McLaren F1 LM: Pic of the Week

You haven't forgotten about a McLaren celebration, nor is an F1 LM going to be sold; we just wanted to celebrate a great car once more time, particularly with the announcement of Gordon Murray's upcoming exhibition. Built to commemorate the McLaren F1's 1995 win at its first Le Mans with all six painted in McLaren Orange, the LM is a true race car for the road.

How to top a McLaren F1, you ask? Well, take bits from the GTR race car like a flat floor, straight-cut gears, wider wheels and a large carbon fibre wing engraved with 'GTR-24 Heures du Mans Winners 1995'. Oh yeah, and the GTR engine without the air restrictors. This meant that the LM was the most powerful F1, with 689hp pushing a car that weighed a little over 1,000kg...

Inside, the three seat design was maintained from the road car, but with a wider throttle pedal and some much needed helicopter-style headsets. And the reason for six cars? Well it was actually five plus a prototype, because five finished Le Mans in 1995. That makes it an incredibly rare sight, as well as a stupendously cool one, so get your desktop refreshed now!

Traditional (4:3)
Computer widescreen (16:10)
TV widescreen (16:9)

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  • RedSpike66 04 Aug 2017

    Best car ever surely ? Not just best Mclaren ever ?

  • hambroski 04 Aug 2017

    What a pity that the exhibition is invitation only! PS - F1 is the best car ever for sure...

  • lestiq 04 Aug 2017

    Greatest car ever more like!

  • trippy86 04 Aug 2017

    Yeah gotta be Greatest Of All Time

  • Joeguard1990 04 Aug 2017

    No denying that the F1 is one of THE cars to own.

    I don't know anyone who hates them!

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