Lamborghinis in Romania: Pic of the Week

From what is said about the place, and from looking at the pictures, it must be enjoyable to walk along the Transfagarasan Highway, let alone drive it. But in a trio of Lamborghinis? Sounds close to driving nirvana.

In fact, while the picture only shows three, the recent Lamborghini trip to Romania involve four Huracans - the 610-4 Coupe and Spyder, the 580-2 rear-wheel drive car and the Performante, the focus of our story. For discovering the significant differences between those models, it's hard to think of anywhere better than that infamous stretch of tarmac created by Ceausescu.

More than that, it makes for some incredible photography opportunities. Thanks to all of you who chose this pic from our pair on Facebook for this week's POTW; it turned out a comfortable winner in the end over the equally jaw-dropping landscape shot. Perhaps if we have two such fantastic pictures to choose from again we'll hand the decision over once more!

For now enjoy a trio of supercars in one of the best locations for them - click your required format and enjoy!

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