Pic of the Week: An MGB with a difference

Ah, the MGB. Pleasant-looking olde worlde sportster, but not the sort of thing you would want, in standard form at least, to take to a track day, right?

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Not in the case of the car you see here. Because this is the Frontline MG LE50, a car that's been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of MG's classic sports car next year. And underneath the bonnet lies a 2.0-litre 212hp, 175lb ft engine derived from a Mazda MX-5.

And handling that power is a six-speed Mazda gearbox and bespoke multi-link suspension. It's a combination that will no doubt upset some purists, but we're willing to bet that it's a hoot.

Something we'll find out for certain when we drive it next week...

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  • Lowtimer 16 Dec 2011

    I actually want one of these, even though I find it quite hard to articulate exactly why. I like that colour too.

  • Watchman 16 Dec 2011

    I do like the idea of modernised classics. Top Gear showed the E-type and Aston a few series ago. I have long fancied rebuilding a Lotus Elan +2 with the help from Spyder and a modern Ford engine.

    I would ask though, regarding the comment about upsetting purists, do people get wound up by this? I can understand if the original had some value but Elan +2s and MGBs can be had for shed money these days.

  • BigCojones 16 Dec 2011

    I've never - read never - been a fan of MG. Yet there is something about this 'poor-mans-Aston' i like...

  • thewheelman 16 Dec 2011

    Looks great! I couldn't help looking for a rival from a similar era, also with an engine transplant.
    I found this LS1 powered Porsche 914, now i feel sad that this car will never be in my life.....

    On a slightly more modern note, a Jag V12 in an MX5.

    Edited by thewheelman on Friday 16th December 12:52

  • sparkster8 16 Dec 2011

    Is it the wheels perhaps? Bit surprised by just how 'right' that seems to look. I'm nodding in agreement with the comment about not being an MG 'type' but I really like that.

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