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Bentley Flying Spur | Pic of the Week

Three kilometres of thread and a whole lot of man cow goes into producing the world's finest interior...

By Sam Sheehan / Sunday, January 26, 2020

Our recommendation for your desktop background this week is a little different; devoid as it is of lairy driving or cars perched in front of a dramatic landscape. Rather it's the new Flying Spur's cabin, which is quite possibly the finest interior to go into anything ever. It's a work of art.

What makes it all the more remarkable is the level of detailed craftmanship required to create the place. Three kilometres of thread is required for the stitching, which ties together 350 unique pieces of leather - from bull hide said to be sourced sustainably in Northern Europe - that are then wrapped over 60 unique components. The suppliers are said to be from areas where there are few parasites, so the hide has no bite marks or blemishes.

The skill required to wrap the steering wheel alone is startling. It takes one person three and a half hours to thread through 352 sew holes and achieve the 168 cross stitches. The seats, meanwhile, take a combined 12 hours to assemble by hand, with 5,103 stitches required to create the four optional Bentley wing embroideries on the headrests. Talk about steady handed operation. It's all capped off with three-dimensional diamond quilted leather door inserts, which are said to be an automotive first and are inspired by the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept.

The result is a fitting place from which to pilot a £200k limo powered by a 635hp 12-cylinder engine - itself another work of hand-built art. Still, we'd argue your screen provides a better window into the world of a Flying Spur's cabin than its engine bay, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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