McLaren 600LT at night | Pic of the Week

If, like PH's editorial team, you're adjusting to the sudden cold of an overcast Britain, the balmy nights of Miami will seem more than a world away. As will the idea of dropping the roof and heading out for a late-night drive in your convertible. We'd much rather be tucked up at home with the heating on - but when you live within a few minutes of South Beach and have a McLaren 600LT at your disposal, you do things differently.

That dream scenario is the subject of McLaren's new 'Running with the storm' video, which tries to do nothing more complicated than run the 600hp drop top along the neon city's coastline (well, if it was good enough for Tubbs and Crockett). Jeer at the result if you like, but you'd have to have a heart of stone to not appreciate the way the Longtail's blue flame looks in the dying light of South Florida.

Then there's the thought of it. Of all the hardcore sports cars out there to take on a city drive - especially a city with less than perfect roads - the 600LT would certainly be near the top of a very short list. And that doesn't even take into account how bloody cool it looks against the fluorescent cityscape. Cool enough to keep away the cold on anyone's desktop...



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