Pic of the Week: McLaren at McLaren

The piece on McLaren we published last weekend, uncovering the 'human face' of the folks from down Woking way, featured some rather lush photography via the camera lens of Mr GF Williams.

And so we felt the photos accompanying the original article deserved a little more attention, hence the subject of today's POTW.

But which image to pick? In the end we plumped for this shot of the outside of the MTC, described perfectly by Editor Trent: "Part Willy Wonka's factory, part Bond villain's lair, the MTC is as sterile and steely as you'd expect, an ice-white, brilliantly lit corridor linking it to the freshly completed MPC which, for the world, looks like some Kubrick-esque vision of 70s futurism."

The only difference being, perhaps, that Willy Wonka had a Great Glass Elevator to play with. Ron Dennis has an MP4-12C. We know which we'd rather have.

Traditional (4:3)
Computer widescreen (16:10)
TV widescreen (16:9)
Portrait (smartphone)

Photo: GF Williams

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  • LukeBird 13 Apr 2012

    Cracking shot Mr Williams! thumbup

  • Cotty 13 Apr 2012

    Nice photo.

  • S2Mike 13 Apr 2012

    Reckon I caught sight of a bright copper coloured McLaren at Shell station in Stratford upon Avon Saturday morning. By the time I was close enough to be sure it drove off towards town. It had private plates 2 numbers two letters something like 45AD I think. Then later I was stood in queue behind some bloke in town and he was showing his mate a photo on his phone of same car cruising round town. Sounds amazing wondering if it lives locally and who might be the owner, presumably with those initials.

  • Mike Rob 13 Apr 2012

    Lovely work George smile

  • urquattro 13 Apr 2012

    Excellent work by all, photographer, McLaren people re car and building, architect and contractors who have put the whole package togetherclap

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