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Mention the word 'Porsche' to most and their mind will conjure up an image of a 911. While some may think of the 997 or perhaps the 993, everyone admires the purity of the earlier cars regardless of what their favourite modern variant is.

The silver car in this week's POTW is the cover star of the February 2010 issue of Classic & Sports Car and, while we often rely on our sister magazine for POTW material, nobody can argue that the images they use always depict perfect PH material.

Consider these stats if you will: 260bhp, 253lb ft of torque, 4-speed manual, RWD with LSD, 15-inch wheels, 4291mm long and weighing in at 1140kg. Performance-wise it offered 0-60 in 6 seconds and a top speed of 155mph. All that performance in 1975, and still an undisputed legend today.

Pop this picture on your desktop, sit back and remember a time of 911 perfection.

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  • Crimp a Length! 25 Dec 2009

    Classic turbo.
    IMO the 3.3 from 1978 onwards is a nicer all round machine albeit not as rare as the original 3 litre.
    Both have monumental wait for it............................................turbo lag!!

  • Zumbruk 25 Dec 2009

    Best looking 911 ever. All been downhill from there, at least on the looks front.

  • 2skiddy 25 Dec 2009

    Had one just like the photo back in 97. It was a `75 Turbo in excellent condition. Pleased I tried it, would never have another due to the crudeness of design. Technology has moved on and I prefer the newer generation of Porsches. Still a good looking car though, and rare.

  • SEE YA 25 Dec 2009

    Its the only one, I wanted took me years but I got my dream car.
    Its the classic 911 look,the market seems to be picking up on them as well.
    Prices £20K+ £25k+ these days that is if you can find a good one.

    Edited by SEE YA on Friday 25th December 10:47

    Edited by SEE YA on Friday 25th December 10:49

  • Fire99 25 Dec 2009

    This is my kinda 911 and my kinda Porsche! Wonderful smile

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