Pic of the Week: Porsche 962 Le Mans double

One of the most evocative pairings in motor racing - that of Derek Bell and a Porsche 962 - will be revived again at the Le Mans 24 this year. Bell is once again to race a Porsche 962 at the Circuit de La Sarthe for the first time since 1992.

Bell will be back in a 962 for the Group C race, a one-hour event on the Saturday morning before the main race, in chassis CK6-88, which still wears the original Kenwood livery in which it finished 9th overall in 1988.

Which is all the excuse we need to give you a Porsche-based Le Mans double-whammy POTW, one of the five-times winner himself (albeit on the way to 3rd place in 1985, and one of the Kenwood car doing its thing back in 1988. Enjoy!

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Traditional (4:3)
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Comments (15) Join the discussion on the forum

  • S2000Etype 25 May 2012

    Loving the Rothmans car, but can we see the Kenwood one 3 frames later and see that Jaguar in all its glory? Best Le Mans for the last 30 years?

  • DugyC 25 May 2012

    Love the Kenwood Porsche/Silk Cut Jaguar shot, and the Rothmans Porsche will always be a classic.

    That's Bruno Giacomelli in the Porsche, but can anyone accurately guess which of Derek Daly, Kevin Cogan or Larry Perkins is driving Jaguar no.22 behind. Tough one.

    One for the geeks...

  • PascalBuyens 25 May 2012

    Those were the days...

  • Tango13 25 May 2012

    Endurance cars or bikes always look better for a liberal coating of dead bugs and brake dust, they just look 'right' when they're dirty, it's almost like they're in their natural habitat. A cleaned and polished endurance machine is un-natural, all imho of course.

  • suffolk009 25 May 2012

    Didn't the corvettes a few years ago get carefully put away after the race and then treated to a liberal blowover with clear-coat - just to seal in all the dirt and bugs for it's post race promo tour round the dealerships?

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