Pic Of The Week: Boss 302 Mustang

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We know we're in danger of over-Mustanging PH today, but (to paraphrase Russ Abbot) we love a picture with an atmosphere. And this one has bags of it.

It isn't just the PH Carpool GT500 that has got us all drooly over Ford's pony car either, because last weekend we took this very Boss 302 Mustang along to the Wilton House supercar show.

Given its task of rubbing shoulders with the cream of supercar exotica (think Enzo, Koenigsegg and McLaren), you might have reasonably expected the orange boss t be a little overshadowed, but nothing could have been further form the truth.

It felt quick, sounded great, and drew as many excited squeaks from the crowd as a 'conventional' supercar four times its price would have. You'll be able to read more about our experiences with it next week, but for now please just enjoy the moody wallpapery goodness.

Pic: GFWilliams

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  • Stuart 19 Aug 2011

    A first for GF Williams, and the first time a POTW has been taken outside my house (just out of shot). As he was taking that, I was probably trying to get another espresso down my neck in a bid to wake myself up. Despite all the other metal I drove on that day, I did love that car...

  • Duffman83 19 Aug 2011

    Awesome pic George.

    Any others from that set that you care to share with us?


  • GFWilliams 19 Aug 2011

    Duffman83 said:
    Awesome pic George.

    Any others from that set that you care to share with us?

    Thanks smile

    You'll have to wait until next week when the feature goes live to see the rest.

    I never actually intended this picture to be used for anything, I arrived early at Stuart's place before Wilton and so took some photos to pass the time hehe

  • Motorrad 19 Aug 2011

    They look even better in the sun with a backdrop of melting blacktop and a horizon stretching into infinity..........

  • EBruce 20 Aug 2011

    my old man took delivery of the laguna seca boss 302 recently. He loves it.

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