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Taycan on ice | Pic of the Week

Porsche's first electric car has made quite an impression...

By Sam Sheehan / Sunday, December 15, 2019

It didn't take Dan long to discover that the Porsche Taycan 4S, Stuttgart’s new entry-level rival to the Tesla Model S, has bags of potential. As captured in PH’s latest video, the new four-door EV’s use of independent motors for each wheel enables incomparable agility – even on snow and with studless winter tyres.

You'd need competition-grade diffs to coax the same level of performance from a combustion engine, and even then it wouldn't offer the flexibility of the multi-motor electric drivetrain. Porsche's enthusiasm for the new technology is entirely understandable.

But the Taycan is not here to replace Porsche’s petrol-powered cars, it’s here – as CEO Oliver Blume has repeatedly stated – to expand Porsche’s reach. The company expects to be selling high-revving sports cars for many more years, and like the Cayenne, the brand's EV range could very well provide the cash to ensure they remain financially viable. So, with the arrival of the Taycan we have more than one reason to celebrate.

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