Pic of the Week: Lotus Exige S

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We freely admit to being more than moderately excited about the prospect of a V6-engined Exige here at PH.

So when we spotted that Lotus not only had created a rather interesting mini-site allowing keen Lotus-ites to follow the development of the new car, but also that it had kindly laid on some pretty photos, we felt a POTW was a bit of a no-brainer.

All that remains to be seen now, of course, is whether or not the Toyota V6-powered Exige (the car that Lotus is describing as its 'fastest ever car') is actually any good. If we were to place a bet, we know which way our money would be going...

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  • TheOrangePeril 25 Nov 2011

    Exciting stuff! Great snap too. Would love to have a blast in one of these.

  • Scrambled 25 Nov 2011

    TheOrangePeril said:
    Exciting stuff! Great snap too. Would love to have a blast in one of these.
    Looks fantastic in the photo _ cannot see that it will disappoint in real life. Hope it's a success.

  • leon9191 25 Nov 2011

    I saw a prototype one of these in Norwich a few weeks back I guessed it must have been on test but wasnt in disguise, the inlaws thought it was very strange of me to stop dead in my tracks and stare at it but they think cars are "boring".

    was maroon which wasnt the colour I'd choose but still looked nice

    Edited by leon9191 on Friday 25th November 13:37

  • Zed32 25 Nov 2011

    For some reason I still can't bring myself to remove the Formula 1 JPS Lotus POTW from a few weeks ago, not even for this!!

  • RichyBoy 25 Nov 2011

    Still don't like the wheels, are the huge gaps to cool the brakes or something?

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