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The new Mercedes SL65 Black Series has gone down well with you guys and here in the PH office. We thought it is such a looker it was worth giving you a SuperSize image to stick on your desktop.

If you want to know more about the car, then check out our news story, but otherwise click below to get your new wallpaper and spend the rest of the week wishing it came with the soundtrack included.

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  • CypherP 11 Jul 2008

    Awesome pic of the week! Many thanks for this! I'm actually at MercedesWorld at Brooklands over the weekend, so is quite fitting for me today smile

    edit: love the clarity of this photo as well. Bloody well done!

    Edited by CypherP on Friday 11th July 12:56

  • Veloce2 11 Jul 2008

    Fantastic...I want one!!

  • DamoLLb 11 Jul 2008

    i love it, awesome pic, awesome car!lick

  • fluffyducky 11 Jul 2008

    At last a worthy 'snowy pic' replacement.

    In my mind you've won the lottery until proven wrong... still not checked last Saturdays ticket... the dream is still alive!

  • patmahe 11 Jul 2008

    If money were no object, I think my name would be in the order book for one of these - just stunning

    ETA: Money is an object frown

    Edited by patmahe on Friday 11th July 13:24

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