Hyundai i30 N track pack testing

Back when the Hyundai i30 N was launched towards the end of 2017, a range of 'N Customised' tuning parts was also introduced in certain markets. Comprised of bits like OZ Racing Hyper GT Wheels, Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, Pagid brake pads, Recaro seats, a datalogger and even wheel nuts lighter than standard, it displayed Hyundai's intent in further sharpening up the i30 N. That was followed by the N Option car of last year, and now we have this mysterious mule of an i30 spotted near the Nurburgring.

Albert Biermann has already hinted at a lighter special edition of the N, which we'd assume is this car. Immediately obvious are the new wheels (most likely lighter than standard), more pronounced skirts and spoilers (for additional aero) and what looks like a slightly lower ride height.

It could be what's beneath the camo, however, that's of most interest. In an effort to shed as much weight as possible - this track special said to be a lot more about reduced kilos than increased horsepower - it's been suggested that carbon panels could well be used, including for the bonnet and roof. Expect, furthermore, an interior with racier seats and maybe a bit less equipment in the quest to jettison kilos. That the seats are covered would imply there's something there Hyundai would rather we don't see for the moment...

It's all rather encouraging, the potential here for an even quicker, more agile variant of an already pretty exciting hot hatch. If the standard car's exceptional value, as well as its warranty that includes track use, is retained, then Hyundai could well be on to something special. We look forward to hearing more; current conjecture suggests a reveal towards the end of the year as a 2020 model. More news as it arrives...

Images: S. Baldauf/S.B. Median

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Comments (22) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Hitch 05 Jul 2019

    This could be epic!

  • philmots 05 Jul 2019

    Love this too. Special car. Would be great if introduced a dsg.

  • Keith ctr 06 Jul 2019

    Sounds promising, weight saving is far more effective than giving it more power especially in the unsprung department! Should make a noticeable difference on the handling front.

  • Limpet 06 Jul 2019

    Having driven the standard N Performance model, I would imagine a lighter version would be a hell of a car. It's pretty good as it is.

    The standard model is a good base to work from.

  • wab172uk 06 Jul 2019

    Get rid of all the configurable cr@p for the steering, engine, suspension etc, and just make the damn thing sporty from the off.

    Then go & do it to the standard i30-N

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