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BMW might have been running its M8 GTE around Le Mans a couple of weeks back but, in the absence of a GT3 equivalent, the task of taking on the Nurburgringโ€™s most fearsome endurance test was left up to its M6-based predecessor. Drivers Jens Klingmann, Alexandre Imperatori, Stef Dusseldorp and Peter Dumbreck finished the 24 hour race in sixth place overall, theirs being the only M6 to do so, with the other five entrants all retiring before the dawn.ย 

Having replaced the Z4 GT3 back in 2015, the M6 GT3 puts out just the 580hp from its 4.4-litre turbocharged V8. Thatโ€™s thanks to the regulations which govern the series in which it competes, of course, but despite a 20hp deficit versus the road-going M6 Competition, the GT3โ€™s 625kg weight saving, vastly improved aero and race rubber have been more than enough to keep it at the sharp end of the grid.ย 

With an M8 GT3 successor expected as soon as next year, the M6 may not be long for this world, but its few years on the endurance circuit have been more than enough to endear it to many a fan. Itโ€™s raucous exhaust note, aggressive stance and sheer presence as it hunkers down through Pflanzgarten and slingshots away up the hill will be sorely missed. Donโ€™t worry, though, itโ€™s not going anywhere just yet. And even when it does, it can now live on in all its glory on your background, thanks to our Pic of the Week.


P.H. O'meter

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  • HumanSteamroller 30 Jun 2019

    It was a fantastic race, and that's a great photo there too.

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