TVR Gold Portfolio, 1959-86

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There are certain questions that crop up frequently in the various mailing lists and discussion groups the TVRing types frequent. We've listed some here with answers, or links to other resources that will help. These are opinions only - please check with your dealer if in doubt.

What should I look out for when buying a TVR?

For the most comprehensive buying guide, take a look at Steve Heath's FAQ.

What can I do to protect my car against stonechips?

Some dealers have an Amourfend plastic coating applied to the front of their cars. Check it out at
Check out for other internet links related to stone chips and their treatment.

What's the difference between Bridgeston RE71's, S02's and SO2 Pole Positions?

The SO2 succeeded the RE71. The difference between an SO2 and an SO2 Pole Position is the compound. Bridgestone discovered that, as the SO2 wore, it's wet grip performance was degraded more than they would like. They changed the compound on the Pole Position to correct this. There's nothing wrong with an ordinary SO2, it's just that the Pole Position is better.

Be aware that you cannot get S02's in 205/60 size, you'll need to have the lower profile 205/55's which are slightly smaller in diameter. Your speedo reading will be around 3% optimistic as a result.

Where can I get tyres for the best price?

Micheldever Tyres,
Micheldever Station,
SO21 3AP
Tel: 01962 774437

Am I covered for track days on my insurance policy?

See the Pistonheads feature on Track Days'

Although my TVR uses Super-Unleaded now, can I use standard unleaded?

Yes you can, but you should get the timing retarded. Using normal unleaded occasionally won't harm your engine, but prolonged hard usage will. If you don't retard the timing then pinking will occur and long term damage to your engine will be inflicted.

On the Cerberas however, you can use unleaded, since the ECU of the AJP8 and straight six engines adjust to cope with it.

Where can I get a model of a TVR?

See the OilyPages.

Where can I get replacement spot lamps for my TVR?

Peter Seabourne (Valeo) 0181-297-1439. (Supplies TVR) The mainbeam (spot) lamps for a Griffith are �39.28 + �2.50 p&p + vat = �49.09.

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See the Cerbera FAQ

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