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With strong demand for TVRs in Blighty, TVR have never pushed that hard at selling cars on the continent. That's not stopped a dedicated set of French drivers from sampling the delights of Blackpool's finest.

Jo Hemelsoet gives us some background on the French region of the TVRCC.

In 1998 a French lady driver was so mad about her TVR Chimaera that she decided to found a proper TVR Car Club in the land of Alpine Renault, Bugatti and Venturi. That enthusiast was Florence Lavielle, an energetic and extrovert ‘Parisienne’ who started her own dancing school at the age of 20.

Today, Florence is the first female president of the TVR Club de France, an official branch of the TVR Car Club UK. She is assisted by her kind husband Christophe, the club’s treasurer. His principal task is to translate all the petrol talk from English into French!

Florence has really been on a mission to promote TVR in France and thanks to her efforts (and charming appearance) the Club now counts some 35 members. This number has been growing steadily and there are even German, English and Belgian members. Most of the Club members are newcomers to the marque, with a majority owning a Chimaera or Griffith. They are friendly and kind people, although there are some die-hard petrolheads as well (including myself).

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Amongst our group is the awesome Griffith 500 developing a genuine 390 bhp. Additionally, there are S-series cars, both V6 and V8 and a few 3000M and 3000S models.

Despite its recent origins, the TVR Club de France has already developed a busy calendar of activities, including a monthly wining and dining evening in the middle of Paris (ah, those lucky French!). Other more car related events include local track days, joint journeys to the UK and attending events of other TVR Car Clubs, like Back Home, Mania, Continental Meeting, etc. Four times a year the Club also issues a magazine, called ‘Sprint France’.

Nearly half of the seventy or so TVRs in the 'hexagon' have already found their way to the Club. So if you’ve got a TVR in France, don’t wait any longer to join the TVR Club de France now !


Florence Lavielle
53 bis rue de Passy
75016 Paris France
Tel : +33 142 245 727
Fax : +33 142 308 230

� Jo Hemelsoet 2000

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