Pic of the Week: An M6 going sideways

Lukewarm our reaction to the new BMW M6 may have been, but in an age of electric systems controlling your every automotive move and an ever-increasing focus on cars with eco-cred, it's nice to see that BMW can still make a car that is utterly at home going very sideways indeed.

To celebrate that fact, here is a shot of the M6 in the middle of a gratuitous and gloriously anti-social powerslide. Rapid? No. Sensible? Not really. Fun? Very much so...

So a big pat on the back to all the boys and girls over at BMW's M division. We might have taken issue with its turbo'd noise and its detached demeanour, but it's good to know that when it comes to shortening the life of a pair of Michelins, M cars are still second to none.

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  • Oddball RS 29 Jun 2012

    Lukewarm my reaction to the new BMW M6 picture of the week!

  • E38Ross 29 Jun 2012

    just doesn't do it for me this new M6 for some reason.....very capable car, and just about everything around it for the price in the same market is slower (except the GT-R of course!!!) but....it doesn't hold the appeal to me as the last one.

  • Dave Hedgehog 29 Jun 2012


  • MagicalTrevor 29 Jun 2012

    Sorry, that's a dull POTW. Any chance of something else please?

  • GH80 29 Jun 2012

    Fat looking bling wagon for fat old business men. Can't get excited, sorry.

    How about an E30 M3 going sideways?

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