Kamaz Master Dakar Truck: Pic of the Week

The Dakar Rally is definitely amongst the most gruelling automotive events in the world, and Eduard Nikolaev has won it twice. His first victory came in 2013 with the second happening at the start of this year for team Kamaz in the truck category.

Instead of basking in the glory though, he's been back out testing his truck in the extreme cold weather conditions of Murmansk. Well within the Arctic Circle, average temperatures here rarely reach above freezing until mid-July. Luckily his Kamaz-4326 truck features a 16-litre 980hp diesel engine, suspension with 30cm of travel, and tyres with 216 spikes each, enough to allow the plucky Russian driver to hit a snow jump at 140km/h before flying 37 metres through the air.

It would be a spectacular enough feat for any vehicle, but to see a 10.5-ton truck with 1,000-litres of fuel on board soaring through the air is quite a spectacle indeed. Oh, and if a Pic of the Week isn't enough, we also have the video of the jump too. Enjoy!

Quad HD


[Source: RedBull]

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  • mersontheperson 08 Dec 2017

    Beyond awesome

  • richs2891 08 Dec 2017

    If I won the lottery I would have to buy myself one of these, just a great Tonka toy
    - must buy lottery ticket tonight

  • Smiler. 08 Dec 2017

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Your package of Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes has been delivered.


    FedEx East

  • Shakermaker 08 Dec 2017

    richs2891 said:
    If I won the lottery I would have to buy myself one of these, just a great Tonka toy
    - must buy lottery ticket tonight
    As would I. Would need to know if it has ISOFIX points for child seat though.

  • Dog Star 08 Dec 2017

    The trucks are waaaaay my favourite category in the Dakar, but awesome as they are they still aren't as awesome as the trucks of old like the DAF turbotwin - some of them could be driven from either end and they were so fast it was crazy - the thing is that they were too fast and people got killed (this resulted in DAF pulling out of the Dakar for many years).

    There's a classic video of Jan de Rooy steaming past Ari Vatenens 405 in the desert, they're both going flat out and the truck is outdragging the car. Fantastic!

    Video here -

    210kmh on sand! The crash (shown at the end) is why they're restricted now.

    From Jalopnik... 150mph!!!! yikes

    How do you make an 11-ton truck go 150 mph? Two 11.6-liter diesel engines, each fed by three turbochargers, producing 1,200 horsepower and a space-time-ripping 3,466 lb-ft of torque. EACH. That's 2,400 hp and near-as-dirt 7,000 lb-ft. It also had a lightweight aluminum spaceframe, which counteracted the weight of all that mid-mounted diesel powah.

    Sadly, one of DAF's two competing trucks went into a 100-mph somersault during the 7th stage of the 1988 Paris-Dakar Rally. The subsequent crash killed co-driver Kees Van Loevezijn. After that, DAF Trucks withdrew from Dakar competition.

    Edited by Dog Star on Friday 8th December 10:10

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