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Bornemann M

Following the Griffith
The first 3000 M saw the light of day in August 1972. The 3000 M was the top of the range of the original M-series and was powered by the 2,994 cc Ford Essex V6, producing 138-142 bhp at 5,000 rpm. 

The 3000 M was a strong performer with a 0-60 capability of 7.6 seconds and an alleged top speed of 120mph. Throughout its production years, the 3000 M underwent many changes, most of them aesthetic. 

In 1973 TVR introduced the 3000ML, a more luxurious version featuring a wooden dash board and more expensive trim and carpets. From 1975 the 3000 M could be optionally equipped with a Laycock overdrive. 

1976 saw all M-series benefiting from a face-lift with a redesigned front end. The side wing vents were omitted and the TR6 tail lights were replaced with smaller items. 

There was even a limited edition launched to commemorate the first decade of Lilley's ownership - a ten-off special 3000 'M Martin'. The cars were recognisable by their special brown paint, model band with 'Martin' inscription, Wolfrace wheels, tinted glass and upgraded interior. 

The USA finally saw the 3000M in 1977 after Olsen Laboratories of California had finally managed to clean the Ford Essex V6 to comply with emission standards. The 3000 M could be exported to the lucrative American market where it was to replace the obsolete 2500 M. 

The era ended in 1979 when the last 3000M was built as TVR headed for the precarious 'Wedge' era. Seven years production had resulted in 654 cars being built.


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