Spotted: Porsche Cayman S Viper Green

OK, first up an admission. We weren’t quick enough and this car has actually sold. And whoever bought it is one lucky git.

Viper Green gives a bit of GT3 chic
Viper Green gives a bit of GT3 chic
So we weren’t fast enough to flag it up while it was still for sale. But we have actually met this car before, in its previous life as a Porsche GB press car. And if that worries the new owner then fear not, press cars probably get more attention lavished on them than any other so it’ll be in tip-top condition.

Priced at £52,950 at Porsche Centre Newcastle with just over 7,000 miles on the clock, this Cayman S is one special car. I remember booking it out and when, in the usual style, the spec sheet pinged into my inbox ahead of the car’s arrival my jaw dropped. First thought? Viper Green – cool! Working my way down the spec it was like a mental wishlist being checked off item by item. Ceramic brakes, manual gearbox (joy!) with short-shift upgrade, fixed bucket seats, sports exhaust, black 19-inch Carrera Sport alloys, limited-slip diff and more besides.

Carbon package and £2K PCM nav included
Carbon package and £2K PCM nav included
Yup, whoever it was in the Porsche press office that specced this car had clearly been having fun. And then I reached the bottom line: £71,954. This Cayman wasn’t just a junior GT3 in looks – it was dangerously close on price too!

Not that I cared once I got to drive it. Truly one of those sublime, lovely cars that just transcends any ‘OMG’ about the price my week with the Viper Green Cayman S is up there with my all-time favourite press cars. More than one fellow hack who booked it out muttered “I’ll be keeping an eye open for that one when it’s de-fleeted…” and though the price was still pretty sturdy the new buyer can feel chuffed at bagging £27K’s worth of extras at Porsche GB’s expense.

Aero kit, sports exhaust and LSD among options
Aero kit, sports exhaust and LSD among options
Of course, since then we’ve had the Cayman R and, if you’re kicking yourself that you missed this beauty, there is at least consolation in the fact a brand new R at £51,728 is actually a little cheaper than the sticker price on this special S. There’s no escaping the fact that £2,365 worth of Viper Green paint does lend this car a special something though, Caymans always suiting strong, solid colours. It’s more arresting than the signature Peridot Metallic rolled out for the R too.

As ever when looking at fancier new Caymans there lurks the inevitable ‘what used 911 could I get for the same money…’ dilemma. One not helped by the fact 997 GT3s are just about within reach for this money…

This is by the by though. I can personally vouch for the fact that this very car is an absolute peach. And that Viper Green paintwork is appropriate given the envy I feel!

Porsche Cayman S
3,346cc flat-6
Power (hp): 320@7,200rpm
Torque (lb ft): 272@4,750rpm
MPG: 29.7mpg (NEDC combined)
CO2: 223g/km
First registered: March 2010
Recorded mileage: 7,318
Price new: £71,954
Yours for: £52,950



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  • loudlashadjuster 13 Dec 2011

    I'd take the car, but you can keep the paint, ta smile

  • nsmith1180 13 Dec 2011

    Ohhh, If only I had a little bit in the bank. And a time machine.

  • Pat H 13 Dec 2011

    loudlashadjuster said:
    I'd take the car, but you can keep the paint, ta smile

    Lovely looking car in white.

    Looks like Kermit's arse in green.

  • DanDC5 13 Dec 2011

    A Cayman S really does 29.7mpg combined? Really!?

  • Stitch 13 Dec 2011

    No surprise it depreciated £20K in 7000 miles when the list price is bumped up by two and a half grand paint jobs!

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