Pic Of The Week: Happy 50th, Jaguar E-Type

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Like we said earlier in the week, it merely takes the flimsiest of excuses fro us to post up a nice pic of a Jaguar E-Type, and the news that Coventry City FC is to host a display of 50 E-Types in April was all we needed.

But a mere news story photo, we felt, was not sufficient to do proper justice to a car whose lines are so revered it's been on permanent display in the New York Museum of Modern Art since the mid-1990s.

So here it is, the same picture again, but in full POTW technicolour glory (and without that darned PistonHeads banner spoiling the rear end). Enjoy...

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  • 2volvos 11 Feb 2011

    There is an old Denis Jenkinson book about running around Europe as Motor Sport's Grand Prix reporter in a series of 356 Porsches and then an FHC E-Type. One photo caption I remember was of the 356 below his hotel bedroom window along the lines of how you can really tell a well styled car if it looks good from above.

    Not the most interesting post ever, but that's what the pic reminded me of...

    Edited by 2volvos on Friday 11th February 11:59

  • 2volvos 11 Feb 2011

  • wackojacko 11 Feb 2011

    Desktop wallpaper changed..... Astonishingly beautiful car thumbup

  • JohnoVR6 11 Feb 2011

    wackojacko said:
    Desktop wallpaper changed..... Astonishingly beautiful car thumbup
    Likewise, achingly beautiful car. Always a pleasure to see one out on the road as well, they're just tremendous things. One of the few cars I'd happily sell my soul/ various body parts for. How much do kidneys go for thinking about it??

  • The Moose 11 Feb 2011

    I've always loved the look of the e-type and would love to one day own one.

    My problem is that I've always found it hard to know exactly which model (and model variant) is desirable/worth buying and which is less desirable.

    Because of this, to my extremely untrained eye (!!) it would appear that nice cars have a massive price range when I'm sure most of this is down to having the "one to have".

    Anyway - one day a nice red one with black leather interior and chrome finishes will be mine!!!!


    The Moose

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