Lexus LFA: Pic of the Week

Remember how sad we all were when production of the 500th and last Lexus LFA was completed in December 2012? To people like us, this front mid-engined V10 supercar was the epitome of what a 21st century supercar should be. With no successor produced by Lexus, the last car's production marked the end of an era. Sad times.

Or so we thought. Turns out nine never-before registered examples of this 560hp two-seat screamer still exist in the USA, as recently confirmed by a Toyota spokesman to Autoblog. They're all unused and located in Lexus showrooms as well, meaning there's hopefully no mileage trickery or dodgy story beneath their carbon fibre skin.

It seems they each exist as showroom eye candy, there to entice customers into buying a lesser Lexus. Or, perhaps, the showroom owners each want their slice of investment pie and are keeping hold of them until values peak; LFAs are now fetching Β£500k (like this one on PH), close to Β£150k more than the original list price.

Either way, it's a shame these immaculate examples of Lexus's greatest ever model have not yet seen road use. With a masterpiece of a ten-cylinder that can rev to a scintillating 9,500rpm nestled within a hyper-responsive chassis, not to mention a gorgeous design and tech-fest cabin, they're certainly deserving of some action.

For that reason, this week we're dedicating our desktop backgrounds to the LFA. If we had the money, we'd do the same with the driveway too.

Quad HD

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Comments (25) Join the discussion on the forum

  • st4 06 Jan 2019

    This is the best super car of the modern era.

  • E65Ross 06 Jan 2019

    st4 said:
    This is the best super car of the modern era.
    I think that is a very subjective claim. I think it's certainly one of the best sounding ones!

  • LasseV 06 Jan 2019

    st4 said:
    This is the best super car of the modern era.
    I agree.

  • downsman 06 Jan 2019

    I don't really know why, but I agree too. I would take an LFA over any recent super/hypercar if I had any chance of affording one!

    They do sound fantastic too biggrin

  • Trevor555 06 Jan 2019

    Beautiful machine.

    I wonder if Lexus are going to release an LC500 F version?

    A sportier one was spotted testing earlier this year.

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