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GT3 RS v. Exige Sport 410: Pic of the Week

Double trouble this week, with two choices of this sensational pair

By Matt Bird / Sunday, November 11, 2018

Lotus versus Porsche is always guaranteed to get a response on PistonHeads, so Pic of the Week is here this week to preview of the next Hethel v. Stuttgart grudge match. Well, kind of grudge match.

See, GT3 RS against Exige Sport 410 is a little skewed. Because, even at list price, the two are separated by a fair chunk of cash. Take into account what would actually have to be paid to get into the Porsche right now and the chasm is even wider. Therefore the test, which you can read this time next weekend, is less about a direct comparison and more an evaluation of their respective merits with a common goal in mind: is a GT3 RS really twice the track car an Exige is? Is a motorsport inspired Lotus harder work on the road than a motorsport inspired Porsche? Can the involvement of a manual gearbox with a supercharged V6 hold a candle to the thrill of natural aspiration, even with a PDK?

Lots to discuss, then, and lots to find out in seven days' time. For now we have not one, but two desktop pics of the dynamic duo, really simply because we couldn't decide on a favourite between them. With that light and those stunning silhouettes on a fine piece of Welsh mountain road, hopefully the predicament can be understood. Consider it a buy one get one free on epic wallpapers, one from the front and one from the back, only you don't have to pay.

Which would you have? Which do you think is quicker around a lap? Those questions answered, and many more, very soon. For now, enjoy the pics!

Photos: Luc Lacey

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