Lamborghini Miura: Pic of the Week

All Miuras are special; you know that, we know that, everyone knows that. Some, however, are a little more special than others. Like chassis #4912, this 1971 P400 SV.

It is one of just five single sump cars sold in the USA; on return to the States from Japan in 2011 it was subject to a cosmetic and mechanical resto; it even has, believe it or not, air-con from the factory. But most importantly, the thing that makes this Miura really special is that it's the only SV finished in Bleu Medio. And doesn't it look fantastic?

We're so used to seeing Miuras in lurid greens, oranges or yellows that it's a (pleasant) surprise to see one in a more subdued colour. It says a lot, in fact, for the drama of the Miura's silhouette that it's still absolutely stunning. Who says blue with gold wheels is just for Subarus?

Unsurprisingly given the mystique that's built up around the Miura over the past half a century, this SV is not going cheap: $2.1-$2.5m, says RM Sotheby's, which is selling the car at its Peterson Museum sale in December. Still, for a unique example of perhaps the definitive supercar... alright, yeah, it's still a lot of money. Here's the desktop wallpaper if you're also $2.5m short!

Quad HD

Photo: Karissa Hosek for RM Auctions

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  • Turbobanana 18 Nov 2018

    Beautiful. The perfect antidote to all the fast German estates that keep cropping up on here.

  • gt6 19 Nov 2018

    Well i first started my love of cars with a poster of the most beautiful car ever built and have never seen anything since to change my mind but i lie the lurid colours rather that the boring blue to be honest

  • Chubbyross 19 Nov 2018

    That car has soul in bucketfuls. It excites me in a way all modern hypercars fail to do. Now, if only I had £2M down the back of the sofa...

  • dinkel 19 Nov 2018

  • coppice 19 Nov 2018

    The original supercar - called that by LJK Setright after driving one of the first from Sant' Agata to UK. The best looking car ever made I think- I still go weak at the knees when I see one.

    Reputed;to be pretty awful to drive in some respects , and the performance never matched the claims. And who cares ?

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