Pic Of The Week: Merc 'Red Pig' Back At Spa

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The term Red Pig might sound like a politically incorrect insult of some sort, an entrant into an Alabama agricultural fair, or possibly some sort of barbecue confection. It does, of course, refer to the legendary SEL 6.8 AMG racer that finished second in the Spa 24 hours back in 1971.

And to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that fine showing, an SLS AMG GT3 driven by (among others) Kenneth Heyer - son of Hans Heyer, one of two pilots of the 1971 car - is entering the race with the same livery as the legendary Red Pig.

Sadly, the original Red Pig has been lost to history after a spell testing aircraft tyres (no, really), so the car that isn't an SLS that you see in today's POTW (or POTWs, plural - we couldn't pick just one) is a replica built in 2006. Still, it's nice to see father and son (and father and son) together again.

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We wish Herr Heyer junior and all the team at Black Falcon racing (who are running the car) the very best of luck this Saturday and Sunday.

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Comments (10) Join the discussion on the forum

  • whythem 29 Jul 2011

    Why was the car called the Red Pig? It's obviously red, but why Pig?

  • 1000TCR 29 Jul 2011

    There's nothing worse than two colours that are almost the same... especially if it's red.

  • pSyCoSiS 29 Jul 2011

    That 6.8 SEL is simply stunning.

    Good luck to the chaps.

  • steve_n 29 Jul 2011

    whythem said:
    Why was the car called the Red Pig? It's obviously red, but why Pig?
    Handles like a ...

  • Gatsods 29 Jul 2011


    What I wouldn't give to have these in the garage....

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