V8s are great!

Think back maybe 10 or 15 years and, relatively speaking, we were spoilt by a choice of naturally aspirated V8s. You could have a non-M BMW 5 Series with one, you could have a Ferrari with one, you could have a Land Rover Discovery with one.

Now however, with the rise of turbos, diesels and hybrids, traditional big-cube V8s are under threat. Sure, they're still thundering along nicely in the US, but choice for European buyers is far more limited. And, well, you can't imagine a resurgence for them now, can you?

So while various turbo and hybrid arrangements are very good, we thought it high time to celebrate the last of a dying breed: those cars that rely purely on displacement and eight cylinders in a vee for their power. Because who doesn't love a V8?

There's something tremendously amusing about arriving at a photoshoot with a 4.7-litre car and that being the smallest engine in the group. To that end this is not a serious, analytical, objective assessment. This is not a test with a winner and a loser. This is a gathering of V8s, a reminder of why they're brilliant and - to be frank - an excuse to drive some cool cars. Enjoy!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Maserati MC Stradale
Lexus RC F
Ford Mustang GT
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

[Huge thanks to HR Owen for helping us out and loaning PH the MC Stradale you see here. It's currently for sale at the St Albans dealership]

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  • ZX10R NIN 19 Jun 2017

    I love my 6.2 V8 in my CLK it is one addictive engine although the 4.7 Granturismo Sportline ran it close it wasn't as powerful but it just worked well with the car & you can't beat that sound.

  • culpz 19 Jun 2017

    A decent article this. In today's world, big N/A engines definitely need to be celebrated, regardless if they're actually any good or not. Funnily enough, if i was to pick out of all of these, it's actually the Lexus RCF that interests me the most, closely followed by the Mustang.

    Obviously, the weight thing does seem pretty silly. But, as a road car, as Mr Harris said on his review, it just makes for a great car to have.. I love the proper coupe looks and styling and also that wacky interior. It's just something a bit different, powered by a sonorous, atmospheric V8.

  • Fishy Dave 19 Jun 2017

    You can buy new C7 Corvette and Camaro in the UK too. A V8 will be my next car, almost certainly a Corvette C6 manual.

  • ZX10R NIN 19 Jun 2017

    Saving up the funds to import one of these:

    I mean just listen to it:


    With the fact it handle to just seals the deal.

  • ZX10R NIN 19 Jun 2017

    Here's a review with more than a few V8's in the mix:


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