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Toyota MR2 | Reader's Car of the Week

One PHer has sought to replace two much-loved cars with an immaculate successor

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, September 07, 2019

Selling one car you love can be emotional, so we can only imagine the melancholy that befell PHer Matt-5av3z when both his Impreza RB5 and Clio 200 departed in close succession. Understandably, his best intentions to leave the garage empty for some time were quickly superseded by a desire to fill the void. After a run through the classifieds the temptation to go and view a lovely looking Mk2 Toyota MR2 was too great to resist.

Good that he did. The car in question turned out to be one of those seldom used gems you dream about. With just 40,000-mile on the clock, the car had spent the past four years garaged - and the lack of stone chips or sill rust suggested that the time prior to that hadn’t been too strenuous either. With a test driving proving the mechanicals to be similarly sorted, a deal was promptly struck to put one of the best kept 2.0 GTIs around in a previously empty garage. 

Many of us would probably be quite content at that point to lavish the car’s red paint with a layer of wax every now and then and leave it at that. But Matt-5av3z has set himself a mission of ensuring that this is the most immaculate example of Toyota’s Ferrari-mimicking two-door in existence. Quite an agenda for future checking of the thread. Here’s to a long and healthy relationship, sir…

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