingly giving up on sporting variants.

  • Mafffew 08 May 2019

    Looks a bit dull to be honest.

    I wish designers would have a bit more fun in the small hot hatch segment.

  • F1GTRUeno 08 May 2019

    I've been dreaming of an i30N for a while as a purchase but I think I'd secretly love a smaller hot hatch so this is absolutely perfect.

    Sign me up.

  • Krikkit 08 May 2019

    Mafffew said:
    Looks a bit dull to be honest.

    I wish designers would have a bit more fun in the small hot hatch segment.
    I think that looks great - just subtle tweaks to a fairly sensible-looking hatch, the i30N is the same.

    The trend of over-endowed hatches once they've had a tickle of power is boring imho.

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