Ford Focus ST Estate: Spotted

Have you seen a Ford Focus ST today? Or this week at least? Chances are you probably have, given their continued popularity. It's deserved, too, the car offering plentiful pace and handling fit for every kind of hooligan - all at a reasonable price. If a Golf GTI is predictable, an i30 N a tad serious and a 308 GTI too plain to look at, then there's a good amount going for the ST still.

But when did you last see a Focus ST Estate? It's likely to have been longer ago, given their scarcity. Of the 595 Focus ST Mk3s on PH currently, just 41 are Estates. Dig down further and you'll discover only 20 petrol models, outnumbered by the STD(iesel) variant. And with half a dozen misplaced ads or car already sold, that leaves just 14 petrol ST wagons available. From nearly 600!

It seems a shame that more STs have not been shifted in this bodystyle because, in truth, it probably has more going for it than the hatch. That car had to face more competition, with models like the Megane offering sharper dynamics, the VW Group cars boasting fancier interiors and the Kia Cee'd GT competing ferociously on value. On all competitive fronts it faced a rival, whereas the Estate had very few - a trend that continues in the used market. There's the Octavia vRS Estate (which is less fun to drive) and the Leon Cupra ST (which isn't yet available for less than £18k). There hasn't been an Impreza estate for yonks, so what else could you realistically consider? You could argue that the styling of this version is better resolved than the hatch too, even if that's not the most prestigious accolade in the world.

The ST looks especially appealing, though, at half its official new price, this ST-3 on sale with just 38,000 miles recorded for £12,990. The colour may not be to all tastes - but, as mentioned, you aren't exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a Focus ST Estate. Being the range-topper you'll get all the equipment you're likely to need (albeit still in a fiddly, slightly tacky interior), plus this particular car has a full service history and an MOT until November.

Those with long memories may recall that we ran a Focus ST Estate on the PH Fleet, and the staff reviews around these parts were overwhelmingly positive. Some found the front axle struggling a little too often, but there was considerable pleasure found in its versatility, playful dynamics and faultless reliability.

Nobody could deny that the facelift improved the ST, quelling a lot of those torque steer concerns as well as improving the looks both inside and out. At the moment you'll need another £5k on top of this one to get an updated model, but the ST's inherent appeal is there in both generations.

Furthermore (can you tell we're quite keen on this?) there are a range of aftermarket parts for the Focus to address the commonly raised problems. Mountune has a Symposer Delete for £20, Sport Springs for £180, and don't forget there's that MP275 upgrade, too.

Before this becomes a full-on Ford fest, it is worth noting the alternatives available for those in need of a C-segment fast estate. The most affordable Octavia vRS on PH presently is £15k, though one look at the more mature interior and aesthetic could be enough to convince some. See too this, er... well, there must be something. Nothing? Surely. Well, this Impreza is similar money, but 14 years older. There really is a dearth of rivals.

So there you have it: tough, good value, fast, fun, practical and rare - the Focus ST Estate really does offer an awful lot. And don't worry, not every single one is orange - it's just somebody had already beaten you to the blue one!


Engine: 2,000cc, 4-cylinder turbocharged
Transmission: 6-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Power (hp): 250@5,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 250@1,750rpm
MPG: 41.5 (NEDC combined)
CO2: 159g/km
First registered: 2013
Recorded mileage: 38,000
Price new: £26,595
Price now: £12,990

See the original advert here.

[Source: Mountune]

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  • R66STU 06 Feb 2018

    I never really understood fast estates until i had a family and had to lug lots of crap around.. not to mention holidays...

    This sounds like a great car that i had forgotten existed ! time to look at the classifieds smile

  • cossers 06 Feb 2018

    Not really an estate man myself but have to say the Audi rs estates look great and I don’t really like Audi’s in general!

  • Johnnytheboy 06 Feb 2018

    If it was 4wd I'd buy one.

  • culpz 06 Feb 2018

    Are these actually getting cheaper? I'm sure the last time i looked at them, which was a good few years ago now, i believe they were still hovering around the same mark as this.

    I do like fast estates but i'm not sure Ford quite have the same following for them as say the fast Audi's. However, they will be a much cheaper proposition. I do love a bit of Tangerine Scream.

  • dibblecorse 06 Feb 2018

    Everyday, next door neighbour has a 67 plate grey one, looks quite stealthy ... I do like a quickish estate ....

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