Pic of the Week: Azure T

Here we find the new Bentley Azure T in suitably grand surroundings.

We like this shot for its subliminal message: "Like this building, the Azure is austere, heavy and old".

Well, probably more like "... is well-made, practical and with a rich heritage". But we like that although the car is a performance version, it is seen here boasting of completely different appeal.

Oh - the even focus and balanced lighting conditions are alright, too, I guess.

We hope it'll bring some grandeur to your desktop this week. Global economic blahdiblah - there's always time for dreaming.

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  • logoman 14 Nov 2008

    outside a prison?

  • Gingerbread Man 14 Nov 2008

    Richard (now PH Golf GTI owner) said you had this for the weekend. Better than the little run around you had on the day so I hear??

  • Henchman 14 Nov 2008

    Seems like a nice pic this week but I was actually hoping for a larger version of that chrome bugatti shown earlier in the week frown

  • Stu R 14 Nov 2008

    Nice pic, not one of the best we've seen but nice nonetheless.

  • Turbobanana 15 Nov 2008

    Looks Photshopped to me: halo effect around the front?

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