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scott8570 cerbera
bobk Cerbera 4.2Absolutely bloody fantastic!!
SirSagalot Chimaera
tony19locke ChimeraEven with the faults
jomarsaidel JomarThe first notchback coupe. Found and purchased by walt Armstrong. Everything aft of the firewall was removed for a Cam Am alloy style body. Car under restoration to full coupe form.
goff Middlebridge
bartonjacques Taimar
mattus Tuscan ,,,,,Scratched the itch again .....just LOL !!! missed it .Sag engined , CR gearbox ......from str8six. Lovely car. Now with Flip bonnet , decat , custom exhaust, uprated head lamps, 's' brakes, ACT...
ruhall Tuscan 2 Replacement for SmartFor2 - (missed the old one but something had to go)
Porschetastic Tuscan S
Courtysgriff V8
tvrwedgehead WEDGEthe biggest 'grin factor' you can own
jastx'67 Tuscan SE LWB V8 - White
jastx'74 2500M - Blue
jastx'74 2500M - White
jastx'77 2500M - White
glenc1.5 S
magrathea1600 M
Plasticedd1600 MNice but...
Alan Snowling1600MI use it most days when it's not raining. It has good handling and is fun to drive through country lanes. 1600Ms are not as slow as some would like to think!
Dave_M1600MGood entry level sports car for the time. Lots of fun, needed more power hence my trip to own 3000Ms.
GriffTony1600MTotal restoration with many upgrades. Ferrari Red with gold T-Slots. 1700cc engine by Minisprint, Leicester. Great fun.
Harry1972M1600MEventually got into the TVR fold Found it in a real bad state and restored it fully - sold due to personal circumstance
ivan 50361600M
Moto1600MThis was my entry to TVR ownership. I saw an 'M' on the road one day and just fell in love. Finding this 1600M for sale, it was in stunning metallic blue with a silver band. The black interior was v...
nigward1600MBeing competition prepared
RobStan1600MWhat a car! Looks good, great to drive, easy to look after and only 140 of them made so you don't see them every day! I love it, however the my wife thinks it's too loud! More pictures from the ...
Roper791600MFull Resotration - ongoing. hope to be finished by the end of this year!!
RWX3L1600MGreat fun to get back in a car with a stick and some possitive road feedback.
S1CHEWY1600MSold to a German!! DRove it all the way from Gloucester to Germany, Rather him than Me...
startStop1600MIt's been off the rad since 1992. Currently part stripped.
SuPaSpArK1600MGreat car, better handling than the 3000M but lacked the power!
thefishis1600MIt is a beautiful car even though I have never driven it or been driven in it or seen it go at all!
Timmy2TARs1600MUmm... enjoyed owning it for about an hour, or 44 miles before it caught fire on the M40 and melted! [img]http://www.w800hoo.me.uk/external/images/car/1600m/1600m.jpg[/img]
Grantura SWE1800SVolvo B18 engine, 2-litre 170 hp. Volvo M41 transmission. Fully restored, including "body off".
jos wymeersch1800S
matt emulsion1800sAbsolute rubbish, and like most TVR since build quality only marginally superior to a Trabant. Acceleration excellent, though felt extremely unsafe at speed.
Mr Clifford1989 S2
J19TVR1991 S3
ThePrisoner1992 Griffith
gralin692.8 FHC
dram2.8 S Series
dmk516200Used to rally, and gymkhana this car, just loved it. So it didn't have a/c or crank windows, it had a nice radio. And no one knew what the car was. Everyone thought it was a Porsche. . . lol Made $...
rumbled2017 LE Model
2165T2500Great fun - back on the road after being stored for the last few years. Bought if from a guy who used to be a TVR dealer. Pretty much original, in good shape mechanically, needs paint badly. Has a ...
aghbop2500The car is currently in the middle of being re-done Engine work,new paint,new interior
dickdowning2500A new TVR owner. Have owned MGs and a Triumph GT-6.
Fredrik Bolander2500
Scouse Cowboy2500Fun, Fun, Fun.
Sellis2500Barn find! Been in storage since 1980,Previous owner totally dismantled,and started restoration. All the pieces are there and reconstruction is underway!
tvr2367t2500Thank you Robert !
USTVRDUDE2500V8 car, runs, bought to race
Turbo TVR2500 (Vixen)Last of the old chassis 2500 built
DPSFleet2500 M
luc3000s2500 vixenimport from usa
lwb00132500 Vixen
RLister2500 Vixen
vxn2500 Vixen
Dogsharks2500-MWas driving this car to work evey day when I met my wife 22 years ago. The car is now in the basement yearning for attention. It is sitting up on a steel wheel dolly, and I am working on it as time ...
80tasmin2500M#3677TM Loud, harsh ride, and smelled of petrol. Everything an M should be. A few photos at http://community.webshots.com/user/80tasmin
afletch2500MNever selling it even though it blew up outside Calais in 2002 en route to LM. Missed out on being in the parade and everything.
BlackTVRV82500MIt has been an 11 year exercise in engineering fun! We just completed an extensive overall that included a new Boss 302 Ford V8 and EVERYTHING under the hood, along with flaring the rear wheel wells a...
bravenrace2500MI purchased this car in Oct. 2006 from David Sisk. It's claimed to have 9400 miles, although it is in need of a light restoration. It's white with a black vinyl top and black TVR side stripe. It's ...
brhmtvrs2500M302 Ford, GT40 heads, roller cam, 650 Holley
Buttmonkey2500MMy second car and it was a classic. I wanted something different, quirky (and unreliable!) JJ got a Tasmin 280i but it was too modern for me. This was 1989 after all! So I found this white mu...
Cerby6662500MBought to go hill climbing, its been in bits since day 2 due to big end problems. Car is now rebuilt and running - by yours truely! Its been quite a while since I did an engine rebuild, on a nice day ...
Godber2500MMy dream car as a kid. Over past decade or so rebuilt to my perfect dast road spec - Deep purple with black leather, 2.7 straight six with triple webbers. Race clutch, shocks, uprated brakes, fast roa...
jonopono2500MFrankenstein with a 1969 Chevrolet V8 installed in 1976 after engine failure. With all the power and a lot of weight in the front, the Toyota disc brake upgrade is literally a life saver. Raw, noisy, ...
m2500tvr2500MLove it. Great looks, great sound, easy to repair, most parts are available and not so pricey. Reliable, durable, accessible. It's not so quick or fast, but the handling, grip, and brake are excell...
mdavidson2500MWhat a blast to drive! Gets a ton of stares as nobody around here has ever seen a TVR
monty00002500MI would recommend any TVR, but this is the best I could afford here in the States.
pelsen2500M2,9 24V Ford Granada Cosworth engine Mt75 Gearbox, Granada LSD diff w/Quaife internals.
peter mcguire2500MJust got the car, body an chassis renovation done,new engine going in at the end of the month
Redman Donarum2500mStraight 6 cylinder with 3 deuce intake.Custom side vents custom rear spoiler and frenched license plate.Koni shocks Momo steering wheel diamond plate sills and rear floor and door panels and console....
Ron L2500M
Slow M2500MUndergoing the slowest restoration in history
spiceman2500Mmy second car, very quick and fast It was great fun but my wife could never start it!
Steve McGarret2500MA very enjoyable car. Reasonably quick, handles well and is quite a headturner.
taimar782500MCar was dark green with oatmeal vinyl top and interior. Car was fitted with factory sunroof. Purchased car from previous owner w/approx 50k miles. Car was a delight to own, performed very nicely in...
taimar782500MCar was purchased with 18k miles from previous owner. Color was dark brown w/oatmeal interior. I sold the car after a couple of years to an individual who kept the car in his garage for a number of...
taimar782500MCar was purchased from independent dealer who marketed pre-owned Ferraris, Maseratis, Jaguars, etc. Car was white with black interior but originally was Burgundy. Kept car for just over a year b...
tigerfomoco2500MCar was converted to ford 302 in late 90's
Turbov62500M3rd keeper and purchased with 18,000 original miles.
TVR OTS2500MNot roadworthy, awaiting restoration
V8TVR19782500MHas 2500 TR6 engine with a Vintage Eaton supercharger that our 19 year old daughter and her 16 year old sister share.
tonfre2500M - MV8A car that is fun to drive.
mgharv82500M V8Car converted to Chevy V8
gemini280 FHCThe old girl - added bigger brakes - poly bushes and avo adjustables and she handled like a goer! oh er!
BadRed280 i
wedgenut280 i
wedgenut280 i black
old64er280 Sgreat sound
bobfrance280iI was looking to own a second car just for fun and for some strange reason I've ended up with yet another wedge, making this now my third. I guess I must like 'em!
bofh280iCurrently off the road needing repairs. Steering issues
brhmtvrs280iConverted to megasquirt
calgarytrainnut280iLots of fun.
Dr K280i
Hayduke280ibog stock 280i with aluminum dash and interior trim, BRG/Biscuit
hiway86280iI bought this car on ebay. I'm an idiot. It was misrepresented and the engine was shot. So far I've rebuilt the top end, new steering rack, Koni shocks, springs all around, rotors,pads, bearings. Got ...
IamWedgend280i Who would want anything else?
J Brennan280i
J Brennan280i
jeff m280i
jeff m2280i
KingGeorge280icheap top down fun.
m2500tvr280iThe TVR Wedges seem to be unloved, which is too bad because they're very interesting cars, particularly the earliest and last cars. I think the TVR Wedges are very nice-looking cars, nicely proport...
Mrs Number 7280iMy Baby
Number 7280i
PeteJ280+2280iTasmin in process of stipping prior to body being lifted and chassis being repaired (and engine , gearbox, suspension , interior, exterior,etc etc etc - woe upon woe)
phiwar280iGood beginner car.
Rockettvr280iBought in sept 2010 as a project. Passed mot March 2012. needed a lot of work at the rear - Refurbed calipers ,new pads, discs and really rusty fuel tanks removed cleaned painted and reinstalled with...
SporttiJanne280iNeeds all sorts of fixing, but is on the road.
thmswan280iSearching technical Information about this car
tr7andtvr280IFord 351 V8
TXcoyote280iRover 350i conversion in 2007 with GM T-5 transmission. This car runs like a scalded dog!
USA Jonzo280i
USTVRDUDE280iBought on ebay. detailed in Jan 2003 Sprint
jonny280i 2+2 FHC
GOG440280i auto1 owner from new 280i, Scabby looking because the lacquer on the original paint has discoloured and is peeling but otherwise in pretty good nick, it will be a rolling restoration. Now deceased aft...
TDC-belgium280i convertible series 3this is a Wedge with a special specification; deseamed body and 400Se chassis: dashboard is from 420SEAC this car will get a V6 24v cosworth engine and manual gearbox, in a few months ; brake upgra...
beacon280i DHCI saw this and thought at some point , I will be in a position to bring this car back to it's former glory. 2.8i v6 sound so different to my v8, but I love the older skool shape and brashness of these...
SebringGlenn280I FH
beacon280i FHCUsed to have a 200DH years ago and always wanted a FHC. This one has had an interesting past and I felt I could give it a home. I very much regret buying the car, not because of the car itself, or t...
bobfrance280i FHCI had it since 1995 and it steadily got getting better & better. It cost me a bit over the years but I think it's been worth every penny. Sold it June 2002 and got a 400SE Yeehah!
hmj6854280i FHC
tvrmk363280i FHC
GBinUSA280i S2
tasmin1280i S2 Convertible
Mr Tank280i S3 AutoThe first S3 car, the factory only built 10 and then they stopped production of the 280i. It's only a 2.8 engine but it goes well!
GlennT280i Tasmin
leonardinio280i Tasmin
Hayduke280i V8Mustang GT 5L V8, T5 conversion block hugger headers, reworked trailing arm setup
quality matters280S
SDF1965280sBe prepared for work as these cars are old but when running well are great fun!
Silvervagen280Sbought from old lady, first owner. The S was in a deep sleep since 1996, did only 44000 kms and is in originally good condition. It was even on the original 1986 tyres when I bought it, which showed t...
Simon68280sbut still early days,
brow290 S
merky300290 S
Smokey Boyer290 SSo far so good. The noise the car makes is, as my son says "totally awesome"
Burge55s3290 S3Had windscreen,hood,clutch.dash,all 4 tyres,1 A pillar trim,seat squabs,foglights,rear lights all replaced +front outriggers (Rusted so bad one side had cracked right through). Immense fun to drive &...
mgp20jam290 S3
agoda3000 M
kuniel3000 MThe very last M-Type sold new by TVR Deutschland. Swaymar-Inlet with Holley, Burton-Heads and cam.
seanie2483000 MFound it in a garage in bits, no engine. Currently restoring it
Slyrs3000 MHaving a small garage, a little technical understanding, no fear and a little money and you can buy a "not so good" 3000M to restore the car. If you have no fear at all, try the body-off version, as I...
XxSunSurfxX3000 M CosworthWeight: 1050 kg (incl. Driver and Fuel) Engine: Ford Cosworth 2.0 turbo, 1,4 bar boost approx. 460 Horses Brakes: Brembo Front: 320 mm, cross drilled ...
masterpiece3000 ML
andrew13000 S Bought it off a guy in Waltham Forest -was a friend of Colin Lyons (I beleive was editor of the TVR mag) then later on in years sold the car to colin himself. Was one of the best 3000s in the countr...
BrunoVR3000 S
ivan 50363000 S
nonsso_French 3000s3000 s
tunepipe9113000 s convertible
ianw3000 S TurboFantastic car if you like turbo's But now sold..... :(
TVR by BVR30000M
Andy Clayton3000MMetallic Brown (Onyx Brown) Tan Interior, Road worthy but needs light restoration to bring up to a reliable and useable standard. SOLD TO STEVE KNOX IN PERTH, AUSTRALIA
andyvg3000MCurrently holed up in the garage undergoing major restoration, has had some major upgrades in the past - very powerfull..... sold on to finance the 911's restoration as I'd never finish it... pr...
andyvg3000MNeeds a bit of TLC but it goes well and the chassis is solid!
ausi steve3000Mnearly restored ready for registration as a historic car.This rego gives a very low registration & insurance fee because of its restrictive use eg club events, charitable events,tuning runs. Restored...
benoflan3000MAlso my Dad's. Probably wishes he hadn't sold it. Red. Bought as seen (but it was a TVR so reliability must have been flawless). I don't no anything else about it.
bigtone3000MCarrying out a full body off restoration, so value increasing all the time, hopefully! things like MPG and price per litre are completely unknown at the moment. Web site following restoration is at ht...
Bluebottle9113000MRed with black See: http://bluebottle.smugmug.com/Gone-some-of-the-cars-I-have-o/1972-TVR-3000M/
Bomber Denton3000MQuality car as long as you don't want to go fast or stop! Great character though.
Cedar3000MBought from sscc tvr, was subject to a very thorough body off resto in the nineties. Got a copy of practical classics with her on the cover :-) Engine now rebuilt by essexV6 specialist Ric Wood, s...
Classicrally3000MLatest toy - driven over to Greece from UK 2009.
corncob3000MThe best TVR I owned, and still missed today.
cubby3000Mbright red, black interior, forgotton number plate sold to someone in Blackpool. Great car never let me down in the 2years i had it.I recommend this car highly.
danhughes3000Mfor a car of this age its never let me down once even in really bad weather
Dave_M3000MWhat can I say? I was young with a bright yellow sports car most people hadn't heard of. I remember an idiot replacing the exhaust system so the pipe stuck out each corner of the car!
Dave_M3000MMaroon with great interior. Much better finished than my others. Chromed engine bits.
densv83000MUndergoing restoration, started it about 1982, still not finished.
Devon Flyer3000MA restoration project, with thoughts of an engine change
eel3303000MBlack with a great 70's silver stripe down the side.
Farris3000MEx race car Plucked off eBay.... Lots of work to do but a great little project
Fredrik Bolander3000M
Fredrik Bolander3000M
Goberson3000MProject running to an end. Brought back to life after a 25 year nap.
graham m3000MI bought this car after it had been dry stored for about 10 years. Car was fully rebuilt, having body off, chassis repaired, all suspension overhauled, resprayed etc. Most difficult part of restoratio...
grayspam3000mthis car has been restored over the past 11 months including engine re-build and respray.
griff 2003000m
griff 2003000m
griff 2003000mWill make new old convershion?
ianw3000MWritten off at SPA
Irreverent Sal3000M
Jakko3000MPurchased stripped and partly restored. Completed it over 10 years as a hobby project. Was one of the earliest 3000M, being built in October 1972 and was last heard of in Germany.
jamieheasman3000MBought as a garage full of bits minus engine, gearbox, brakes, wheels etc etc. Planning on a Ford 302 re-power.....
Jasper Gilder3000mNow up and running after 20 years off the road - very noisy, very stiff, very low, very hot, very quick, very much fun!!!
jay jay bee3000MTVR Extravaganza 1980 1st Concours D Elegance M Series
jellison3000MMetallic Brown - Beige Stripe / Roof (Nice!) - Rear Cage and race Harness. Blueprinted engine / Flowed Heads. Rear Cage, full harness, extinguisher. [pic]http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q150/jo...
Jennyfox3000MThis car featured in an article in Sprint, the TVROC magazine. I have had power steering fitted, which makes the car a lot easier to live with.
johnhamer3000M20 years in jersey 2 years in york. excellent chassis. Shell just been sprayed red to cover the original dull white and brown.Just starting to put it back together.Its probably the most comfortable sp...
johny knaepen3000M
jos wymeersch3000M
Justo3000MA practical sports coupe - better than the up to date euro cars.
lindon3000MUnder Restoration.
m44ttg3000MRace prepared, 280hp, Scottish Classic Sports class - SMRC
milko3000MMy first car. A true breed TVR. Its my dream come true. Only thing is that I could allready have some more power.. any sugestions that make it faster for not too muck money? I am looking for 15"wolfra...
Millard3000MMy baby, costs a small fortune! sold and shed tears!
MK13000MNut and bolt restoration completed in 2000. A 'one-off' fuel injected, distributorless (crank fired) 3 litre essex engined turbo (garrett) with a few other modifications! (total respray,powder coated ...
MnS3000Malways something to do. [IMG]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w92/tvrm/002.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w92/tvrm/done.jpg[/IMG]
Morgala3000MMy dad' car (1978). The photo is scanned from a polariod, hence the bad picture. For those who know...this shot is from Coniston gardens, Sheriff Hill, Gateshead.
Mr Tank3000MFirst ever TVR, great car! Wished I had keep it. Don't even have old reg num so can't chase its were abouts as I would love to buy it back!
mrdps3000MThis ones for sale, to the right person
mturbo3000Mthe best way to have fun with your clothes on
mundo-kombi.com3000MOriginally in Silver, I believe, repainted in Black prior to my purchase. Black leather interior. I drove it for a couple of years before taking it off the road. What started out as a plan to change s...
Nicholas Blair3000MGreat fun! Had planned to do Historics but lack of time ceased this project in its tracks.
nonsso_joospeed3000Mongoing project (aren't they all??)
PATMAN3000MUnder renovation , any advice welcome .
Pooh3000MRover nightfire red with a cream roof and model band, new chassis, new cream roof, wooden dash, JW Developments high efficiency heads and fast road cam, approx 160bhp 180lb/ft torque. I fitted the ne...
rsh3000MOwned and raced 25 years
se9boy3000MOwned it since 2002 - previous owner had it for 21 years! At 33 years old the car is a little frayed around the edges now and scheduled for a nut & bolt rebuild in 2011. Car has not turned a wheel...
Stever3000MGreat car - where it all started LAC 179T Red with black cloth and walnut dash - it was in excellent condition when I sold it in 1988
stilts3000MPaid over the odds from dealer for it & spent around a grand getting it to A1 mechanically. Good fun to drive but a little underpowered in standard form compared to more modern machinary.
SuPaSpArK3000MBought the car and spent a year refurbing her. New everything! Car drives as sweet as the nut that drives her!
TDC-belgium3000MRHD,daytona yellow in original condition and black interior.only done a genuine 66000 miles; now in the hands of a guy who takes great care about.
TDC-belgium3000Mit was my first TVR; LHD, blue with silver roof and silver coachband; tan interior; spend a lot of money and time on this car; I visited 10 times the Continental Meeting at Zolder with this car; afte...
The Surveyor3000MMy restoration project... Rescued from becoming a parts car and now awaiting a new chassis due to excessive distortion at the back of the chassis on top of general decay. This WILL be perfect on day ...
TimmyArt3000MFantastic looking car!! Wacky 70's colours and it was Fast.
tom_6093000MReal head-turner, easy to work on, still trying to solve overheating issues!
Twobad3000MA great old style sportscar. A bit of a brute to drive though. The best sounding car that I have had by some considerable margine. Not as quick as it looks though.
valve3000MTuned Engine approx 200HP Re-built to LHD Owned since 1985
wim boon3000MI am 61 years old and have never been so young again. My car and me, we smile to each other every day.
richard sails3000M (Red)Bright Red M, Ford Essex V6 powered and very loud exhaust, good thing my MOT man is deaf (This IS true). The car was very tatty when I got it, now paint and new external hardware (don't ask me what...
redwedge53000M Martin 2Owned between 1984 and 1993. My first introduction to the world of TVR. Where are you now? DIY rebuild in 1990s. Learned alot about car mechanics and skinned knuckles.
TVRMs3000M Race Car
3535FM3000M SEThe car is fabulous, but highly frustrating. In 12 years of ownership I have still not managed to solve the overheating, but am still working on it. The other big problem is resolving disputes betwee...
Turbo TVR3000M TuboNo.6 of the only 20 built Chassis -No. : 3606FM
Ron McC3000M TurboOne of a handfull of widebodies produced,it was originally a 3000M when it came out the factory and at a later date went back to get upgraded and rebodied to SE Widebody form. The steering is very dir...
stefangur3000M TurboGreat fun, huge performance
Andrew Gray3000sIf you can find one
dave72h23000sonly on a dry road.
davepen3000SBrother's Car. Early 3000S with no boot. Sold to Steve Reid in 1995.
edunited3000SToo bad we can't buy new TVRs on this side of the pond!
Hayduke3000SWhite, black leather interior. had a black David Gerald hardtop while I owned it
jay jay bee3000S
jos wymeersch3000S
luc3000s3000sconverted from rhd to lhd
nwarner3000SSummer Fun ;-)
oldgeebee3000SLaid up for 20 years whilst living in Germany. Now starting a body off restoration project. Chassis number 4712FM
Rocket 883000S
TVR OTS3000SHeavily modified when I purchased it. Have done much sorting including Griffin Aluminum crossflow radiator, rewire, fabricate new instrument panel from 1/8" aluminium, fuel cell, battery relocated to ...
TVR440S3000SMy first TVR and had 14 years of trouble free hairy chested fun. Loved it but needed that little bit more hence the Griff.
USTVRDUDE3000STook 2nd in the Nation in 1998 autocross (autotest?) Paved version.
vvacik133000SOriginal black. 53,200Km Canadain car residing in Windsor, Ontario.
Walter Cash3000Svery wet when it rains
chris willy3000S LHD
3000STurbo3000S turbo
Moto3000S TurboPurchased as a standard 3000S but it converted to Turbo specification by Adrian Venn together with a chassis restoration and lots of other work. Fabulous car, totally reliable and would stay with the ...
Simontvr3000S Turbo I am regretted I sold this car bought the 3000S brand new , converted it to a Broadspeed Turbo in 1985
TVRnor3000S TurboThe car is fun to drive. Quite a few upgrades done but needs some suspension tuning (weather allowing).
chris cr300m
barefootoo300seBrilliant little car, but you need to have some idea of how to mend them!" Parts are cheap but labour is not so self mend is a must. Never had so much fun, drives like a car should. No power stearing ...
Biggles 1954350Bought when only a couple of months old, had never been driven on a wet road! Mica midnight blue with cream leather piped blue and blue carpets piped cream and burr walnut dash - classic car all roun...
Chris Hale350
salsasalsa30350My dream car when I was 17 was a convertible Wedge when I first saw it at the Motor Show. My friend still says it sounds better than his Griff and his Cerbera when the throttle is opened up. Midnigh...
pickleGM350 fhcer ..... what's happening to my car life ?
tvrads350 FHC ONE OFF
blackpoolwedge350 i
Fortuna350 ILovely car. Easy to drive and to own. Cheap first time sportscar :-)
Griffith 500350 I
KENNY GRAHAM350 iIt sounds great and goes like a train .But you better be ready to get your hands dirty or sign big cheque's as it is getting old and never was the most reliable car in the world.New dash panels,roof r...
Legarocorsa350 I
Peppe350 iNice TVR to buy as a entrance model. Where thinking of keeping it since it looked as it was brand new, and only had 40000 km (about 26000 miles) on the clock, since new. One of three lefthanddrive c...
peter h 12350 iCar was a non runner when I bought it and in a pretty bad way.I am in the process of trying to put her back on the road.After much hard work I now have her running again and have only today dropped he...
Udo350 i series II (wedge)
Alan 1209350 SE
S6OOH350 SEPurchased from fanatic owner Andy. Car is immaculate and everything promised. Sorted new ECU from Austec racing for the now run in 4.0 ltr V8 from V8 developments. What a difference. Next job..balance...
andy.bennett350 SE Number 9Modified with a V8 Developments 4 litre Lightened and balanced engine. Loads of noise and fun !!!!!
Jasper Gilder350 SXAbsolutely fantastic
richard sails3500 M (BRG)Started life as a 2500 M, TVR authorised conversion to V8 with MGB gearbox in 1975. More recently MGB gearbox swapped for a T5, engine rebuilt with modifications, suspension modified, limited slip dif...
richard sails3500M (Blue)Blue with a big silver stripe, V8 with a auto box, (T5 box in garage awaiting chance to fit it), this car is a shed and needs a lot of work before it will be ok.
ivanhoew3500MTURBOturbo intercooled injected in 1989/91. ran, best possible ,12.56 quarter mile in 93 on treads ,and only 12 psi .all home made.
Bawedger3501Solid, bit tatty inside, good project if i ever get the time, great fun.
GPS 10350cGrigio titanium with mulberry/black interior
Mr Smiles350CAbsolutely Loving it....
Snakes350CRed Bull Blue Pearl Prussian Blue & Portland Grey Navy piped carpet Charcoal Lamonta inserts Anti Chip primer Colour-coded seat backs Air-con. Now have had it re-sprayed at the factory in V...
350mk2350iEighties throwback that I am I had to have a Wedge!
350zwelgje350iYes, yes and yes.... If you know a bit about car mechanics, not too difficult. And if you are interested in doing just that bit more (maintenance, constant checking and constant improvements) nothing ...
Act Daft350i
adamsky350ifun fun fun what a noise!
al 350i350i
AMG Merc350i
assynt road350i
BadRed350iGo And Buy One
bbjonn350iBit tatty round the edges but damn good fun. Should have it properly sorted by the summer!
BHardy350iNow sold to Gun Metal. Bought my 350i in november 2002 in Tamsworth (Birmingham) and drove it back to the Netherlands. It was first registered on the first of august 1988, has gun metal grey painting ...
billart350iYes if you can work on it yourself.Sounds a dream!!!
Bobby the Boot350iThirsty, impractical, but bloody good fun! More smiles per mile than anything I've ever driven, and the noise on accelerating is pure music (except to the neighbours)
Brit Car350i
caduceus350iOwned this car for a year and did not have one thing go wrong. Bodywork was immaculate and the engine bay was dull. Untill I spent 2 months during winter stripping and cleaning it.
calsagegreen350iremember seeing one of these rumbling through leeds in late 80s and thinking "i want one of those".loved the car ,always put a smile on my face,got me hooked on TVRs.
Carsie350iFell in love with it when I saw it in Murketts Cambs- awful build quality but boy did it howl! When funds allow I'll be getting a Griff.
cbemoore350iMy sensible(?) getting to work car.
Chemical Matty350i
chj350iReliable and fun. Sounds lovely.
chj350iSounded fantastic
chris cr350i
chunder350iWas besotted by TVR before buying. This car turned it into an obsession.
CK350iMidnight Blue, Magnolia Hide, G Reg sold with reg E564 TVR, but was originally G reg car. Sold for £15000 after having owned it for 5 years having paid £15.5k for it first of all. Where are you now?
Convert350iPurchased with 53K on it, Fixed the brakes cleaned, painted and waxoyled the chassis speedo won't work despite new cable... Remote Alarm and 2 twin circuit immobilisers fitted Central locking ki...
crispian22350isounded sweet.
davidf350iLovely car, but needed a little work before I could get it on the road and through an MOT. It is unusual in that it was converted to an automatic, due to the previous owner having only one arm. It wa...
deltonarosso350iMy boyhood dream car hasn't disappointed.
DerbyCountyMark350iOh my God! What have I done?
Desiato350iFabulous car, had some highs and lows with it but wouldn't have changed it for the world. Generally been reliable, the more use it has had the more reliable it has been. And the noise :cloud9: Sa...
dickymint350iHad and having the usual problems: Headlights,Overheating,Cold interior. Had new HT leads,Alternator,Battery(3),Water temp sensor,Ignition module etc. Used everyday since bought 6 years ago. I LO...
digga951350iEx factory press/demonstration car. Green and silver paintwork with lots of interesting history! Update June 2011: Still have this car, still enjoying it, still no intention of ever selling it. ...
Dr K350i
edward1350iGreat performance and sound, would recommend it as a first TVR to anyone
eesbad350iMy first Wedge!!
eesbad350iHurrah! Another Wedge at last!
ESDavey350ithe sound is the best TVR ever created. 100,000 when it was purchased didnt put me off - except for constantly replacing the rear UJ's. Ironically, I know have a big enough vice !
fast cars350ifast , nice engine
fieryfred350iUsed as a daily & never broke down.
flipperoo350iI had loads of fun with this car. It was tuned and had a straight through exhaust. Sounded wonderful. But the reality was it had dodgy electrics. I think what many people say about TVR is true, bu...
FUBAR350iSold to make way for the Griff
gas wedge350i
gavinr350iThe car has been subject to a few modification's since the ownership experience begun. So far it has had a roll bar fitted, later Powerlock LSD. These mods combined made a big difference to the hand...
Gerry Attrick350iWhat can you say about these cars. Fantastic! Only the cooking V8 but the best smiles per £ around. Reluctantly sold as I moved house and needed space. Capital depreciation of £2600 over 8 years and ...
gingerclive350iMy first TVR Purchased 23/09/06
GOG440350iReplacement for the burnt out 280i much better car, goes looks and sounds a lot better.
Guffy350IA fun car, if not a bit rough around the edges, sounded great though!
Guzzle350iAlways makes me grin like a kid when I drive it!
Hargo350iMy first TVR ! Noisy, cold and thirsty ....... Everything a TVR should be !!
Horizonti350iTVR 350i series 2. Italian Red. Fairly standard other than Kent 214 fast road cam and 400SE boot spoiler. Owned this car for 11 years, covered 10k fun packed smiling miles in first 6 years then sadl...
Iantor350iGreat fun to drive, fantastic noise!!
ISJ350i350iUsed as daily driver for first 6 years of ownership. Company car relegated it to weekends only, then into storage when bought a Ferrari.... Couldn't bring myself to part with the TVR, too many good ti...
Ivan Bland350IOur first TVR great fun and what an enjoyable noise
jamo350iHave certainly driven quicker cars but never such an enjoyable package as this one. The sound (even from the "baby" V8) is just unbelievable.
Jasandjules350iThis car spent 6 months of the year I owned it off the road getting something fixed... A total pig. BUT, driving her was superb, made up for it !
Jasper Gilder350iMy first TVR - MMMM
John N350iActually a factory testcar featured in Motor in '86. Great car, for a time my only (working !) car. Best ever mod, fitting poly bushes thoughout. Happy continental cruising memories.
john robson350i
jon haines350igreat car
Jonny Wilkinson350iIts an 18yr old V8 that needs tidying and renovating. Its a lovely blue colour with cream leather.
jss777350iCheap parts Starts Everytime even when been sleeping for weeks in garage Neighbourhood watch disruptor
KevinCamaroSS350iA great sounding car, the V8 cannot be beaten. This one had the sports exhaust system and a bodykit.
leorest350iK&N air filter Adjustable front dampers (Wedge Automotive) Powerflex rear suspension bushes (Wedge Automotive. Expensive!£159.95+VAT for eight bushes) Stainless exhaust Stainless brake hoses ...
M. Wijnstekers350i
Mad Mark350IA 350I with a 400 body (sort of). Tuscan racing wheels. Lovely car but had to go to make way for the Cerbera.
Mad Mark350IMy first TVR. 90k on the clock and it still made 197bhp on Dave Walkers (S.London)rolling road, without any tuning or preping, we just did a power run for the hell of it during an Elise shoot out.
MadKiwi350iAug04 -getting a lot closer now. 4 re-manufactured brake calipers, new discs and pads, new brake lines, brake master overhauled, new suspension swivel pins and bushes, new front bushes... and other ...
major A350iSpend to much buying it, I fell in love. loads of work still to do, but engine rebuild complete.
Mark D350iIt's red and noisy. I have had to replace the ecu,rad,and windscreen(droped bonnet on it oops) It's quite original and standard and has only done 34k,I thought it was good value at £5000.
mark387mw350iBought this instead of an Esprit Turbo in 1989 and still got it. Good overall but its not an 'A' frame. UK reg 387MW but now we're in New Zealand I have put TVR 2 on it.
Mellow Yellow350iThe right noise and bags of performance for the price in its day.
MethylatedSpirit350iIt's.... Loud
mike.williams350iLove it, even when it misbehaves.. which isn't very often.
mmalbon350iAfter looking at a few "wedges" this was the best available without paying a fortune for a concours one. It has nice dark blue metallic paintwork which is in great condition and the interior is cre...
MontegoGT350iUnder rated! Power and fun, though I though it was rather flimsey...
Morrisseys Cat350i
Mr Jenks350i
Mr Ted350iWedgetastic! Scares old ladies, annoys yummy mummys and makes little children cry!
Mrs Number 7350i
nconnell350iBought in 1989, part-ex-ing my Toyota MR2 (nice car, no noise). Had her ever since. Drove her in Italy for 3 1/2 years - the Romans are amazed by it - they don't "have" TVRs out here :^) But sadly ...
nonsso_FrenchTVR350iHad the car since Sept 2000. Generally been very reliable, just the usual wear and tear stuff.
nonsso_Wedgehead350iFirst TVR Owned - Picked it up on 17th Jan - Bought via PH. Drove back from Nr Bromley to Fareham, Hants - Amazing, better than I had ever dreamed. In the end I got off the A3 at Petersfield and heade...
nonsso_Ye Olde Wecg350iItalian Red. Fairly standard other than Kent 214 fast road cam and 400SE boot spoiler fitted. Used to wear registration D1 MAD. If you go into TVRwebpages there is a picture on the 'Castle Combe Class...
Number 7350i
Patrik Sahlberg350i
peaktorque350iGreat starter TVR. Lovely noise and fun to hack about in. A bit of a marmite car as far as the looks are concerned....... Took her to Le Mans in 2009, there and back without any failures, not b...
PhenomStaR350iThis car was passed on to me like the old Mercedes 190e, I can tell you it is a difficult car to drive as it has no power steering, and is very light weight so you dont want to crash it either as the ...
Phil Durn350iGreat Sound, this car is an animal
Phil74350iOwned Early 2000s for 4-5 years.
Pie Man350i
pigott350iBrilliant car if your a bit skint but love V8 open top monsters. Performance not fantastic but enough to be fun. Unbeatable noise. Rubbish build quality but pretty robust in the important areas like c...
pjac67350iJust run in V8D 4.6 BV -
pjac67350iGreat original condition. Good chassis and engine. Tower View Roll Bar. Uprated brakes. Push button start. Recent windscreen. Newly detailed/refurbed.
PJC350iSlate Metallic Blue with Navy Hood and Grey half hide with navy piping - First TVR - Never forgotten, massive fun!
Planman350iBurbling wedge projectile with V8 developments engine. Suprisingly reliable.
plewis66350iFinally bought a TVR after looking at several, and consulting with Rob Ingleby (www.findasportscar.co.uk). After seven months, I have to say that on the whole, I am seriously pleased with the car. ...
pmking350iIf you can find one!
PR350350iFirst TVR and have never been happier. Wanted one since I was 15 and got a goodie first time out
racingsnake350iSounds scary lots of fun for not much money. Had an Impreza before dont believe the hype about Subaru reliability they are far from bombproof!
Red 938350i
restless*native350ITvr 350i Black 88 E plate. Called this car Nightmare.. Every time you opened the garage door it had committed acts of self harm. one thing after another.. could really of been the end of ...
Ribbs27350iSuperb fun to drive and sounded like a nascar!! Cheap thrills...felt like it was held together with sticky tape!!
ric p350i
richo_i350iDickymints "old pinky" brought back to life by silverback and numbnuts
richsut350iBuy one if you can
RS 6350i
rvtrvt350iHas been great fun, but getting a tad problematic currently, looking forward to sorting it
Seamus350iWhat a way to start TVR ownership - great car - still miss it today - mulberry metallic with 390 bonnet and zender rear spoiler - burgundy carpets - where is it now?
seb400350iFirst TVR, loved it. Sounded great, very reliable a great introduction to the marque.
SimonSh350iGreat fun, sounded great, spent most of its time on ramps!!!!
SLB350icheaper to run and less stressed than a SEAC
smcquill350iMy 350i has had a body off resto, the chassis is nylon coated in red and the front indicators have been replaced with 400SE indicator units. Wheels refurbed & powder coated, and Dash Re-veneered - ...
Son of Flinny350i
SporttiJanne350iSupercharged, ViPEC ECU
SuffolkFox350iJust acquired as a project and eventual drive for suffolkfoxy, with blown head gasket, leaking core plug and brakes that are the super dodgy side of dodgy. Exterior various scars & scrapes, interior,...
Taffo350iThis is the 2nd time of ownership, just bought back because I still love it to bits. I also have a Subaru Imprezza STi V4 Type R.
Terence350iSecond wedge, first was fantastic, this has the makings of being fantastic and then some. Very tidy 41000 miles from new and 28 years old.
The Doc350I
The Guinnster350i
The Professor350iDeadly
TheDarkSide350iLoving the Tiv to bits! Bought Aug 05 as a part exchange against a Vectra V6. Was very scruffy and in need of lots of love... but in its favour, was possibly the cheapest TVR in the world. Curre...
TimLux350i#6 of 6 made.
Toltec350iUnsafe, impractical, interesting handling, MPG worse than the Impreza. V8 rear wheel drive - did I mention it was a V8? It is also loud - and a V8.
tom90350ii have it 2 years and i have done a lot off work on it i have smashed the window on it but i got a new one for 150 and i am goin to sell it on soon so if anny one is interesed i will let u no soon
Tuco350iTraded in for Griff 500 at Adrian Blyth's. Car was in fact a press car and appeared in 'Motor' 31st May 1986. Bizzarely, I could remember reading that very article though didn't recognise the car as...
TvR Driver350IGreat Car Part exchanged for my griff
tvr350i350iDone all the suspension, brakes, interior, rollbar stuff. Even improved ignition system. Now it´s really time for some headwork and camshaft replacement.
V8Craig350iA bit of a mistake, but that noise was wonderful. I did all the wrong things buying this one... She's gone now to another owner. Good luck mate...
wedgenut350iVery reliable mechanics, strong engine, good roadholding in the summer, but impossible manners in the wet, nice v8 sound, due to new ss exhaust and... absence of roof.
Wedgii350iNot for everyone, rattly, loud, poorly finished, but not as unreliable as they're made out to be once well sorted. I love them, they're fast and fun to drive.
MarkS1966350i - V8Just bought this car! Today 19th May 2012 Needs work doing on it, but it'll get done. Surprisingly little work required mechanically. Very, VERY, tired interior, seats needed changing, or at the ve...
chrisb8cpd350i 2+2 FHC1st Tiv, my dream car from the age of 8. Used everyday for 2 years. Let me down once. Reg. TVR922S. Took ages to find as it was the only TVR I knew of that the kids could get in (rear seats!)
hallsie350i 2+2 FHCnumber 6 of only 6 350i 2+2 FHCs ever made, this one is a keeper, unless youve got 15k plus!!
yellow wedge350i but with a 4.6ltr lumpvery loud and very yellow.has a v8 developments 4.6 ltr stage 3 engine conversion, crossdrilled disc,s red stuff pads braided hoses,s and numourous other upgrades including the interior a completely d...
lambe48350i convloads of fun,power,& noise, on the down side, trying to remember what part comes off what car! smell the leather & wood everytime you get in her, thats unique....
cerbera17350i ConvertibleBought car, which was a little tired. Spent a few years driving whilst replacing engine bits slowly but then babies started arriving. Car was laid up for two years and is now undergoing engine, cabi...
cerbera17350i ConvertibleBought car, which was a little tired. Spent a few years driving whilst replacing engine bits slowly but then babies startyed arriving. Car was laid up for two years and is now undergoing engine, cab...
ferlin350i convertibleA genuine Factory built automatic car. Had only covered 10800 miles when I got it in 2004. Presently at 39k Very White with full white leather interior and black hood Great condition and runs and ...
FON350350i Convertible
P7ULG350i Convertible
Steg O'Saurus350i Convertible
jim3000s350i Convertible (with 400se dash)
Mr Jenks350i Coupe
UKAuto350i CoupeExcellent fun, driven hard, and has been fairly reliable. Autocrossed every chance I get. Biggest problem is rear swing arm bushes, they don't last very long - count on changing them every 50,00...
jay jay bee350I DH
Yatesy350i350i DHC
Alan461350i fhc
DP215350i FHC
earlybay350i FHC
General Zod350i FHCBought unseen from a fine chap in Wales, delivered to Belfast and now after a good working over to make it a solid useable classic. Sounds great!
James dunk350i350i fhcgood old beast bought for little money!! used for track days fitted race seats and harnesses and ubrated suspension
jchase350i FHCOOooo much quicker than a 280i, and oddly gets better MPG.
jimbob350ifhc350i fhcbit of fun used for track days and blasts to the pub! It has 400 springs and adjustable dampers. great fun cos its a bit all over the place. Plan to uprate the front discs and fit a LSD. At the mommen...
Mr Tank350i FHCHad this car for 5 hours returned to owner as car was a bag of nails!
m_steenbrugge350i FHC
Yatesy350i350i FHC
dts439350i FHC 2+2Lovely engine note but too many problems in my example.
T'ACK350i Mk2
crbox350i MKIINearly forgot this one. I always thought that under the skin, this was and excellent sports car. Ignoring the 'Changing Rooms' trim execution, I just didn't think the styling was as good as it might...
Mr Tank350i S11st Production 350i Under restoration. Started proper full restoration in Feb 08 back to running condition buy end of Nov 08 plan to have it finished early 09!!!!! Well it's finnished. First show 1...
Mr Tank350i S120th production 350i cat c write off! Origanly purchased to use as a source of spares for my restoration of the first 350i but found car to good for that! Now sold. It now lives in Rushden, North...
Mr Tank350i S1This car was chassis num 40 and was a Cat B write off and had been purchased to provide bits for my restoration of the first production 350i Car now scrapped, with a few bits left over!
Mr Tank350i S1Another long term resto project. Now Sold
Mr Tank350i S1THis 350i is the third and last pre-production car and was the factory's second press car! This is a barn find car which is awaiting restoration.
lazyitus350i S2My first TVR. The car I'd dreamt of owning since I was really small. It was a mega car. My first real performance motor and it handled extremely well too. Still miss this car and its amazing sound and...
Mr Tank350i S2This years winter project! Now sold!
Mr Tank350i S2S2 convertable witha high level of extras! Needs a little TLC and will then make a great example of a 350i S2
ric p350i se
pjtvr390se350i series 2Great car, regret selling it but thought I needed the money at the time.
chris_b350350i series2A work in progress as with most TVRs needs constant attn(bit like a women really)HA HA Lucky no plate B350 TVR included in price! Plans inc engine upgrade, lsd, brakes, etc etc
ALAN01350I SXMy second TVR, this one is a 350I SX. One of only 9 made with a spercharged engine. Only 11k miles from new and this is reflected in its condition.
Reebmit350i V8, modified
Are123350i Wedge
mightymouse350i Wedge
shoggyraminator350i Wedge
Waynester350i wedgeOhhh... the noise!! My 1st TVR. When purchased it needed loads doing. Rose tinted goggles time. Still, got me on the road to TVR ownership, particularly the mighty Wedges!
wildoliver350i WedgeThank god it's gone!
nonsso_sladd350i wedge convertible
swanwhiston350i, Griffifh 4.3BV, 280i
10 CYL350secrap car! but fun to drive, held together by evo-stick and silicone sealer. Only TVR I ever made money on, or did i, no i didn't i lost £1200.00.
Morrisseys Cat350SENo9 of 25 V8 Developments engine shed loads of history Load and proud
nonsso_nedflanders350SEGoes like a rocket, but the electric are a pain
redwedge5350SEOne of the last 350i with factory fitted 3.9l hot-wire non-cat V8. Fancy SE alloys and rear spoiler, but standard 350i suspension, brakes and tyres........ entertaining! Feb 2003 upgraded brakes an...
The Dodger350SE 4.0Ltr5 yrs of fantastic trouble-free LOUD motoring. I loved this car but accidentally sold it by putting a pic up on a clasified ad web site. Fortunately it went to a good home in Wiltshire.
Mr Tank350SE num 21The SE was the last 350i made, the factory made 25 in total of which mine is numbered 21 and is the 20th made as they didn't make a num 13! The original num 21 was damaged in a RTA so the owner got T...
pickleGM390ugly thing but it grew on me - not as punchy as the v8s but a lot more refined - jim in cambridge had it and gave me a fhc350 in exchange ...
bilton_d390 SEThe fun starts today. Bought it requiring a little TLC and general clean up, great little car with enough power and grunt and what a great exhaust note Only sold it to make way for a T350
cheng390 SEBig grin factor
chrissyboy390 SEloud, fast, crude
deetes390 SE
duncscz390 SEExpensive .. new gearbox and clutch in progress :-(
Gudgeonping390 SE
maston390 SEMy first choice weekend toy. A complete beast. Sounds awesome !!!
milu390 se
pault0007390 SE
ridgeracer390 SE
TTX50390 SEGreat fun and surprisingly reliable. Needs driving - not for the cautious !
SB1390 se IIA tad old now-a-days, but a lot of fun for the money
maddog993390i JE Engineering Conversion
10 CYL390seBest sounding TVR I ever owned, seemed to rev better than all the others?
Andy390390SEWhat a hoot. My first TVR and enjoying every minute MPG??? what's that all about then?
Anthony C4s390SE
Badcow390SEThe electric is nearly ok, changed the tyres (Bridgestones S03 instead of Goodyear Eagles)... I should have begin with that, the car is completly different now (and better). The bonnet is back in p...
blaineuk390SEexcellent car. hope to have another one some day
brownspeed390SEstupidly quick in its day & surprisingly reliable
ccannon19390SENCK Engine - 033
chj390SEThe worst car I've owned!
daved390SECould do with a new hood, a bit of work to the boot lid and a bit of tlc. A small list of things to do but nothing major or mechanical - for the time being.
dinsdale390SEFantastic Fun Car and great value for money.
jaytee1390SEProper car!! Can't beat the noise or acceleration, not the most luxurious or well built but who cares!
jchase390seIt hasn't ripped my head off - yet
Jonny weggie390SE
MarcoP390seI'm just started to restore it.
MrPicky390SEGreat Car! Just what I always wanted and I have stuck with it. It is a bit tired now and needs a good refurb.
Pist'n Broke390SE
richa390SEMade the mistake of buying the first one I had ride in. Extensive restoration work carried out over 2001/2002, including a body off chassis rebuild. While the body was off we got a bit carried away ...
Ron L390SE
silverback mike390sePops and bangs like a good un. :D Fantastic condition, and has been very well looked after. :D
simboy73390SETiz a Beast... Luv It !!!!
THUNDERER390SEJust purchased this car , so its early days... , does anyone have any info on this particular car E260HCK is it a good un or a rogue !
trs998390SEAwesome to drive! Requires extreme caution in the wet, but sooo much fun! And just listen to that proper 60 degree V8!
Wedg1e390SEHaving owned a Tasmin FHC for 4 years I borrowed a 400SE for a weekend and was immediately hooked on the idea of a V8 drophead. By a circuitous route I ended up with the 390SE and at time of writing h...
grahamw48390SE Series 2 (Red)A lovely car, which I regret having sold. :( [img]http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/8056/390profilepicjw2.jpg[/img]
grahamw48390SE S2 (Gunmetal)My fourth Wedge, and 2nd S2 390...must be something about them... :)
weavy4.0 griffith I wanted a white car. mine is olde english white with mulberry leather and a sports exhaust. LOUD and a great drivers car being front engined and rear wheel drive a perfect combination for honing you...
FactBV4.0 pre-cat 250
S6 ROR4.0L Factory Red Rose Tamora
nonsso_schrodingerscat4.2 Cerbera
Glaf4.3 GriffithStarfire Mica Blue. Magnolia Full Leather. Oz Split Rims.
ojo4.3 GriffithDark blue with full leather in dark blue multispoke alloys all original Lovely old car part of the family now nice and noisy - awesome fun especially in the wet !!! Under Offer to Hans !
c3rba4.5 cerbera
esso4.5 Cerbera
spongy4.5 cerberaJust fitted a sports exhaust and had the top wishbone bushes sorted.Few niggles sorted now and all is good.Next on the list is rebuild the suspension over the winter evenings awwwwww cant wait Well...
C8 CDS4.5 Cerbera/400 griffith
Doc Toad4.6 pre catSuperb example (bought not built so can't take any credit for it!)
beacon4002014 update. Well the car went on it's second Euro trip, 2304 miles, France & Italy and around Monaco on Grand-Prix Friday night, sharing limelight and getting papp'd in casino Square. A return also t...
andy-white400 SE
Bebs400 SE
benjy0503400 SEGreat car, and very loud. Used it as my daily drive and it never let me down.
Donks400 SE
DP400400 SEThis is my fist TVR and i love it! The noise is fantastic and VERY addictive.
Emmdat400 SEPicked this car up in Scotland and had a great drive back down to Cambridgeshire. Looks good, sounds good and is great fun! It gets respect on the road and interest where ever it's parked. I now know...
Goulash Pond400 SEA Big Bad Wedge! Always wanted one and this was a good one.
joncon400 se
matt-man400 SEMy first TVR, have become rather attached to her! Some of the jobs ive done... Poly Bushes all round Replaced all brakes (including the dreadeded rear ones!) Painted chassis Refurbished OZ sp...
Mrs H400 SE
Mrs Number 7400 SE
Old Boy Racer400 SEFantastic fun to drive but exspensive to run.
pateve666400 se
Pooh400 SEIn very good condition, lots of fun, sounds fantastic and gets a very positive response from a lot of people.
Ray Winstone400 SE
reliant_fr400 SEFantastic !!!
Seamus400 SEAfter a 7 year absence from TVRs, couldn't take it anymore and decided to get back into the fold.. Now a nearly new car.. or is that nearly a new car.. If the shape doesn't do it for you the noise wi...
Seamus400 SEAfter only a few months without a TVR, couldn't resist going back to another wedge. Recently had some major fettling which the new owner will benefit from! Sad to have left again.. it's a rollercoaste...
simonw98400 SE
Stever400 SEHave hankered after one of these for years since being bitten by the TVR bug 15 years ago (3000M). This one is in top nick sourced by Rob Ingleby (for the second time)and original apart from a few ...
thewhitebomber400 SEOne of the most impressing car. You love it or you hate it., I love it! The sound is mind blowing and mood changing
wavey400 se
Waynester400 SEA few issues have made themselves known. The car felt as if it had a warped wheel, turns out the uj's are seized. Bushes need replacing. Overall car is in very good condition. Sold for a C4 Corvet...
Wildwood400 SE
woody1957400 SEJust completed body off rebuild Chassis stripped, shotbalst repowder coated Suspension fully rebushed New brakes, calipers pads discs pipes New Shocks & Springs Repainted by surface & Design New...
gareth400se400 se (hotwire)recently bought 400 se , stunning motor in ruby mica red , and awesome power.
Wedge 400i400iModified 350i with a 400 Griffith engine from -93.
1 Finger Bandit400SE
10 CYL400segood car
400SE Dave400SE
al 350i400se
B18 BES400SE
BadRed400seAfter 30 years of driving I found the car I always wanted. If you can find a good one BUY IT
batman400400SEwhat can I say, it's a TVR and it's wedge shaped and I love it. It leaks and the electrics have a mind of their own but as soon as you hear the rumble of the V8 who cares !
BHardy400seBig very bad wedge....... Can't help smiling every time i see her, what a beast she is!!
bigbeard400SEMy first TVR - tremendous!
Biggles 1954400SEA well know Wedge in the TVR Car Club. Known as 'Lilly' as it's white with storm gray interior & piano black dash. Rob Coulson & last owner Mark Howarth have spent £ lots totally modernising the mech...
bobfrance400SETotally awesome, I don't regret buying it for a minute. Unfortunately it had to go. A victim of practicality and reliability. But that doesn't mean I've given up on TVRs forever!
Chemical Matty400SE
chris cr400se
CRA2Y BL16GER400SEApart from lots of things falling off, a great fun car!
DangerousDerek400SEVery reliable and always good fun. A little expensive when using to commute to work when doing 400 miles a week. Now have a diesel for that job.
DocCod400SEThe 400 SE was my first dabble with TVR after talking to an old school friend who had run them for years. I bought it as first choice over a 911 and a Esprit Turbo, it was the sound that sold it. I ma...
dwiddows400SECurrently in dire need of some TLC. Bought as a project. Soon to make a start.
Fast Chap400SEGreat fun full-on car, great car for scratching, but doing more than 200 miles in any one journey is knackering. I realy enjoyed owning this car and would definately have another. I made a bit of a mi...
Gandalf400SENamed by his previous keeper in light of its power - Chief of the Mearas. Shadowfax was famed for his greatness as the horse of Gandalf, emissary of the Valar, in the War of the Ring. "There ...
gareth 400v8400se
graham m400SE
grahamw48400SE2006:This car is a loud scary thug, which refuses to be ignored. :) Fitted with low miles 1995 Chim 400HC engine with new 218/220 cam. Bodylift chassis refurb, steel braided brake hoses,new maste...
gruffalo400SELoved it but children pu a sop to it all.
Ian V400seFinally time for a change. Car sold today to fellow PH 'seamus'.
IKBrunel400SEMy first wedge which was destined to be sold but with no takers it is to stay, original plan was to source another wedge project
JVaughan400SEJust shapped my Crank shaft ... £3000 for a new one, plus some minor interna engine mods :)
Karkila400SEkeep your hands off, it's mine Owned from 2000, exported it to NZ 2003.
lancia4wd400SE4.6 Engine, R380 gearbox.
MagicSEAC400SEFirst real sports car, the 400SE was a delight to drive and own. I had teh car for about 5 years and finally upgraded it for the SEAC. The 400SE had no reliability problems and travelled round most of...
mlester187400SEFormerly owned and upgraded my John Kenyon. Car drives superbly.
morgan elliott400se
Mr Haribo400SE
Mr Tank400SE
mrmurphy400serosso red lovely car my pride and joy dont get time to appreciate this vehicle but when i get to take it out the looks,noise and power always works as good therapy for a hard day at work
Neil Hyde400SEOh the noise !!!!
NHyde400SEJust got it back from a body off job at Peninsula . Due back there in a month for final fettling . Chassis stripped , repaired ,powder coated and repainted . AVO's all round . Polyflex all roun...
Nick Brough400SE
nigel8611400seSuperb for year very low miles
nigel8611400seSuperb for year very low miles
nonsso_beastie400sesadly off the road after only 3 months of ownership due to welding needed to body mounting plates and drivers side outrigger, a body off job, bugger!!
Number 7400SE4.3 big-valve running MoTeC programmable fuelling and ignition control.
pac1uk400SETriple Black All matching numbers car
Pie Man400SE
RAW-SEWedge400SEThe noise is fantastic, I loved the way it protested with fireworks from the backend when you lift off! The neighbours thought I was a child killer, the petrol station was my second home, the wall a...
restless*native400SEWithout any shadow of doubt. the Quickest, loudest and most perfectly set up 400 I have known to date.
restless*native400SEProbably my most favourite tvr so far. Enjoyed doing all the improvments. won concourse car of the day at BBWF 2010
ric p400se
shadowfax400SEFirst tvr (Shadowfax) arctic white. From moment I saw after seeing & driving a 350i, first tvr I'd tried, a couple of weeks earlier, it was a delight. Well cared for but only at start by tvr dealershi...
Snow Mole400SE
ssc1400selots of fun to own then the gearbox let go , not the cars fault really as i should have checked the oil before going to the BBWF, but then crappy old gearbox should ot leak. and after owning two chime...
thegriff400sealso peugeot 305 xnd 1995. suzuki gs 1000e 1979
Trickie Dickie400SESold in 2016 to an American enthusiast
TVRleigh_BBWR400SEHopefully will have the car my Whole life. Esp after all the work I've put into it.
TVRob400SEThis is the 5th wedge I have owned over a 16 year period, had a few Griffs and Chims in between, and H7WEG is by far the best wedge I have ever driven and owned. I absolutely love owning this now very...
tvrvince400SE Sounds awesome!
V8Head400SEEvery moment was a delicious asault on your senses! A true British full blooded sports car. And that V8 sound to die for!!
waspy400seCollected this beast of a car yesterday, from a very forlorn looking and reluctant seller. Theres not many superlatives that havn't already been said about these cars, but one single word sums it up ...
Waynester400SEPreviously owned a 400. Loved it so much i bought another one. Sold as i now have a 450 SEAC!
wedgeman400SEOrgasmic car with uprated poly-bushes, springs & redline adjustable shocks. Stainless manifolds & sports exhaust sounds amazing - it bangs and pops like nothing I've ever heard before! Very sad to ...
YAKDUZI400SEBit of a bargain really I think. Not seen a 400SE any cheaper than I payed and It's got all the history, owned by a collector, all new tyres and exhaust, bought from a classic car garrage and... came ...
chapperssx400sxjust taken ownership of silver 400sx i have much work to do on her to bring her back to pristine condition, if anyone has some usefull info on sprintex spares please email me on chappersseac@live.co.u...
pjac67420The ultimate Wedge ! Very well known 420 SEAC within TVR and PH circles. 'PH Hero' car on show at the Jan 2014 PH/Autosport International Show at the NEC. Also invited/displayed on the top lawn at...
seacsounds420What can i say! My boyhood dream come true. Bring on the noise!
Transmitter Man420 The best noise, especially on the overun:-
tvrseac420fun as hell
fleetwoodmax420 SE
A Moose420 SEACA very rare TVR with a great history. One of the first four to be built in 1986, one of three with the 350 style dash and a total of only 37 cars produced between 1986-1988. This was Peter Wheeler...
anthonysant420 SEACThe SEAC, my guilty pleasure!!g
Campbell420 SEACNot for the faint harted I have tried and tried and tried to remove the grin bit its still there, its just a little anoying that the car is a little sick at teh moment and Lucas are realy crap to get...
cantus420 SEACFor sale ! Sagaris forced me to let it go. For sale since july 2011 update !!! I'm not selling it anymore. I love it more than ever next to the Sag
cuneus420 SEACThis is SEAC #2 (the second road car)
Dangerous Bob420 SEAC
dickymint420 SEACI do not ever want or need to buy another car. This is it I have arrived! http://www.pixeltechnology.co.uk/wedge/owners_richard_hurd_seac.html
dmsims420 SEAC
Englishman420 SEAC
Fantic SuperT420 SEACThe dream car that came true. Absolutely brilliant for its time. [pic]http://inlinethumb02.webshots.com/37569/2110357220103184079S600x600Q85.jpg[/pic] They don't make 'em like they used to! [pic]htt...
gavinr420 SEACPicking up week commencing 15/03/04. Can't wait. Sold September 2005. Missing like crazy. Had to go to pay for wedding/honeymoon. Turned out to be a good decision as my lovely wife has now let me bu...
Halcyon420 SEACBought from Silverfox in Oct 2004 at 42,000 miles - used to be reg no D175ALL, now D1 5EAC. My 1st SEAC, but 3rd wedge, previously owned 280i FHC and DHC Tasmins. Still has the 5 litre TVR engi...
Hayduke420 SEACFully restored to near concourse condition. Nothing like it in the US, quite literally !
Ian350420 SEAC
JamieG420 SEAC
John Rutter420 SEAC
MartinP420 SEAC[IMG]http://inlinethumb41.webshots.com/9576/2941713580094359376S500x500Q85.jpg[/IMG] Owned for 11 years. Fantastic car! LHD, crystal black, full grey hide interior. The only LHD SEAC remaini...
NHyde420 SEACBelieve the car to be #2 SEAC , 1986 press car (Fast Lane cover NOV86) full aramid .Absolute Wild Child Wis I could have kept it , but the Cerbera was calling me !
silverfox420 SEACMy 1st SEAC, 2nd TVR and 2nd car in the household. Now has a 5 litre TVR engine, 16" TVR wheels, ACT Carbon plenum, enlarged ACT carbon trumpets, enlarged inlet manifold, ported cylinder heads. ...
TaSmania420 SEAC420SEAC the ultimate Wedge - no substitute - IMHO. Full AC body, fully adjustable suspension and one of the few with a full race spec, solid lift motor - Proper TVR
Trev in Leyland420 SEAC
TVR420SEAC420 SEAC420 SEAC 1987 Motor Show car. Wild Rover from Car magazine May 1988 and featured in many other books. A rare opportunity to obtain a piece of TVR history. Only 23000 miles from new. Immaculate origina...
Mr Tank420 SEAC race car.The famous Factory Yellow race car, which was banned from racing after the first year of racing. So Peter Wheeler, then built the Tuscan Challenge race cars and TVR then went on from strength to stren...
_Absinthe_420SEThe 420SEAC engine in an earlier bodyshape which doesn't have the one-piece nose section, or the mahoosive spoiler on the back. Not sure about the handling/braking/power yet, as not done enough mil...
SLB420SEACgreat car but a bit fragile
gmw9666430 Chimaera
helpmechef430SE1 of only 3 produced and this car was the one used at the Motor show by TVR with the new 4.3 Engine
Marki430SE WedgeLots of fun in this car and a few tears with the clutch , oil pump , heater , electric windows , cooling fans .
Meatball450 BV Chimaera A few modifications :hehe:
purplehaze450 chim
purplehaze450 chim
davidm8884450 Chimaera
p4pedro450 chimaera great looking car from a great marque, sounds awesome and turns heads.
Englishman450 SE
erik-kzgkq450 SE one of only 3 LHD factory build cars, Red with white Leather 9600 km on the clock Automatic extremely rare
Phil Dicky450 SEDa beast
stainless_steve450 SE
TvR Driver450 SEJust Bought a 450 SE which needs a lot of work and had only done a few hundred miles over the last few years and been stored in a barn. The Growler will be out for some fun !!
danspead450 SE/SEAC1st love car
cityboy450 SEACAlways my dream car. Enjoyed it immensely for the first year until it developed a bad misfire over 3,500 revs. Eventually sold it never having fully rectified it, so did not get as much fun out ...
combine450 seac'A real drivers car , not for the faint hearted , and one of the greatest sounding cars .
Fiscracer450 SEAC
haighy450 seac
Mr Tank450 SEACWhat a great car!
Nacnud450 SEACLoads of fun and sounds like thunder.
rev-erend450 SEACWhat can I say - a great condition car -inside and out. One of the best TVR's ever produced. A true modern classic.
stainless_steve450 SEAC
Waynester450 SEACFinally bought one..it's been the TVR iv'e wanted for years! Love it. :) New 'supersports' ACT exhaust system ordered. Now fitted, and sounds absolutely brill. Pop/bangs on over run!
AllezWasps450SEAn utterly fantastic car- sad to see 'TAZ' go- the best sounding TVR I have ever owned.
broadside450SEFastest and best car I have ever driven. Goes like stink, sounds like thunder. The ultimate TVR Wedge for the ultimate wedge enthusiast. I would rather sell members of the family than part with this c...
chezgilo450SEPerfect condition. Loud. Very fast. Badly built. Unreliable. Love hate. Bitch.
chris cr450se
chunder450SEVehicle had / has a few faults - all forgiven when you fire it up. Most aggressively sounding road legal car I have ever heard. Looks fantastic as well and the only car I know where the driving...
DavidLSW450SESounds better than a Griff!
Matt450450SEWas TAZ383, but now back on the original plate. Lots of fettling. Started with Canems engine management, together with bigger injectors. Brakes overhauled and stainless braided hoses fitted. Rear...
Mr Tank450SEOne of 35 made. What can I say about it!
Richybaby450SEAbsolutely Nuts.
Shawn Ford450SERecently purchased this car, and enjoyed the 550 mile drive back to Germany.
TVR 450SE450SE
wedge450se450SEKnown as the "Arabian" special 1of1 order, fully spec'd. LHD ZF 5 Speed Auto in Juniper Pearl Green. Magnolia hide piped dark green Purchased 1998 with only 1170 genuine miles on the clock !...
MagicSEAC450SEAC450SEAC in Cureton Green with 'clay' hide seats and 'brown' carpets. I am told it was the last one built (registered maybe). It is a loud and aggressive beast of a motor car and makes me grin every ti...
redwedge5450SEACTraded in my 350SE. Equivalent to a £5000 pound upgrade! Car is totally original including engine. Spec. includes full leather interior, air conditioning and remote central locking. TVRSH and known to...
Dragon Wedge460SE
J.BEAR4:0 Griffith
belfastdrennan5,000cc V8 Custom Trike
911gary500 ChimaeraAnother TVR on the firm lovely car low miles Halcyon Midas Pearl,Gloss Black Alloys low miles with much money spent!
HighlandsM35000M5000M race car build. No whinging about ruining a classic or not being real TVR. CAMS Homologated for historic racing is good enough for me.
pumpkin5000MTVR NA's 5000M's are great fun and dangerous! The huge torque of the V8 makes overtaking a snap.... as long as the back doesn't break free as you are pulling out! John Wadman of TVR NA only did about...
Lockhouse500SE WedgeCan I buy her back?
THE AJP CHIMAERAAJP 4.5 Chimaera4.5 AJP V8 and it has Cerb Red rose Brakes and sitting on 18" spiders
mikebBig Fracking Bad Wedge 450SE
Charlie SproutBlue Chimaera 400Leaky seal on brake reservoir, baled out driver footwell, re-sealed - sorted.
bosscerberaBoss CerberaThe paper trail of this began as a "Tuscan R" in 2000. Then we talked a bit about Typhon. But I like Cerberas ...which led to creating the Boss with a unique 5.0 dry sump AJP8, 505bhp/440lbft. It ...
bluemanccebera2k miles in 12 months and bills for £4k! but still the best thrill on four wheels i've had (when it's not being fixed)
paulbuzzceberabrilliant car just not practical for a family so it had to go
TVRProwlerCeberaSo far so good, so very good !
tony-allwoodcerb 4.5
1905ccxrCERBERARosso red with Cream leather, anthracite spiders, sports exhaust,fast & loud gets lots of attention but expensive cannot complain though an absolute joy! Miss this car now considering another 18 mo...
2 sMoKiN bArReLsCerberaA bit of a cheat this one. I had it for six weeks whilst my sick Tuscan was attended to.
30046Cerberaresprayed, new type R headlights, new rear lights, new kenwood system, refurbished 17" wheels, bridgestone s02 tyres, C8ERA private plate
427JamesCerberaOh my GOD! This kept me poor - spent 6k in 6 months on it and still loved it to bits. It snapped its crank on me - I rebuilt it - it then burnt out the electrics and gave me a cabin fire. I had to ...
5MUGCerbera Used to have a 5 litre Chimaera but have an 8 month old daughter now who needs a seat in the car,so sold Chimaera and bought Cerbera. Her seat fits perfectly in the back.
5teveCerberaJust purchased, Cannot wait! TVR Cerbera 4.2 Skyline Blue Pearl Portland Grey/Prussian Blue Interior Speed 12 Handlamp conversion Sports Exhaust 18" Spiders Armourfend AirCon
7erberaCerberaOriginally a 4.2 that had engine problems. Now a Top Cats LS7 Cerbera. Engine Built specially by Top Cats Racing.
911 JOECerbera
a1rakcerberaBeen a long term project but now has a supercharger fitted 535BHP @ 6250rpm. Has run perfectly now for 1000miles.
ACTCerberaSatanic thrills
AdamAJPCerberaPuts a huge smile on my face... Completely restored chassis, interior, engine, body. Some special sauce/engine improvements ;)
adbeeversCerberaI am mid way through a complete rebuild of my old 4.2 cerbera. After £5,000+ per annum repair bills i decided perhaps foolishly to try and create a truly everyday cerbera. but I need a little help to ...
AdeTuonoCerberaSpent first three weeks of it's time with me back at the dealers having warranty issues put right. Should have been sorted before delivery, so we got off to a bad start. But when it's good, it's VERY ...
admiralCerberaA wonderful vehicular experience. I was lucky enough to order it from new, see it being made etc. Wonderful to drive, emminently practical, fantastic looks, both inside and out. It's difficult to imag...
airborne midgetCerberaHad some cars but Cerb is definetly best ever
AKBCerberaIt's Orange with anthracite 18" alloys!
AL 123CerberaCerbera re-arranged spells 'beer car'
al 350icerbera
al 350icerbera
al 350icerbera
al 350icerbera
alacol25CerberaMy First shared ownership venture
Alan JHCerberaLooking for a workshop manual. Currently working blind.
AlanQCerberaUttery fantastic, every journey was a rush. Sadly incompatible with my wife so it had to go.
alderleycerberaProblems have included door switches, steering rack, shocks, starter, rain coming in. Now sorted and also brakes improved with green stuff pads, suspension with AVOs and stiffer springs, engine/ecu so...
AlValCerberaThe work on this car never ends! spent 18.5k just maintaining the thing in the space of 15 months. Unless you're a competent mechanic, in which case you'll love the car, don't even think about i...
amo 66cerbera
An MarcachCerberaA great "fun" car that gets used a lot. I've clocked up almost 10,000 miles on it in the first year of owning it ..... and it's not my main car. Everybody should experience owning a Cerbera at s...
AndCerberaSpecial car I plan to keep forever.
andiiCerberaI want another TVR please. This one was the one reviewed by Pistonheads!!!
andyjmacCerberaawesome car!!!
andysgriffCerberaRosso Pearl. First Reg. 26/5/1999. Date I bought it. 24/10/03 From David Geralds as part ex with my Griff 500. Registration originally on car. HI5 GOB. Engine No-45001184 Chassis-XB001537. ...
AndyTatherCerbera4.5 Cebera 1998 - Nautica Blue pearl (mercedes colour) - magnolia - 18" spiders 225/35 front and 255/35 at the rear. Peformance, looks & the sound is fantastic. F1 Engine strapped to a skateboar...
AnjumCerberaImperial Blue - with everything (plus sports exhaust etc)
AnjumCerberaThank you Fernhurst! Miss the Letter-box view out (compared to previous 98 model) and the carbon fibre A-pillar inserts. Mettalic midnight Saphire - v nice. Nice Anthracite spider wheels. Bri...
AnotherGuyCerberaThe 29th off the production line makes this an early model with the sunvisors and no carbon trim on the a-pillars or rear screen.
antwCerberaScary fast!!
aosbornecerberajust delivered ,some minor snagging to deal with , oil pressure switch not working and bad draft by drivers legs, leaking water through roof,and both doors is this normal ? Fantastic looks and pow...
apudneyCerberaPuckers me right up all the time.
arcbeerCerberaCost a lot to run and I had "one of the good ones". Didn't matter though once going, had a lifetime of road trips in it. Genuinely made me feel a better person :)
arebrecCerberaWhat a car :D It's actually Madmarks cerb, but only cause I need a fairly sensible one for work and kids, otherwise I'd have one too :D It's a pleasure to drive, and those pops and bangs are awe...
assynt roadCerbera
B16 VRMcerbera
B19 CERCerbera
B19GRRCerberaI'm the second owner, the original purchaser having only put just over 9k on the clock in 4 years. The car has had very few problems, only the starter motor put it off the road, quick fix on warrant...
B19TOYCerberaMartin Short suspension modifications, bigger AP discs and a diff cooler meant track days on slicks were outstanding fun.
B3NNLCerbera My second outing in TVR ownership and what can I say?...Its bloody awesome!
B6UCHCerberaAwesome so far........
bacchus180Cerberacouldn't wish for more
bananafacecerberaone bad mutha... never fails to try and break my neck
BanditCerbera It's the best looking, most fun car to drive, but car does cost a lot to run Jan 2003: Car being repaired in Blackpool after some muppet crashed into me. Engine getting done at same time - FOC fro...
BanditCerberaIn Nebula Dusk. Sports Exhaust, Nitron Suspension with Eibach Springs, Aluminum Dashboard, Armourfend, DAB Radio.
BasherCerberaFell in love with TVR's with a pre-cat Griffith..but after this well there is no going back...The Cerbera is still the leader of the pack, and its lines make people's knees buckle.. Few minor issues ...
Basti450sCerberaVery nice looking car, with lots of grunt and bangs'n pops...currently sorting brakes, suspension, engine and inlet and exhaust and stereo and carbon-fiber stuff and...........................
batmanreturnsCerberaThe best toy i've ever bought!!! It just pulls and pulls in any gear-more powerful that a south american dictator!! No one really knows what they are and everyone looks at them! Overtaking like you ne...
batmanreturnsCerberaI just had to get another one of these cars as it's the only car that never bored me! Fantastic and despite horror stories from other people my last car never let me down and ran perfectly over 14k ha...
batman_robinCerberaVery loud, nice avo suspension...
BazMV6CerberaAmazing car that I feel privileged to have owned.
BeaverCerberaIt looked mean, went like a rocket and handled like a shopping trolley.
BeaverCerberaReliable. Liked it a lot.
BeaverCerberaWhat a pig of a car....
BelgTheSpannercerberaperfectioned the car: paint, engine ,suspension! fastest road car on the planet!!
ben7vcerberaa few teething problems and the odd small thing but on the whole its awsome!
bennnoCerberaVery quick and good looking. Put 18" spider wheels on car - big mistake as they fowl the bodywork, ended up with 4 new shocks all round. If you look some of the Cerbys thus fitted now ride higher!!...
bennnoCerberaMy first TVR and still one of my top cars of all time! Bought from Broughtons for £32K sold 10k miles later for £29K. Broughtons service was top notch as you would expect from a Rolls and Bentle...
berg manCerberaTVR's have got to be the best production cars ever made! I fell in love with them ever since the motorshow back in 1995.
BHardyCerberaWhat a great machine :-)
Big BirdCerbera
big fraCerbera
Big TauCerberaDrooling @ the thought of it. Ferrari tour du france blu pearlescent. Cream & Navy hide Obligatory 18" alloys The absolute nuts ! 2,500 miles in 6 weeks and loving every minute of it.
Big TauCerberaAWESOME Original lumpy cams made it fantastic to play with the power bands. First car I felt truly comfortable with, progressive break away and excess of power had be toying with the accelerator du...
BigadzCerbera The Blackpool rocket, goes like stink, makes you drive!
bigd1877cerberaAWESOME MACHINE!
BigjohnboyCerberaJust picked up car very happy :0 Oct 07 Sold car,have enjoyed the car no major problems, sad to see it go.
bigmartinbarnslecerbera just won the bid on e bay for my new weekend toy a 4.5 cerb with spiders red rose chip decatted gaz adjustable shocks and lots more to say i am excited is an understatement i will keep you informed
big_treacleCerberaCaught fire and melted August 2012!
bilton_dCerberaWas Rosso Red Pearl Now Nightfire Red (See note 14th June 2005) with nimbus grey and flint half leather trim but upgraded leather door panels and rear shelf, AIR con, sports exhaust which makes it POP...
BIST0CerberaGreat fun but i got fed up with worrying about it all the time, even though nothing major went wrong in the year I had it. Niggly things and it felt a bit fragile i suppose.
Blue4point2CerberaBest car I ever owned!
BluecooperCerberaMasses of fun but cost me a fortune!
blueflashcerberafantastic-brutal-noise to die for- is there life after a 4.5 cerbie-nothing will ever be the same
Bluey GreenCerberaThe best TVR I owned. Will never forget the feeling when I first drove it. Proper supercar driving position, feel and feeling of being in something special. Shame the engine went bum-up.
BoatbuoyCerberaThis car makes sure the glass is always half full, but for some reason the fuel tank always seems to be half empty! :)
bobbinsCerbera Value and mileage both doubled during my ownership - although not planning to sell it. Puts the biggest smile on my face every time I fire it up. Has the power to turn the worst day into the best...
bobdCerberaGreat car loads of grunt, be cautious they can spin on their axis with little or no warning.
Bobo WCerbera
BobtheCerberaFantastic car, engine now that it has had its third engine re-build is incredible. This car is light years above my previous S2 and Chimaera
Bodger bedgeCerbera
Bodger bedgeCerberaCar caught fire having owned it only a few weeks
Boosted CerbCerberaBought cheap with overtime. Always wanted one not only to drive but play with. The idea is to do everything myself. From what I've done so far its nothing complicated and I've worked on cars alot wors...
BornemannCerberaFor a german TVR maniac we built a customized cerbera with 19" wheels and sport suspension kit. Enjoy the pictures...
brakedustCerberaThe fastest car i have ever driven, beautiful soundtrack with the looks to match, always been one of my dream cars and its been great to own one, and touch wood its not broken down yet! (although the ...
brentonwCerberaJust taken delivery and trying to get used to everyone staring, the noise and the insatiable desire to drive it for no reason.
briancorishCerbera Very fast and very fragile, (as are all TVRs) went on a TVR outing to Kerry once, 12 TVRs turned up, 4 made it home under their own steam... Still very special.
BritishElend78cerberaIt's winter now... but looking forward for the next summer! little stronger than the elise :-)
brogenvilleCerberaNow sadly sold- will miss her very much. Sometimes feel like it wants to kill me; but hey, thats just part of the fun of it! Loss of coolant on the motorway left my old 4.2 with a blown head g...
BrummmieCerberaI bought my Cerbera with a broken crankshaft, at the same time i bought the LS1 based motor from Dyno Torque in Birmingham, this engine was stroked from standard 6.2, It has now grown into an LS3 vari...
bryansCerberaHad a few problems with the car, gradually getting fixed via the warranty
BudaholicCerberaAwesome car, absolutely loved it. Had decat and sports pipes, oh yes!!! The most fun you can have with your clothes on! Sadly sold because I couldn't take her to Cyprus with me :(
bunt76CerberaWhilst it looks stunning, ownership has got off on a bad note, but i look forward to writing some positive notes soon!
BusterCerbera24 months of awesome ownership! Recommend them? Oh, Y E S !
Buster44CerberaFantastic performance, but sold to finance house move. Managed to avoid any huge repair expense in 12mths (but you always had that feeling a big bill wasn't far away) - lucky I guess. Recently hear...
ByffCerberaFantastic!!! What the hell was I thinking when I sold it.
ByffCerberaThis is my second TVR Cerbera - I love the clatter cams coming onsong but miss the pops and bangs from the 4.5 [IMG]http://inlinethumb48.webshots.com/111/2892529720100461066S600x600Q85.jpg[/IMG]
Byker28iCerbera1997 4.2 Cerbera. Bought August 2006 Full body off chassis restoration, full mechanical rebuild, interior reconditioned, paint etc. Too much spent on it :D
c10srsCerberaJust got the car, a few niggles, broken shock and warped discs. The vehicle was inspected by TMS at Melton Mobray, they missed all these items, very proffesional:-0 Now getting redline suspension upr...
C1RVYCerberaA supercar for the common man! The noise, the pace, the shear sense of drama, it's unbeatable. Owned for 9 years & whilst the car was perfect, i just needed to change ( variety being the spice & all t...
C3BERCerberaHell of a car to drive and a complete change to the family voyager.
c6erbCerberaIt is Viper GTS Blue Pearl in colour with full Cream leather interior.
C9 TVRCerbera:D [b] This is an absolute beast in mint condition[/b]
CacatousCerberaTest drove and bought the car in the same day from James Agger Motorsport. Different to the Tuscan but every bit as fast! Much nicer interior and a lovely deep rumble of an exhaust note... Ha...
caduceusCerbera Bought in April 2006, totally standard car. Now de-catted its sounding the way it should. Restoration complete. 11/07 - 06/09 Pics and vid coming shortly Sold on 26/01/2011
calum.mcerberaAgain, this car was very reliable, and is still the fastest car I have ever had. I loved the way it would pull away from a BMW M3 - twice as accelerative - and the direct-ness of the car was lovely.
calum.malcolmCerberaAgain, perfect reliability, very very fast. I'm not sure I've driven anything quicker.
calum.malcolmCerberaThe first week was promising. The second week went badly. The (very kind) dealer agreed to take the car back, following an engine failure. Pity, because it rode and handled well (lovely high - profil...
cameramanCerberaBrilliant drivers car, Absolute raw power! A real 'event' to drive, Going to enjoy learning to drive it well.
cammyCerberaFew niggles sorted at 1000 mile service e.g. tighten handbrake, boot release. Returned from service with start up tickover too low, noisy tappets. Went back and now told gear stick linkage is loose (...
Captain BeakyCerbera
CarCrazedFoolCerberaFantastic car, furiously fast, very much man against machine. "Interesting" driving during the winter. Terrible MPG.
Carlos29CerberaFantastic low mileage 4.5 Cerb. Excellent car to drive.
carlthomasCerberaCar runs great Minor problems so far 1. Anti Roll Bar needed greasing 2. Leaking rear shock absorber 3. Indicator Bulb (front) 4. Windscreen wiper motor needed adjusting
carl_wCerberaProtech alloy dampers, 2" bodies, 425lb springs front, 375lb rear. Also decat with balancer pipe. Epic performance but IMHO needed more gears and more revs. Went wrong quite a lot.
CB T350CERBERARosso Pearl.
CEB360CerberaAn amazing car, blisteringly quick and always puts a smile on my face.
ceejayCerberaCar delivered 1st Feb 2003. Awesome performance and only let me down once in 12K miles when the charging fuse failed. Rolling road results 363bhp, best ever result for a standard 4.5 engine. What...
centralCerberaF***king hell, it's bonkers! Now 57 months in and the engine hasn't missed a beat.Turns heads everywhere it goes, notably Northampton road railway bridge! Can't understand why anyone would buy anythin...
Cer LeopoldCerberaNeeds to be loved
cer45CerberaI can explain this car in only one word SUBERB!!!!
cerbcerberaa fine cerb still puts a big smile on me face its going to be impossible to replace might try a 4.5 but no differents in pace (billy) now sold bloody reget big time
cerb iancerbera
cerb4.5leecerberaHad it 6 years now still love it to bits, awesome sound & sense of occasion but empty`s your wallet to quickly & typically unreliable! Sadly its now gone sold aug 2012 but i have enjoyed the experien...
Cerb999CerberaStarmist blue Intrax suspension SP exhaust ACT short induction & Austec remap 402 bhp And now starts every time first time :)
Cerbera 21CerberaThe best car I have ever owned, awesome performance and head turner.
cerbera nickcerbera
cerbera8Cerbera[IMG]http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/cerbera8/cerbera/P1030014.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/cerbera8/cerbera/P1030016.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j...
CerberaGirlCerbera Running & maintaining costs high, but so worth it for the big cheesy grin you get every time you get behind the wheel!
CerberahertsCerbera2001 Factory Red rose 4.5. Rebuilt engine, uprated cooling system, lightened flywheel, sports exhaust. Owned for 8 years.
CerberizerCerberaStill a very fast car even 20 years on. . No turbo but the 4.5Lts short stroke rev forever V8 puts out almost 450 horses and nearly as much torque, on a car that's just over1000kg. Fantastic to dri...
cerbfanCerberaNitrons, Steve Heath Drop Links, Spiders, Decat, Sports Exhaust, Tuscan S Discs, = Bloody Good Fun.
CERBIECerberaSports Exhaust & Nitrons
CERBIECerberaLoved this car but the wife hated it because it was too fast & too loud - exactly why I loved it!
cerby180Cerberagreat car, enjoying the speed and fun
Cerby666CerberaFinally got my family car sorted! :-) Fancied a Cerb since I cant remember when and the kids just love it.. So just sold my Chimaera to a collegue at work (please be OK!) and bought a lovely Imperial ...
Cerby666CerberaJust arranged purchase deposit paid. Plan for it to be my main personal car, also to do Track Days and it is enetered in the TVRCC Sprint Championship - better try keep it on the black stuff... First...
cerby6potcerberaJust upgraded suspension to Gaz, the gaz man provided fantastic customer service to help get it just right. Highly recommended! All the brakes were shot when I bought it, the web in the vents on th...
CerbyTCerberaRuns like a dream nad always puts a grin on your face. Touch wood no problems yet except needing a new battery due to my charger being knackered!! Sadly sold as wasnt getting used due to work!
cerealsurferCerberaIF THE PICTURE DOESN'T SHOW GO HERE : http://community.webshots.com/album/250006751CbYILG 2001 Cerbera 450 LW Red Rose Options Air Conditioning Gas Discharge Headlights Heated Front Screen ...
CharlieboyCerberaLove it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love it Love it love it love itLove it love it love itLove it love it love itLove it love it love itLove it love...
Chas88CerberaThe replacement for my Chimaera. Initial impressions are good, it feels better put together and in terms of speed it is in a different league. Spec is very good: - Nitron suspension - De-cat Sp...
Chicken BoyCerbera
chilihouseCerbera4.2 Paris Blue metallic with cream full hide, sports exhaust and the all important child seat - upgraded from a Chimeara when my daughter was born in 1998.
chim500njCerberaI was going to buy a later 4.5 lightweight but when I drove this early 4.2 it was an absolute hoot. Car is in lovely condition even has working aircon and full hide... I also recommend sticking to ...
chinnycerberaBLOODY QUICK!!!!!!!!!! wife hated it,now wish i had got rid of her instead of the cerbera....
ChopperEllisCerberaFantastic car. Wish I'd never sold it. Pearlescent white with full black leather. R1 RWE - where is it now?
ChopperTVRCerberaMy first baby - loved her
Chris Gregorycerberalamp conversion ,painted in crystal rainbow pearl over black ,18 inch polished split rims ,blacked out windows and blue flame exhaust looks pimp ,fast as you like, love it.
chris willyCerbera
chris.g.woodCerberaTakes a bit of getting used to and can be scary, but the car is amazing with it.
Chris063CerberaWell only had it for 3 weeks now, but cant stop grinning everytime i see it!! Never had a car before that makes you so happy to be behind the wheel, and thats before you even push the start button!!!
ChrisICerberaTop car, brilliant grin factor - love it !
ChrisLeeseCerberaRecently changed from a Griff 500 which I loved, to a car which is so much more. Love it!! (sometimes more than the girlfriend, but don't tell her)
Chrissy GCerberaBlue pearl 4.2, 23k miles. Whow where to begin.. I've had the car for 14 months. Really enjoying the experience, the occasional niggles aside, I don't have any regrets! Now handles and souns so much b...
chris_crossleyCERBERANice, but build quality not brillient
chris_crossleyCERBERABuild quality not that good. Collected more water than my fish pond, in winter
ChuggaboomCerberaDunno yet...don't take delivery till I move house !
chumley-warnerCerberaThis car broke - *a lot* but it made a great noise and went very fast so I didn't care. Ask me if you want the full story suffice to say I sold it because I had had enuff. That's not to say I'm not gl...
Clive ReedCerbera
Clive ReedCerbera
CMH 600Cerbera
CockwagonCerberaBonkers !!
CodfatherCerberabest car ever made by anyone
coey 4.2Cerbera
combatpootleCerberait will drain ur money so be prepared to spend and spend but it is fantastic it had sports exhaust, up rated brakes, up rated lights, chipped, tuscan 18" wheels and was good and loud back end would...
corneiliusCerberaWhat a car you cannot go faster with a smile on your face for the type of money you pay for these cars. People say these cars fall apart as you drive them never has that happened to me look after the...
cossiemetrocerberabig grin factor excellent fun
cramorraCerberaThe most vicious machine I ever had- 10 stars out of five- unfortunately this hot and steamy relationship found an aprupt and harsh end in a crash barrier
crazymatelotCerberaHad the car now since July 2007, initially it cost a bomb to put right after private purchase, where I got stiffed. But that's life. Car now runs great and is awesome to drive - to date has broken do...
CrosswiseCerberaI have not owned this car long and have a lot to learn about it still. The performance is like nothing I have driven before and the sound is fantastic. Best used in the dry though as it's ability to b...
crutyCerberaSuperb performance and looks. Now also includes fully adjustable rose jointed suspension, so now handles like it goes.
CubanCerbera1996 Starmist Blue 4.2 Cerbera
CubanCerbera Had to step up. The 1996 4.2 was a perfect introduction to the Cerbera and sorry to see her go, but the 1998 4.5 is in a different league of development. A great car, no faults at all, but the V...
cubeCerberaabsolutely awesome - no issues during ownership
cubeCerberaGrigio Titanio Black Leather/Grey Alcantara
Dai CappCerberaLoved my Tuscan, but a change of job means a Cerbera is in order. So I've got a 4.5 Linarite Blue over Cornflower and Prussian. Roll on the dry weather to really test it out...
dajm1CerberaAmazing car!
dajm1CerberaAmazing car!
danceswithwolvesCerberaLove it! Use it every day and touch wood - no break downs yet. Had a Tuscan and a Chimaera before, this is the best yet.
danredroseCerberaFantastic car!!! Every drive's an occasion. Reasonable running costs so far; spend most on upgrades! Love everything about it. :-)
DanTVRCerberaIncredible car! I will have another one someday!
darren_fitzCerberaThe best car on the planet. I've ripped up so many cars on a stright, it's scary!!!
Dave LCerbera
dave tvrcerbera
davern1CerberaFantastic, brilliant, love the sound esp with sports cans. Don't fool yourself you can run one on a shoe string as I did previous Porsches. Long periods off road also but worth it.
DavesaabCerberaAn exoensive nightmare from day one. Build quality was truly shocking. How they get away with charging that amount of money is beyond me. On the plus side, went like stink but I always found the handl...
davetherave1970CerberaCan't stop grinning. 2 years later and it still makes me smile. Even if I just look at it! Top top car! :cry: Sold 24th Feb 2006 :cry:
Dave_MCerberaBest car I've ever owned, cruely taken from us before her time by a bad case of imitating a fireball. Very sad as she was just fantastic!
Dave_MCerberaWhirlwind induction kit, different ECU, 18 inch Spyders etc.
David Smithcerberaso far so good at day 2!! still loving it 2.5 years in now!!
daviddCerberaExpensive sensible car :-) Just got it so nothing much to say yet....Except it is stunning. Had the car for 9 months now and it is excellent (apart form the colour). Proviong cheaper to run than th...
daviedCerberaBrutal but fun!!
DavrianmanCerberaFantastic car but became expensive to maintain. Decided to build an Ultima instead!
Dazza NCerbera
dc53CerberaBreath-taking performance, brown underpants handling, and one of the best looking TVR's out there ( minus the Tuscan :lick: ) Sadly Dad wrote the beast off! what a cock!
dean_ratpacCerberaNo major problems apart from washer fluid line has melted on manifold, and front tires stripping on the inside! cause...bad set up. replacing tyres free of charge. 24,000 service up soon. neverhad a...
DemondadCerberaWhat a stunner! The best family car -ever, well now my biggest lad struggles to fit in the back. 5 years later and still lovin it, just need some decent weather to drive it. Think she needs a bit o...
DerestrictorCerbera Looks, noise and interior. Would love another, albeit tweaked by the cognoscenti's guide to making it go/handle like it looks.
Dev255CerberaWOW!!!!!, some tiny problems like leaky clutch, but totaly outweighed by the Constant grin factor, did I mension, WOW!!!!! oh and then nature fought back and uprooted a tree on it, doh!!! :-(
Dick DastardlyCerbera
Dildomaloneocerbera bloody quick
dirty boyCerberaPassed on to PH member TVRFan007 in 2010. He kindly offered the car back (as per gentleman's agreement) but circumstances were not right, now owned by Pete7 in Jan 2014. Stunning car, already m...
Dirty SanchezCerbera
DJR 7Cerbera
djstevecCerberaIt goes..... Boy...does it go!!! Full strip and body off refurb in progress. 11/2011 Still going! 09/2014 Finished Nov 2014!
dkennedyvxtCerberaWords can't describe this car.....
DMRCerberaLoved the speed six engine,servicing was almost as scary as the performance.
DocCodCerberaBoy, it's nice to have a sports car again and particularly this one. The kids love it as well. Just had the suspension geometery tweeked up as the car was scrubbing the front tyres on the inside. My l...
Dollar BillCerberaSold Cerbera 4.5 and upgraded to new ultra high spec 4.5 RR. Keep in the UK, but live in Singapore. Cerbera is my favourite car in the world. Also have Chimaera 500 in Singapore (only one in the co...
domp500CerberaPoster car as a kid. Found one, bought it, refurbished it and love its design, presence and turn of speed. Crazy for a 20year old motor. A keeper for sure.
DoodlebuggerCerberaNext car on moving back to the UK in August
Dr KCerbera
Driving AdvsCerbera
dubbsCerberaYes it went i the garage a fair bit and ate crank seals for brekkie - but it was the most charismatic car I'd ever owned... until the 4.5 came along
dubbsCerberaBloody GREAT!!!! If only it was practical enough to use as a daily driver with a missus and her 4 year old in tow! She had to go... and she's sorely missed... that's the CAR by the way!!!!
DuncanMCerberaDream car that has lived up to expectations :)
duryCerberaTHE DOGS.Quick enough to make you shat your pants
eastoCerberaBought June 1999 Had new starter Motor. Currently awaiting new clutch. New clutch fitted. 18" spiders fitted AP 330mm discs fitted and Mintex pads JOOSPEED (protech) suspension pack. Spor...
Ed FMCerbera
eddycerbCerberaSo far so fantastic!
EdFezCerberaA beast that handled better than any other TVR I have driven( Only driven Chim and Griff). Only let down by heat in the summer, and windows with a mind of their own
EezeegeezerCerberaI'm recommending it after a 45min test drive - don't get it 'til next week!!!! Can't Wait!!!!
EllocerberaA PROPER DRIVERS CAR Helps if you are good with spanners too!
Erich StahlerCerberaWhat a car, what could even come close for the price! Just did 700 mile trip to Le Mans and back, no major probs, relay failed and some rough running, suspect extreme outside temperatures. Roug...
essoCerberaSelf Ignighted & written off!
Exint2CerberaActually very reliable but depreciation was a bit steep!
Extra 300 DriverCerbera
ExxCerberaAbsolutely superb. Chianti Starmist. Ordered at the motor show in 1994... delivered in 1996!
F1SERBcerberaTHe first year of owning her has been a expensive one but she is a keeper
Far EastenderCerberaAbsolutley mental!
fb2CerberaGenuinely amazing; handled so much better than the Griff and soooooo quick. How did TVR go bust making cars like this? For some reason though I didn't like it nearly as much as the Griff and really ...
FeelTheNoiseCerberaBought in good condition as it was only used in the dry by the previous owner (last 8 years) believe it was a demonstrator before that. Chassis just had some light surface rust. Replaced battery - op...
Firebird7CerberaMy ultimate "Dream Car". Looks like a "Concept Car". - Flat Plane Crank - 2+2 Seating - British - 21 days of ownership & I still break-out into hysterical laughter on such a slight thing as: ...
firewallguyCerberaDream come true!
five5CerberaI love this car, it cost me an arm and a leg in my first year, but it is still worth it. Can't explain, if you've got one - you'll know what I mean! Mar'04 - Added Nitrons. This is now the car it s...
Flatplane8CerberaMost amazing vehicle I've ever owned. Stunning.
FourWheelDriftCerberaLovely 4.2 Cerbera in Crimson Starmist with Doeskin leather, fitted Sports Exhaust bought from Team Central TVR in Birmingham. Was on p/plate with me but I think it was origionaly registered as P***NO...
FredWCerberaBest car I ever owned. Had tears in my eyes when I sold it. 'Nuff said.
froggiecerberatoo early to tell,good grin factor.probley going to get more abuse than an aukney school boy!
fruitbatCerberaAfter the Griff this was different! More stable up to 170mph, more of a racket due to the sports exhaust, more expensive to run and more scarey in case anything went wrong! A horse for the Mrs mean...
FUBARCerberaAs much fun as a paddling pool filled with whipped cream and 3 Playboy Bunnies
fubar soundscerbera
futieCerberaGreat car- the only car i've had for 3 years and not wanted to sell it. Still stupidly fast and i'm still learning how to drive it. Update: Sold just before it's 4 year anniversary. Fantastic car -...
G CresseyCerberaEvery journey's an event!
G1ABBCerberaimpossible to comment.
G1YNVCerberaAwesome car, but what do you expect it's a TVR !!!
G8 EMWCerbera
GANCERBERAUsed as every day car out of choice other car 750il Beemer and Range Rover Vogue they obviously just dont have the same buzz, every morning keep being drawn to the Cerb like a magnet. Easily use £30.0...
GarethGTTCerberaFantastic amounts of Raw Power.
GARYGCerberaSold the car after 18 months ownership for what I bought it for. Fantastic car but could not resist offer.
gazmCerberaWhat a car - can't wait for the summer!
GazzabCerberaFab car BUT look at the running costs!! £13K in 2 yrs. PLUS petrol and insurance!!!
GazzabCerberaAnother fantastic Cerb ! Again I had to rebuild the engine and spend a fortune keeping her going. House sale etc forced sale (just after I spent a fortune getting her near perfect).
gazzaccerberaexcellent fun but not very practical
gbbirdCerberaloved it to bits Interior and exterior immaculate. Performance is breathtaking, and looks to die for. It is the TVR to own!
GeraintVXRCerberaAwesome road weapon.. Can't believe it every time I drive it. Smile inducing machine!
gilles xorCerberaAfter 3 years and 4 cars before i find the car for my pleasure TVR Cerbera 4.5 lots of troubles, but more drive pleasure
ginger tossCerbera
GIXERLIXCerberaSurprisingly civilized despite the horror stories. 1200 mile in one week!! Some niggles but I like to think of it as character – locks me in for no reason. Upgraded exhaust – crazy. New Gaz r...
gizmo67CerberaOriginaly TVR Factory press car (TVR 100)
GO LEOCerbera
goodspeedcerberajust bought it but what a thrill to drive.
GrahamMSCerberaModifications: alloy pedals, colour coded side indicators, front and rear light conversions, colour coded 16" spider wheels, sports exhaust, 6 mini-disc autochanger in the boot Lovely car, but afte...
greenracingCerberaAmazing car, always wanted this over any other supercar!
Griff TuscanCerberaAlways wanted a Cerb and decided to take a punt on this cheap SP6 i saw on Ebay. Very early days so far, but indication are i may have struck lucky.
GringolocoCerberaElegant, comfy, but still I didn't dare to go to the max.
GuffyCerberaGreat car.
guyspeedcerberaawesome ! after a cerbera nothig else will do !
h19 jjmCerberaThis is one of the 10 GT's produced by the factory and the very first 4.5 made by TVR.
HairyCaldairyCerberaSuperb, wish it had spyders and a sports exhaust.
HalleCerberaEven after spending a fortune on the engine I still love this car. In the end it went as I stopped using it every day and we couldn't justify the cost of keeping it.
HarryWCerberaAn early silver chassis 1996 4.2 Cerbera. I bravely bought it in 2006 with a blown engine! It is in a rare colour for its day Highlands Grey Pearl which I've seen on a few TVR's but no other cerbs. ...
hazyCerberaOh dear! Awesome awesome car. Shame it did'nt work more often.Need pockets as deep as the Sultan of Brunei to look after these monsters.Easy on the eye tho'
hbeckCerberaFantastic car! No reliability problems whatsoever.
HellK9CerberaBeautiful looking car that certainly drags a smile out of me. Power is very very hard to put to the ground. Bump steer evident along with a tendency to scrub the front end, resulting in a car that w...
HeWhoDaresRoyCerberaMiss it terribly
Hopscotch45CerberaFor me the ultimate British Sports car Front Engined, RWD, V8 and looks like nothing else
hotrubber007cerberathe best car i ever have owned, The amount of driver kick i get out is just immense. - and they dont break either. The bits that have fallen of mine are bits that were simple to fix ..and which looke...
hugepieceCerberaCan't believe I now actually own my dream car! Bought cheaply as some TLC was needed needed. Have had the car for a year now, Still loving every minute.
HumsingCerberaBought the Cerbera to replace my beloved Griff which has 2 too few seats for my kids!
iamrtlCerberaWanted one for a long time, was not dissappointed. Currenty at 41k
ianlCerberaGreat car supplied by Tony at Hexham Horseless Carraiges.
ianwhitewickCerberaFantastic car. Not for the shy. Need a bit of cash in your back pocket to keep them on the road.
Iceman1975CerberaAwesome V8 beast, enough said. Costly to run, but what else do you expect from a super car. TVRs are well documented about many failures. All I will say is each car is individual, look after it and i...
Ice_MantisCerberaJust purchased this car! All I can say so far is: FANTASTIC!!!!
ihanaCerberaThe dogs bollox!!!! See http://www.ihana.com/private/tvr/tvr_cerbera_1.htm
IKBrunelCerberaNoise, power, looks just fantastic Bills, breakdowns, heartache Would I consider another one Too bloody right !!!!
itsallyellowCerberaGreat car!! Loads of fun!! QUICK!
itsallyellowCerberaCurrently racing in the Dunlop Tuscan Challnge and GT Cup.
J.T.CerberaIt was (expensive) fun!
j18esmcerberato many words to discribe it.. i love it
JabbahCerberaAwesome, thats all.
jacko996CerberaNever thought driving could be so much fun !!!
JackooCerberaWas tempted away from the Griff.....bad move! Great car if a little fragile. Used to belong to Steve Heath apparently. Originally P84 OPV but spent a while on N55 TVR which I sold on. Did manage...
jackwibbleCerberaRaceproved stainless big bore system short induction and full re-map 399.7bhp 15/06/13 APM 4.7 conversion currently running in.
jack_rattCerberaScariest car I have driven.
Jam TVRcerberaVERY fast
James AggerCerberaA superb looking coupe, an all time Peter Wheeler classic
jamesrCerberaSports Exhaust Fitted - Peninsula Auto Full Decat - Peninsula Auto Uprated Brake Pads - Thames Valley RaceTech 18" Spider Alloys pending
jamieduff1981CerberaGorgeous car and incredibly fast - but you need deep pockets and a sense of humour.
jamieheasmanCerberaOwned from new. Silverstone metallic with full black and light-grey hide, alloy dash, hydratrak. The best TVR I've owned by a country mile! The AJP8 takes a bit of getting used to but once you un...
jammy-gitCerberaPretty much the only car (bar maybe an Elise/Exige) that I definitely wanted to own at some point in my life, and am quite proud I managed to own one at such a young age. Planned partial rebuild/re...
JamsCerberaJust bought it and the weather is crap. I'll let you know what I think soon.
JamsterCerberaOhhh yes!!!
jasonbenCerberaAwesome power, stunning looks, and the car is pretty cool too!!!!
jasondeardenhallCerberaReally enjoyed this car, looked sounded great - could never really relax with it though ;-)
Jasper GilderCerberaGreat car which ran really well, usual 3 starter motors, tail box etc. At 62000 it was going better than when I got it at about 8000 Gallio fly with black hide
Jasper GilderCerbera Bought it with 2000 miles so, New Cliutch, front discs, catalysts, starter, rebush throttle bodies after running full rich and doing 8MPG loads of times. Had headlight conversion and ( oddly) recessed...
JayzeeCerberaAlways fancied one of these, so when the chance came up, I went for it. Lovely car in Rolls Royce Midnight Blue Pearl Effect and magnolia Hide. 15k miles. Sold after just 12 months, and 2k miles...
jbvipercerbCERBERAI've just bought the Cerbera, I fell in love as soon as I saw it, Viper blue with quad headlights. The power steering doesn't work "oh dear" and some electrical faults. Its just a matter of time bef...
JensenACerberaMy second Cerb, amazing Car.
jeremycCerberaY200MPH Crystal Topaz/Magnolia & Pacific blue full hide. Purchased December 2001 as an 'upgrade' from my Chimaera 500.
JimbolianCerberaThis was Sibby's car, now my pride and joy. Currently sorting out the small jobs ( ECU meltdown, leaks, windows etc.. ) and she's off for a full respray in November ( Grigio Avlon ) plus some spiders ...
jimtbgcerberajust bought it 7 YEARS NOW STILL LOVE DRIVING IT
jmabwCerberaCars called PAT Fantastic performance, brakes and handling when dry!
JMCERBERAcerberadrove it back from wirral in the f in wet and dark bring on the dry and sunny weather
JMH99CerberaThe dogs b.....cks
jock mcsporranCerberaMakes me smile everytime I push the magic button. Gone now but won't be forgotten :(
joelkCerberaAwesome drving experience. Raw, powerful and superfast. Ultimately too unreliable though. Would recommend if you like to tinker with your car.
john yatesCerberaAmazing
John.SCerbera* Sunset Pearl * Full Purple Leather Interior with yellow stitching * 18" Anthracite Spiders * AVO adjustable suspension [pic]http://static.photobox.co.uk/public/images/36/01/12123601.s.jpg?ch=7...
JohnEBCerberaMy first TVR - always wanted one since I saw the prototype - bloody marvellous!!!! Only let me down once - crap battery. Everybody should own at least 1 TVR in their life. I've done it, enjoyed it ...
johnharveysmithcerberaSuper car fast and reliable.
johnmckenzieCerberaSo much fun to drive........so much pain to own. Unreliable and expensive parts made worse by indifferent dealers (with rare exceptions). Quick in straight lines but handling less than impressive at t...
johnnydCerbera Have owned S3c,Griffith, Chimaera and Tuscan previously - obviously I like TVR! Cerbera is definitely the best.
JohnP68CerberaCost me a fortune. Put me off TVRs for life (or at least until I can afford to have a "toy" car for the weekend).
JohnSW20CerberaJust bought the car and it is due miles service. Loved the car and just bought it. Fingers crossed for the service and the bill.
jon hCerberaSold the griff because I needed some practicality in the form of back seats for our daughter. A Renault Scenic seemed a bit tedious... so a Cerbera seemed the next best practical people carrier!
Jonnie BCerbera Amazing car
JonnyWCerberaMy 500 bhp GT Racing car as seen in the British GT Cup!! Started as my road car and is now a formidable competitor and nearly a historic!!!
Jonty355CerberaAwesome practical supercar! No car can compete for value for money in performance, useability, performance, noise, looks, style and performance! Bit unreliable though.
jpritchardCerberaAML Purple 4.5 with nutty Sports Exhaust! Bangs and Pops to die for. This is my daily car (The neighbours love it!!)
jr1fCerberaIce blue with navy interior 18" spiders Speed 12 headlamps
jstokCerberaBeautiful, rapid and also quite refined (for a TVR!). Used it as my every day commuter and it never missed a beat in two years. The headlight dimming buttons on the steering wheel were brilliant for...
JubagCerberaIn a straight line this is the fastest car I have ever owned and the most intoxicating. It's tried to murder me twice so far. Once on a greasy rounderbout, and another time in the dark on a dual carri...
JuddderCerberaAll working (bar one of the door buttons - damn TVR) and really is just SUPER fast :->
julesbycerberaFantastic car with more power than the chassis can handle, after 10months looking ive found myself a good one
JurdyCerberaBest car I have ever owned. Sold it and bought a Tuscan because I thought I was missing out and realised I had leta real peach go
k-9CerberaAll I can say so far is 'Awesome'
K1 CERBCerberaPicked it up from Waldron Way on Saturday Morning, & off to the Motor Show we went. It fufills all my expectations! Smooth, Reliable, Comfy, Responsive. What more could I want I often think I should...
K33LERCerberaI love every minute of it.
k9docCerberaRed bull blue rocket ship
katmanCerberaSo far so good
KDHCerberaThe best car I have ever driven, owned, or want to own by far, and that was before I added Nitrons, a Sports Exhaust, and lost the Cats.
kevin63CerberaGreat fun, don't be put off by engine problems as the pure fun will make you forget about them.
Killer RhubarbCerbera
Killer RhubarbCerbera
KingGeorgeCerberaawesome. Best car ever owned bar none.
kingstonkingCerberaCerbera 4.5 LW Red Rose conversion Ohlins suspension upgrade Xenon headlights - faired in quad conversion Anthracite 18" Spiders Nakamichi/JVC/Kenwood top notch stereo system with sub woofer Alu...
kinnyCerberaOnly ever owned and used by TVR Development. It shows but the car is mechanically sound. Just needs touching up. Believed to be one of the first 4.5 development engines.
kirk2118CerberaBest Car i have ever driven, apart from the bends!
Kris WoodCerberaNow sold, a great car and very, very fast. Handled like poo though and after 2 years ownership I started to get tired of the "niggles". Also, very expensive to service & maintain. However, Cerberas ar...
ktm301pCerberaUpdate **2013** Cerbera has now gone, ownership has been a real pleasure and it's brute power and outrageous styling will be irreplaceable. We're now looking for something like a Lotus Evora or GT...
L1OFFCerbera[pic]http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00290975f00000014.jpg[/pic] My first TVR, I haven't enjoyed driving as much as this for a long time. Most recent cars I have owned you just point in the right direc...
lakeCerberaSimply stunning in terms of looks, performance and handling!!! [pic]http://www.pocketwiz.com/albumstvr/20040411EasterSundayRun/DSCN1299.sized.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://www.pocketwiz.com/albumstvr/200...
LancsRocketCerberaYum - simple as that. Sold as need road/load plugger + new house purchase - but not the end of my TVR obsession.....
leakocerberawot a car
leman600CerberaIt has been very reliable and definately fun to drive. Running costs are not high esp for a car of around 400BHP. It is also a car that you could work on your self compared to similar performance veh...
LennaldoCerberaPeople say you should never meet your idols and that you'll only be dissappointed, People are wrong. When the Cerbera came into being, I was a 10 year old. From the moment I knew of it's existance I w...
LeszekGCerberaCalifornia Sage Metallic with full black hide
lightweight bradcerberapictures of my cerbera @ webshots, search lightweightbrad.
longbowCerberaFinally sold after 10 years of ownership. Exceptionally well sorted car having undergone a full engine and chassis refurb. Now gone to Belgium. Will be missed.....
Lost BoysCerberaWe have now had the car 10 years and she is the dogs bollocks. Her performance is phenomenal below 100 and astonishing 100 to 150+ (all where legally permitted) No problems with the car. Not using her...
lovemytvrCERBERAR3 RSL 4.5 Cerbera in Rosso Red - bought from Adrian Blyth - only 4000 on the clock - beautiful condition -and goes like the clappers!! Have now sold the car as didn`t really get on with the engin...
lucky7CerberaAn absolutely amazing car. Dont think i'll own anything that offered such noise and fun
LuckyoneCerberaI gave it a body off resto here's my guide to getting the body off http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=6&t=902489&mid=41493&nmt=A%20guide%20to%20a%20partial%20&%20full%20body%20lift ...
lundy1543CerberaHaving owned a Lotus Turbo Esprit, i thought i had a 'fast' car. The Cerb is brutal with more power on tap than i'll ever need. i now need to take her to Nurburgring to see just what she can really ...
m powerCERBERA
M3JohnCerberaFit and finish is, if I'm honest, not quite up to the M3's standard but OMG this thing is just amazing. Amazing to look at & amazing to drive ! I've been so very lucky over the last few years to be s...
M4DeanoCerberaI'm in love again !!! Buy one Mr Ward !! (if you have the balls)...??
m60ddyCerberaArrives mid December, on road March 2013
Mad MarkCerberaIts a factory developments 4.5 model, previous owner on log book "TVR Enginearing" with many updated/modified parts which i'm still finding out - 18"alloys, Red Rose suspension, Tuscan Seats, Lightwei...
Mad MarkCerbera4.5 Light Weight, Saphire Black, cream and black interior, Decat exhaust and Austec remap. 12.6secs 1/4mile @ Austecs Santa Pod day.
madaboutmotorsCerberaAlways wanted this car since I was young. Owned it for a year and had a great time.
Madam BeckyCerberaI love it! :)
madasahatterCerberaFantanstic car. Dream come true. Car had to go in 2003 so that money could be spent on other things. Sorry to see it go, but it was an amibition ticked off anyway.
MadroweCerberaCant get more fun for your money!
MadScientistCerberaJust so passionate about this car!
malmanCerberaSooo regretted selling this. An absolute blast to drive. Acceleration in most gears thats hard to believe and has to be experienced at least once in your life. Not called the Blackpool rocket for no...
MalxCerbera100 miles after purchase the engine blew :( Then it went pop after 6k miles.
mannkorkCerberaBig fun to drive a TVR in Germany!
mantonclanCerberaThere's nothing like buying a new car and I'll never forget the day I picked this up. Ferrari yellow with black leather interior (with yellow stitching.) One of the best cars I've ever owned. Amazing ...
Mark HCerberaThe best investment ever , goes like stink , looks the business.
mark hughesCerbera
mark.rowecerberaImperial Blue Sports pipes, Headlight conversion, leather door inserts. Owned for almost 6 years. Lots of fun in the summer! Few niggley little problems like leaking window seals, oil leak from ...
markh1CerberaNow completely rebuilt on new chassis. See this thread... http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=6&t=712327&mid=72481&nmt=The%20rebuild%20begins......again.
marrabooboocerberajust picked it up on x-mas eve
MarsCerberaFabulous car. Bought from Cyclone1 after he'd invested a lot of time and effort into it. It come out of roundabouts like a cat with its tail on fire. I doubt I'll ever own anything with as much potent...
mart 63Cerbera
mart 63Cerbera
martin hardensCerbera
Martin HuntCerberaSold it to buy a Merc ML430. Great car, a couple of teething problems when bought, nothing major, i.e. Rear Screen Heater not working. Camshaft went at 15984 miles, went back to Blackpool on the...
martyn-S1CerberaWOW!!!!!!!! :D :D :D There is nothing else to say.
mat from prestoncerberalots an lots of sideways fun but need deep pockets to keep it as it should be!
MatlockcerberaCerberaThe last Cerbera made, in pepper white. Initially used by Nickolai Smolenski.
mattnobleCerberaCant beat that flat planned crank
maverickCerberaFirst TVR, knew TVR didn't have a great name, but loved the look of the Griffith however saw clarksons video and watched the Cerbera thrash all existing supercars so I had to have it. Starmist Gr...
mawheelCerberaFantastic Car, Fast, Scary, Head Turner, Sounds just great.....BUT, does spend a lot of time in the garage, which ain't cheap!!
maxbisonCerberaAwesome Car... Only had it about a week and not been able to stop grinning like a lunatic since I picked it up!
mendip magiccerberaexpensive to own but, outstanding performance and reliable for a supercar
Mic MacCerberaBEST NOISE EVER. this is the thrill of car ownership in every respect. there wont be cars like this in the future, we are the guardians of something remarkable and special and as our reward we get the...
micky gcerberaOnly had the car a month but initial thoughts are..........awesome! I know you hear nightmare stories but this realy is one superb driving machine.
MickyB Loves V8sCerbera
mickydooCerberaFastest most exciting car I've ever driven. Gets more appreciative from passer's by that other sports cars, except perhaps the more exotic McLarens, Zondas & Ferrari Enzo's etc.
MidlandmanCerberaCar's performance is nothing shy of awesome. Some minor niggles in the first week, but the sound, performance and headturning ability far outweighs these.
Mike HorneCerbera
MikeCerbCerberaMild restoration over colder months, back on road in June.
mikesrCerberaA truly stunning car!
mikethebike1127CerberaBought this beast at the end of Dec 2009. Aint has a chance to "give it some" yet. Mods are:- front lights, afterburner rear light and big bore decat stainless pipes. Update 07/05/2010 Now has c...
mike_eCerberaAwesome machine, tons of character, a real head turner.
mixedupjimCerberaOne of the early cerberas and i've not had any problems with it. The odd windscreen wiper failure but thats all.
mmertensCerberaVery fast. I did have some engine trouble though, it spent some 4 months in Blackpool in total.
mmertensCerberaMaybe slightly less powerful at the top end than my previous car (4.5 RR). Looks miles better though, much noisier and still fast as f*ck.
moggCerberaFabulous and reliable car both on and off track once the handling & brakes were sorted (by Joolz).
MonkeymanLeeCerberaThe best and worst car i,ve ever owned
MoonMonkeyCerberaWhirlwind Short Induction Kit Full Remap ACT Stainless Exhaust Protech Double Adjustable Shock Absorbers 475 lb/in Front, 375lb/in Rear springs Raceproved slave cylinder Running costs now dow...
morpheous0Cerbera4.5 ltr, induction kit, chip, remap, SP exhaust, de-cat, uprated front brakes, intrax suspension.
Mortgage_tomCerberaSold 2015 to Joyceboy
MOTORVATORcerberawhat a blast!
Mr CerberaCerbera 01 Sept '05 No one can ever truly explain the joy of owning one of these cars. Release all your fears and doubts and live for once in your life. ---------------------- And no-one told me how ...
Mr FreefallCerberaJust a hughly fast car, so far... Having a few upgrads to the car, but on the whole great... Sold now to PHer Greeny...
Mr M J TaylorCerbera
mr spectraflairCerberaThe only Cerbera ever made in Spectraflair silver - The British Motorshow Car of 2004.
Mr TankCerbera Great car only done 9,450 miles when I purchased it in March 07. Now done 10,750 (1/12/7)
Mrs Big BirdCerbera
Mrs BlueCerberaCerbera
Mrs PitstopCerberaNot technically mine, but the OH lets me drive it if I behave!!
Mrs_TCerberaAwesome! Used to belong to gary Newman. She's beautiful and the interior is immaculate. God, I love this car!
mthdrcerberabrutally savage
mulsannecerberaJust completed 3 years of ownership. Love the shape, sound and sheer acceleration of the thing. Looks better in more restrained colours IMHO, I refer to mine as gold when it's behaving, beige when it'...
mundo-kombi.comCerberaOne of the first Cerberas. Jeremy Clakson's test on Top Gear convinced me that I should buy one. It was painted in a dreadful "Ocean Haze Metallic" with a "Acqua" interior - call i...
mundo-kombi.comCerberaDates are approx. My second Cerbera and this time in a more desirable dark metallic blue with a cream interior and the "Red Rose Pack". Had the upgraded 18" "spider" alloys th...
mxi933CerberaOOOhhh its so so fabulous!!
mycerberaCerberaCost me £9,000 to run it for 9mths!! But still loved every minute of it and miss it greatly!
N17ROCerberaAwsome car looks amazing and sounds even better! And I miss it sooooo much [pic]http://myspace-873.vo.llnwd.net/00546/37/84/546744873_l.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://myspace-672.vo.llnwd.net/00546/27...
N1CERBCerberaBut have deep pockets as I am finding out already! Worth it though.
NaruneCerberaThe car is a piece of the TVR history and was owned by TVR Eng for most of it life. The car only came onto the market last year when the Smolenski’s organisation sold off the family silver last ...
natbenCerberaSo far So good only 1 week into ownership but she is immaculate inside and out. 3 months in now. Powder coated all the wheels, painted front calipers replaced brake pipes with braided hoses fitted ...
natbenCerbera Current car, my second Cerbera after a 4.0litre Speed six. It has just been put back on the road after 4 years lying idol. Spent more than I thought getting it up to spec but love it to bits so far bu...
nautiqueCerberaJust bought this car. Not driven it yet due to it being off the road having headlight conversion and bumper mouth alteration. Can't wait to get it on the road
NeilHCerberaI just had to own one before I died !!
neilusCerberaLove the sports exhaust, most of the neighbours don't mind - but have had a "do you really have to make that noise". Of course, the answer is "YES". Brilliant car! Now it's got the cat bypass p...
neilvCerberaFantastic performance, fantastic looks, fantasticsly high running costs, but you couldn't take the roof off. Cost me £45,000 (2nd owner but only 140 miles on the clock).
nervouscerberaI loved it very much, but only once I'd sold it. Before that, it made me Nervous.
NICE EHCerbera
Nicholas BlairCerberaJust superb. I loved this car but oddly hated using it as I just didn't have the confidence that I'd arrive. Real shame.
Nicholas BlairCerbera
Nick BeefCerbera
nickpageCerberaafter 4 fantastic years with only clutch problems car was sold to a lucky irish millionaire living in Melbourne. Only travelled about 12k miles in here so she was pampered and cherished. Did one track...
NickyTwoHatsCerberaFabulous but hideous deprecation and running costs.
Niffty951CerberaA different feel to anything else I've owned. I usually drive stealthy rockets, enjoy the element of going unnoticed untill you open the throttle. Never had a car that attracts smiles from everyone of...
NoisyCerberaLots of carbon extras on this one
nonsso_Adam 'Rovers' LeCerberaThis is one of the very last TVR Cerberas. This one being a 4.2 but all the later cars had bigger cc-the last cars had more horsepower. This car, although listed as a 4.2v8 is really a 4.5 because the...
nonsso_DAGGARTCERBERACerbera 450 Red Rose in Dodge viper blue,Speed twelve lights ,18 inch alloys ,full hide and all the bells and whistles!.Now fitted with a re-mapped ECU and the ACT induction kit.
nonsso_MCGUIRECerberaFANTASTIC. Bye bye Ferrari
nonsso_mr hoccerberaawesome car,can be a gentle drive with tvr sound track from the decat sports pipes, or when the loud peddle is pressed a ride that will blur your senses,
nonsso_P-h-o-e-n-i-xCerberaThe best TVR I ever had, I connected with this one. But the engine went so the car followed.
nonsso_P-h-o-e-n-i-xCerberaJust had this one for a short while. But hated its behaviour and passed it on. Last I heard, the guy I passed it on to, he crashed it within 3 weeks of ownership, totally written off :(
nonsso_P-h-o-e-n-i-xCerberaThe best build of the ones I've owned and 'borrowed'. This one is going places.
nonsso_patrick1903CerberaGreat value Supercar, but costly to maintain.
nonsso_raf dugCerberaFerrari racing red,light grey leather,18 inch spiders and very loud sports exhaust.
nonsso_S33 TVRCerbera
nonsso_TivoraCerberahad to sell due to loss of job in april 2002. after 2 years of TVR ownership on a tightish budget, i think i've got the TVR bug out of my system (for now). next time i get on, and there will be a next...
nonsso_xEddie 4.2cerberalikes a drink
Noodles 4.2CerberaFairly awesome it has to be said.
ObiwonkeyblokeyCerberaOyster Pearl with Fawn lthr. Looked Beautiful went like stink. Perfect car. Sold as moved to Bristol and lack of parking at where I was living at the time. I still wake up in tears about it now.
ObiwonkeyblokeyCerberalate 4.2, mint condition,low mileage, silver with prussian blue. completely standard except for sports exhaust.
octane junkieCerbera
oilyragCerberacan anyone help in geeting the hand brake to work better ???? can the cable be adjusted???/
oliverkellyCerberaNot a cheap car to run but awesome in every other respect!!
oli_quickCerberaWhat a utterly amazing car - the only thing you can get for under �£100k that will make you smile each and every time you get in it, look at it...think about it. Not had any 'issues' yet...I am ...
OllyCerberaCar has been/is absolutely BRILLIANT, and only let us down once (in suspicious circumstances, which I don't blame the car for)! Would recomend a Cerb to anyone with any sort of facination for speed/p...
OmertaCerberaYes it is a basket case! But it's only the second Cerbera in New Zealand that I know of. Written off by the fire damage and the 4.5 engine and gearbox were removed before I got my hands on it. I've...
ONXCerberaAwesome... lots of power... superfast
Onyx V8CerberaAll good things must come to an end. The car has gone but I've still got some fantastic memories and some great friends. Well maybe one or two bad ones too. Still I should have kept it :-(
OnzloukCerberaS88 PDC (1998) 4.5l V8 47000 miles Full Cream leather interior retrimmed black carpets silver 18" Spiders 400 BHP Whirlwind induction Kit, this was the prototype kit by TCS. Very large ...
OnzloukCerberaJust purchased as i couldnt live without one! Filled the hole in the garage nicely.
optimax snifferCerbera
orange 1cerbera
otpCerbera It's yellow !
Paddy3101CerberaAA only called twice so far. Flat battery when left lights on. Starter motor not engaging. Currently waiting for starter to be fixed. Turning circle is crap, Scrape front and rear getting in and ou...
paglesCerberaLove this car the sports exhaust pops louder than ya nan
Pappa LurveCerberaBought her on a bit of a whim really. PO had done everything in the last year, new clutch, gearbox, wheels, brakes, updated front end, the lot basically and then I bought her 2000 miles later. Well...
Pat101CerberaThis didn't end to well.
Pat101Cerbera Wow what a blast. just didnt use it enough to justify owning it.
Patrickrsv1000CerberaLove the car, but be aware that the Cerbera is costly to keep the older it gets!
pat_yCerberagreat fun, big money to run and keep in top condition though.
Paul 2000Cerbera
paul maccerberaalways wanted one. great fun to drive. easy to keep on the road if you have a set of spanners,4 seats means i can take the kids then they get out so i can go round the track. every one is happy!!!
Paul UCerbera
Paul WestCerbera
paul.aCerberaFantastic always something to fix but always get out of it grinning like a cheshire cat
Paul300zxCerberaLoving it to bits but worried about the problems that could come with owning a TVR
PaulHillCerberaSubaru Blue, mag leather interior. Purchased from The TVR Centre Barnet. Picked up on the 07/06/03.
pauljCerberaWahooooo - how is this car road legal ?
PaulKCerberaFastest loudest car anyone could ever want to own! Its not like driving a "normal car" its more an assault on the sense's, absolutly fantastic, everyone should at least experience a Cerbera once in t...
PaulOldridgeCerberaBack to the TVR fold with a gem of a car
PaulyboyCerberaPearl Rosso Headlight and Rearlight conversion (blended version) De-catted sports exhaust. Fanny Magnet!
PBMWC33CerberaAll what you expect from a TVR
pcowenCerberaPick this car up on Friday 29 Sept 2006. Lover the time I had it. Did a Le Mans trip and went to Rockingham part of the 500+ cars on the Sunday Sold it March 2008
pdavisonCerberaBeautiful car - Crystal Topaz, light grey & blue full hide, 18'' spiders and 2003 spec engine following re-build by TVR Power. Sold due to a change in circumstances that meant I could no longer kee...
PeppeCerberaThe car gives me a big smile everytime I drive it. The funniest thing You can do with Your pants on is to drive a Cerbera
peternibCerberaThese cars are just awesome, everytime i look at it i hide my license. :) So fast so noisy sports exhaust just sound amazing. Everyone should have to own at least one of these in a lifetime.
peterroseyCerberaHas had a lot spent on it recently with a fully adjustable set of Protech aluminium coilovers and a sports exhaust, but thanks to Joospeed's careful set up in now corners superbly and sounds great. Ab...
PeterTCerberaJust running in!
peter_melicharCerberaSoo sad to see her go !
PetetamoraCerberaWorth every penny !
PetrolEdCerberaTotally standard with the exception of Nitron/Eibach suspension, and ACT decats. This is the only car I've ever owned that never loses its novelty, it gets more exciting every time you drive it! S...
PetrolTedCerberaLovely car in great condition for its age. One owner and a good spec. Looking forward to as many smiles as we had in the Chimaera.
PGNSagarisCerberaBought on a bit of a whim. Was taking the Tuscan in to be serviced and just could not resist the big Cerb. So did the swap. Always had an itch for one of these cars and so far so good. Got an ...
Phil.CerberaAfter 5 years with a Cerb and 3 years without, even a 996TT couldn't take its place, so it's back. Newer this time but still a 4.5. It's like coming home ;)
philgCerberaFabulous car, but too expensive for me to run at the time, and not sensible as a daily driver.
Phil_DCerbera Late 2004 Cerbera in Iced Titanium. Full black leather , black alcantara headlining. 4.2 AJP V8 but this is one of the last ones so it is fitted with the 4.5 bottom end. Just had decats in...
phockitCerberaDec '99, Stardust Silver with Nimbus 1/2 hide interior, standard throughout. I checked the history with both TVR and the previous dealer, it'd had nothing but standard servicing. Originally sold my...
PhonicSuperSonicCerberaCan't be bothered to try an explain how fantastic this car was for me ( would have to go back to school to learn a whole new vocabulary of great words!! ). Just got to say big FUN , Big Cost and just...
Pied PiperCerberaPurchased for Le Mans and a run round the Alps, loved it wish I could of kept it.
Pied PiperCerberaaffectionately known as the BMF, cost me a small fortune to keep on the road but when going what a car.
pikeyCerberaBought this, exchanging a rather tired Chimaera for it. Had done 20,000, but the engine blew before I collected it! Another engine later and some niggles and all was ok. GREAT, REALLY great car...
pilmarCerbera4.5 block. 4.2 inlets. Full body off rebuild in 2009. Chasis resprayed in white. Car resprayed in white (was yellow) HID light upgrade 18"spiders
pinkchimcerberamy last car in the uk, loved it, bought because previous tvr had "problems"
PinkPantherCerberain Antique Turquoise - awesome car, by far the fastest car I've ever driven (previous car was an 1990 BMW 316i!). Have had it 10 months and still puts a silly grin on my face everyday.
Pist'n BrokeCerbera
pistolCerberaAWESOME !!! But EXPENSIVE to run and parts which it seems to need a loy of.
pjnixonCerberaFantastic car. Not an everyday drive, but for weekend fun, can't be bettered. Keeps the ol' brain cells working too to sort out the 'niggles'. :-)
psbCerbera18" spiders Nitrons and new springs Uprated front anti roll bar 4.5 discs and callipers Tornado chip Rear light conversion. Sports Exhaust Drives and sounds like a sports car should do ! O...
purpleliabilityCerberaA fabulous car and a roller coaster of ownership. The highs and lows are very extreme! I absolutely love how it drives, a genuinely well sorted chassis with the Nitron coilovers, amazing engine and su...
PursyluvCerberaAwesome scary car, nothing to touch it for straight line acceleration unless you have £100k plus to spend. 2018 edit, more like £50k, RS3 amongst others!
pyromaniaccerberaFactory owned development car
Quentin1CerberaPerfect car. Had some niggles, but then after the engine rebuild was a cracker. -Lightened Flywheel (Racing Green, recommended!!!) -Decatted -New Cylinder Head -TVR Power Chip
QuiteQuietCerbCerberathe power...
R 6UY SCerbera
R4DDCCerberaGreat car - miss it - only let me down twice in 9 years...
RA500CerberaSold Due to wedding :(....
ramuellertCerberaQuite nice car, my dog loves to accompany me while driving.
rapidpeteCerberaI loved that car! only owned it for 22 days, 11 of those off the road with a miss-fire. Dealer took it back in the end and so I bought the Griff
RappaCerberaAwsome speed, awsome costs, never broke down but 2 services in 5000 miles costing £5000 not to mention the clutch going was more than I could afford.
RattenCerberaBlue rocket with a frightening thirst for Super UL
rearwheelsteerCerberaWhat a rush
Red Bull 1cerbera
redeyecerberadriving anything better would need a launch code.
redeyecerberathe second tvr ,chim was fab this cerb is un real get one
RedLeicesterCerberaChianti Starmist with Magnolia and Aubergine leather and aubergine carpets. 4.2 with Whisper Cams
Richard WalkerCerbera
riddsCerberaBlisteringly quick, still amazed by it's performance. Promplty killed this one. ;)
riddsCerberaMy latest machine, getting the few little problems ironed out slowly. I had second thoughts about the colour but it does the trick. People love Halcyon Midas in the metal, or is that fibreglass....
rmaurerCerberaAwesome car! Treat it with respect in the cold/wet as even experienced owners have fallen off the road in poor conditions... But with good weather and open roads, the power and noise are intoxicating!
Rob DanceCerbera
Rob175kksCerberaBeautiful brute.
Rob1969CerberaWhat can I say! I've finally realised a boyhood ambition to own a TVR. I was initially going to buy a wedge, then I thought about a Griff, but then my wife persuaded me to buy a Cerbera as we have two...
RobertjpCerberaFantastic car in every way, loved every moment of it, but had to go for loads of reasons. Missed it bitterly when it was gone, needed another TVR...
robscoCerberaPearl Blue with Wedgewood Blue half-hide interior, Navy Blue wool carpets and air-con. Special, very special.
robscoCerberaHalcyon Midas pearlescent with full black hide and black carpets. Now sold to a fellow PHer, very difficult to watch such a special car drive away.
robscoCerberaChianti Starmist, magnolia half hide with wine carpets. SP12 alloys, decatted and sports exhaust. Probably the quickest TVR I've ever driven, stunning.
rocketCerbera4.2 Cerbera in Pearl Green with Doeskin full hide, patterned alloy dash and mint green dials.
Rodolphecerberait's a dream !!!
rossmcdeecerberaFab car fast and chuckable
roywittcerberaAJP-V8 Lightweight model with red rose engine upgrade by factory
ro_butlerCerberaGreat car, like it a lot. Sadly now sold. Was really reliable (as it was for Flasher before me) and very sorry to see it go. I thought it was better to leave on a high note while I still loved t...
ro_butlerCerberaCame with Movit big brake kit and Austec induction and remap. Also very large aluminium radiator and Red Rose conversion. So far so good..... Fitted Protec double adjustable suspension so handle...
RR CerberaCerberaAntigua Blue, full magnolia leather - just what I'd been looking for for 13 months! Fully specced, extremely reliable and a beautiful interior/exterior colour combination, it made me very sad to ...
RR CerberaCerberaIt took me 18 months to find my previous Cerbera yet a throwaway comment when having my car serviced led me to this one within a week..... What a car! Still not sure about the amplifiers in the ...
RT PhilCerberaIf you don't do anything else with your life you must have one of these,yes the will do over 180, i was just annoyed that having spent 20k you have to spend more to make them brilliant, but i should h...
RUF 3Cerbera
RUSSELLMCerberaHas now been fitted with short induction & has received a remap 377BHP & 345LBS. Previously belonged to Slackalice. Has now moved on, fortunately to a new, good home & it still on PH. Good Cerb...
RZDCerberaBlack Sapphire pearl with full black hide interior. Simply awsome!!! It is a third car, used every weekend, hence the very low milage. It has never gone wrong - only the windscreen wiper parking sw...
S100 SPBCerbera
S1M VPCerberaBrilliant car. I changed for the more modern looks of the Tuscan but regretted it afterwards. The Cerb never missed a beat and only general wear & tear items needed doing. Found it to be reliable and...
sabreCerberaI loved it. Great performance. It was at home at Zolder.
scobby17CerberaHeart over head, very fast great fun super sound but cost a shed load of money to keep on the road and track. Need a lottery win to buy another..maybe.
ScottmanCerberaMy second Cerb. A great car! We were very sorry to see it go, as it served me well, covering over 17500 miles in around 8 months as my daily driver! Also took us to Europe and back twice and even ma...
scotty_dCerbera:) Great car but need's A lot of Care and attention to keep in good working order. 08/10/2012 Well that is nearly 2 years and 7000 miles in the Cerb. 2 winters off the road and 3rd coming off ag...
ScroolooseCerberaPurple. Loud.
SeamusCerberaMust be a gluten for punishment... very late 1996 model bought blind with the help of Mr Ingleby. Bludy gorgeous.. Fully sorted with new TVR Power engine, refurbished chassis and sold to a fellow TVR ...
seanie248Cerberalove it. most fun i have ever had in a car. M3/M5/porsche/ferrari left in its dust as regards all round experience
searsyCerberaGreat car - Fastest thing you can get for £30k, but notoriously fussy to fix, & an on going project for the length of ownership, but stunningly good looking & I admit, you can get hooked
SGirlCerberaDefinitely designed for tall people, the Cerbera. I've had to invest in a set of pedal extenders! Still a great car, though. I find it a bit harder to drive than the Griff, but we'll see what happens ...
ShadyAdyCerberaTroublesom but extrem fun!
ShadytreeCerberaGreat in a straight line when it works. I had so many problems with this car. TVR's legendery quality control once again shine's through. I was totally gutted about this car. It was fantastic to driv...
shake a fistCerbera
shaunmorrisCerberaImported from Japan
ShirkyCerbieCerberaThe looks. The power. The noise.
SI-PENCerberaVery special car and mega quick. Love it to bits! Spotless magnolia and blue leather interior with Audi cobalt blue metallic paint and polished 4.5 original alloys. S/S Sports pipes, Gaz shock &...
Silver CerbieCerberaI have had my Cerbera since May 01 and have enjoyed every single day of it. The car is a dream, Starts first time and once running what a car. Everytime i sit in it i grin!
Silver ManCerbera
simon1CerberaLoved it but had to go after two speeding bans
Simond SCerberaApart from a couple of clutches, front pads and rear shocks no problems. Joolz for clutch, pads and decat pipes. Pistonheads for support and advice from other owners.
SimonKDCerberaHard to put into words how I feel about owning my dream car so I won't even try.
Sir BeerahCerbera
sjccerberaOrdered it at the 1994 motorshow and I hadn't even taken delivery of my 500! Three years later I got it after spending hour after hour of watching Clarkson's video waiting for it. Early cam model gut ...
sjp63Cerberaye ha!
skidoocerberahave modified drivers seat to include a commode !!!
skoffCerberaAnd so the love affair begins... But now it has sadly come to an end...
SkramblesCerberaRan like a dream. Only minor issues over 2 years of ownership. No engine problems. Proof that Speed 6 stigma is unjustified (at least, on 2002 and later cars)!
Slow MotionCerbera
smashCerberaOK I finally "got it"!! But not until after some niggles - sold it too early I think
smithsiCerberaCan't be beaten for performance on country roads and motorways, not so good at crawling along in traffic jams.
so calledCerbera Previous owner has done a great job.
SomersetBoyCerbera"What'll she do mate," the kiddies ask. "She'll lead you down dark, mysterious paths," I reply. ""Muppet," say the spotty oiks.
soneCerberaReally enjoyed this car. Only failure being a clutch slave cylinder giving up the ghost, apart from that never let me down.
soneCerberaNice car, engine always fely lumpy tho.
southendpierCerberalove it.
sp2seancerberafinally got my dream car!didn't think it would be much better performance wise than my old 5 litre chimaera,how very wrong i was proved!!!a total animal,god knows what the 4.5 version is like!looks th...
Speed DemonCerbera
SpeedsxCerbera Excellent condition Cerbera, speedsix.
speedy gonzalezCerbera
spikyCerberaCrystal topaz with navy hide when purchased from dealer I had 18' Tuscan wheels and tyres fitted along with a tweak to the exhaust, boy what a tweak. 11800 miles
spmarlerCerberaengine block is 4.5 litre but all equipment above head is 4.2 equipment
sshenton1975CerberaHad this for only a couple of weeks and love it! Huge grunt, fantastic rear wheel drive handling, Deep Blue metallic with light grey hide interior 26,000 miles only with the all important rebuild on...
STE VRCerberaSold to So Called. Regret selling now. Beautiful to drive.
SteelycerbCerbera It puts a smile on everyones face
steve quahCerbera
steve_rCerberaLots of trouble with this car which took away all the pleasure of its monster performance. Had a wheel literally come off when the front suspension failed.. this event lead to the front suspension upr...
steviejaspCerberaBought from these hallowed pages. No expense spared by previous owner, religiously maintained by APM. However, things still go wrong... Had new alternator,new alarm/immobiliser from Carl Baker, new...
StoeprandCerberaNog een PORNO-MACHINE!! Just needs a little attention.
StonCerberaThe power is explosive and the road presence is second to none. The sound of the engine (when warm :) ) and the note of the exhaust are also second to none.
Straff99CerberaNo, no, no, no, no... Hateful car. Most unreliable thing I've ever owned and I've owned Vauxhall Viva's. Quick but sounded no better than the Viva's either. Culminated in the alarm going off at 4 i...
Straw MunchercerberaFirst TVR i have owned thought i may as well start with the best one! Dont belive all you read about been unreliable and always breaking, now had it 2 years and apart from normal services and shocker...
stuiesavCerberaWHAT A CAR! Sell your wife, sell you're mother, sell you're children - just get one!
stuthemongCerberaMore power than M3. More beauty than the elise. Not quite the comfort of the M3, not quite the handling of the elise, but a lovely comprimise. Totally smitten.
stuthemongCerberaSecond owner, 12k mile unmarked car. An absolute beauty.
SuffolkFoxCerberaSuperb vehicle. Full on lunacy in a four wheeled package. As subtle as a kick in the head but soooooo boootiful(I am definitely living too close to the Norfolk border)
SuperjuicedCerberaWill keep you busy both on an off the road. But its worth every hour and penny. Ill take it to my grave!
supersixCerberaFearsomely quick, and twice as loud :)
sweeperCerberaRed Bull Blue / Magnolia, Prussian Blue full hide
swisstonyCerberaWhat a beast!! First TVR I've owned, it's hurting the wallet, but worth it! Rosso Pearl, Cream Leather, and Spyders, what a beautiful machine!! Unfortunately had to let her go due to costing ...
SZ4H1DCERBERALovely car, superfast but as i am only 23 i tend to get dirty looks from passers by!!!
tail slideCerberaFar too many total breakdowns with engine, but was early production model. Styling, interior design and performance way ahead of it's time.
Tam LinCerberaTechno Purple 4.2. Best car I've ever had. Only thing to fail in 3 years was the clutch.
tamoreCerberaOnly driven once so far, and that was the test drive. Even compared to the car I traded in (4.0 Chimaera), this is something a bit special, and bloody quick. As I write this, I'm due to pick it up in ...
Tang Soo TimCerberaFull chassis inspection with RTRacing, two new rear wishbones complete waxoil to keep sound Ceramic coated manifolds with full ACT exhaust and decat All new coolant hoses with SS pipes and Alloy...
TapsterCerberaI sold this car a month ago after 3 1/2 years, for half what I paid for it. In that 3 1/2 years I spent £20K on servicing & repairs (engine rebuild, new clutch, AP discs, new shocks all round, new rea...
tbloke99CerberaWild Oyster with wine interior.Full hide A/C and pioneer stereo and autochanger Cerbie kickplates 18" spiders Facelift model with quad lampsand afterburners.
TDFPELTDCerberaShort inlets, low loss exhaust.
Teabag dazCerberaFull body off restoration, ls1 5.7 supercharged engine fitted. 505bhp
THE BIG DOGCerberaStill picking up my intestines from the back seats! What a car. I mean...... What a mind blowing indescribable monster of a car. Living a dream!
The DogsterCerbera
The NigeCerbera
the shredkingCerberaThe TVR Cerbera Speed Six started out as a 1993 concept created by TVR's designers. The 2+2 design was quickly approved and work began on making the car a reality. A working prototype of the Cerber...
TheFarmerCerberaPicked up on the 4th July 2007. Did nearly 30,000 miles before selling it in Feb 2013.
thegreengobletCerberaMy dream car that was (just) within my budget at the time. TVR dealer told me it was the most expensive one he'd sold as I ended up with every option and more under the sun. I believe I was one of the...
thegreengobletCerberaThere was my original Cerbie for sale some 6 years on. Fate! Grovel grovel (to the wife) and she was back in my hands. Slowly got her back to A1 condition before sadly giving her up for a second time...
theguvnrCerbera2000 spec make over, lights,spiders, etc Tunned by Joospeed to genuine 350BHP, use it everyday take her into London and home.
TheoldmanCerberaHad it over 3 years Been to Le Mans and around France without a problem! Went up the TG runway recently! WOW!!! Standing start 1km 158mph on speedometer!
The_EdgeCerberaRacing Green 4.5 V8 Cerb with full Red Rose engine upgrades, de-cat etc. Scottish Fern & Scottish Mist interior leather Waiting on induction kit as the last upgrade.
TIIVRSCerbera+ Lots more work to do on this one...
timbobalobCerberaLove it. Awesome noise, awesome performance. Still getting used to the different power delivery to the RV8 in the Chimaera
TimelessCerberaWanted one for years, and so far it's been ultra reliable, fast and looks great
TimJMCerberaFantastic car, my first TVR. Fully de-cat and loud as hell!
TimJMCerberaBought as a project for me to tinker with in the evenings, will soon be back on the road...hopefully.
TimJMCerberaA very special Cerbera.
Tiny78CerberaOnce you've heard the noise nothing else matters!
Titan the RobotCerbera
ToadusmodusCerberaA fantastic car, with all the performance, noise exctitement you need. Just a tad on the expensive side to run. But I couldn't live with anything else now!!!
Toady1cerberafun! Loved it, in fact would still have it if hadnt needed to remortgage to move!
TobyLeroneCerberaA short, but intoxicating ownership.
TomejCerberaA pleasure to own, drive and be seen in. Beautifully crafted from the styling to the engine.
tom_loughlinCerberaMy dream car. Dream colour, dream engine. A thing of beauty
TON70CerberaIf you want to add a SMILE to your driving experience then get a Cerbie...you will look like you sleep with a coat hanger in your mouth!!! I only drive on the odd weekend and DRY day so I can't commen...
TonyTCerberaSince purchasing the car 2 months ago have had a few problems namely: Recon alternator New slave cylinder Handbrake changed completely Clutch and brake pedals extended so the wife can drive it. ...
TooTall PaulCerbera5.3 ltr Martin Short, race setup, Ohlins 3way adjustables. Biased 330mm Ap brakes Electronic diff cooler etc etc
TopHatCerberaHighly recommended to anyone with a healthy combination of brain damage and a lot of money (and time)
TorqemadaCerberaSilver with 18" Anthracite wheels, smoked glass, sports exhaust, full hide, sat-nav. Just awesome!!!!
touching clothCerberaEverything about this car is epic - pace, running costs, presence, noise...Everything I hoped it would (cept maybe the running costs lol) They seem to depreciate at a rate inversely proportional to ...
TrevCerberaWould have another, but fancied something a bit different. So went for the 111R
TrippsCerberaAnother era ends, after two years of happy (but expensive) motoring I've sold it to another PHer (lateconvert) and will be looking for another toy. Enjoyed it greatly and can imagine having one aga...
TsarWorxCerberaYeah, yeah, your Ferrari 360 can eat and shit me on the M5, nice try old man...
TT TimCerberaPurple beastie - named Professor Plum!
tur8oCerberaalways wanted one. i absolutely love it & am addicted to it.
TVR OWLCerbera Colour- Starmist Chianti (Dark Maroon) 409 bhp
TVR-PariahCerberaAbsolutley superb - and still getting faster. Chainti Starmist, with mulberry and Flint Hide/vinyl, mulberry wiltons and the sports exhaust. Doesn't need a stereo - cos you can't hear it anyway.... ...
tvrclankCerberaAmazing car.
tvrcosCerbera The GT car with a race-engine for long distances and fast driving. Modified with ABS and traction control for all day use.
tvrcyprusCerberaI love it. It's an axe murderer with headlamps.
tvrfan007CerberaBoyhood dream come true. Couldn't have bought a car from a more honest, trusting, passionate owner. Bought from dirty_boy in October 2010.
TVRnutcaseCerbera Absolutely standard car - Pulls like a school boy - but requires a hell of a lot of attention to keep on the road. Now running 4.7 courtesy if Str8six
tvroletCerberaYellow, loud, yellow, sorted ....oh, and it was yellow. Now gone :(
TvrToneCerberaEx TVR Press car as featured in brochures, in Top Gear Magazine, EVO Magazine and various other Car Magazines.
Tvr_EddCerberaThe noise of decats does it for me...
tweetyCerberaFantastic looking and went well, but couldn't get on with it as a daily driver. Also didn't have the RV8 soundtrack.
Ultra Sound GuyCerbera
V8CCerberaBlazingly fast, beautiful looks and an engine sound to die for. Downside is it costs a lot of money to run.
v8cerbCerberaWon best cerb at BNG 2012!
V8fanCerberaDetailed the engine bay over the winter. First expense of 2019, new lambda sensor. Then a service at Central TVR. Now need diff bushes..... Had a complete new clutch too, then I sold it!
v8powerCerberaexpensive to run,but so much power,who cares.
V8_OatzCerberaWithout doubt THE most amazing car I've ever known. The fact that this much performance is within the grasp of the 'ordinary bloke' just blows my mind...
Vario-RobCerberaIt never really worked properly, spent an entire weekend at le mans (the year it pissed all weekend) with the drivers window stuck open. Would wash the drivers feet when it encountered a puddle and s...
Vee EightCerberaFantastic start to this relationship, and managed to get rid of my wife's gas guzzling range rover (too many cars - too much insurance). All my previous cars have been grp 20 Ins, and running costs al...
VIPERLESSCERBERASpeed Six engine crap, let the rest of the car down,should ahve bought the AJP V8
Vixpy1CerberaBig Happy Funtastic
waddlerCerberaCerbera Speed Six, Antigua Blue Pearl, Magnolia/Prussian interior, A/C, Hydrotrack and in immaculate condition. Purchased privately from original owner.
warpigcerberaan awesome machine. maybe should have bought the 4.5 but its nice day to day [IMG]http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff137/warpig1_photos/pics343.jpg[/IMG]
weatherboardCerberaBrought private - fantasy car made real Love it to bits
webby22cerberathis was the maddest and craziest car i have even owned, the grin factor was huge
wiggycerbcerberanothing puts a smile on your face like dropping some cogs and gunning her through a tunnel ......
WiggyfellaCerberaGreat noise (stainless steel pipes), gorgeous looks (especially in Imperial Blue). Needed new clutch not long after getting it, but apart from that, only problems were intermittent MIL light activa...
WIL35CerberaWhat a great 3 1/2 years I had with this car! Did 27k miles and never needed to be recovered. As long as you keep and eye on things and are on top of maintenance there's no reason why they should be u...
willmoCerbera1 week in - just getting to the rattles and pops. Had a problem with water getting. Dried out. Everything fine. Big smiles on every trip.
WolvesboyCerberaRaw, raw! You need to be handy with the spanners and own them in the first place! Use the Cerbera forum - the people on there are an amazing source of knowledge
WorAlCerbera [IMG]http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x188/bigal_1983/Cerbera%20Holiday/P1000401.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x188/bigal_1983/Cerbera%20Holiday/P1000389.jpg[/IMG] A "must ...
WreckingballCerberaThis is my next car, maybe a year or two down the line but I have to have one! A 190-200mph car built in a shed in Blackpool, probably not a good idea but look at how pretty she is and how fast she...
XSPcerberaOh Baby
yajeedCerberaBlue Pearl 4.2 Cerbie (with 2000 spec lights (non blended), 18" spiders, Nitrons and green cone filters). Next job - ECU remap and induction mods
yellow perilCerberaAbsolutely blistering car. Loved it.
Yellow subCerberaI am looking forward to get it in a few days...
yellow wedgecerberaunbeleavable rev range
yellow wedgecerberathis one was the seconed speed 6 cerb that i had owned, and it was fully decatted.....the noise,, my god the noise....!!!!!!!!!
yg649Cerbera1999 London Motorshow catwalk star !!!
Youngster_CerbCERBERADream car as a kid, great fun, this particular one was hugely unreliable.
gizzercerbera 4.5
giorgio01Cerbera "Trident"
MrsDarkSideCERBERA (Partner's)
paul1962Cerbera (S6)
BagfieldsCerbera 4,5
FreewheelerCerbera 4.0
TVR_CSCerbera 4.0 Speed Six
92GriffCerbera 4.2
aderutCerbera 4.2
akitaCerbera 4.2
allpaul61Cerbera 4.2
brianoCerbera 4.2
CarMadMarkCerbera 4.2
cozzycerbera 4.2
CVpeetcerbera 4.2Specifications 4.2L / 4185cc engine / 8-cylinder. 360HP. Grey/ivory leather interior. Exterior color Red metallic. Original TVR aluminium wheels. 5-Speed Manual Transmission. Airconditioning. ...
Cyclone1Cerbera 4.2Nightfire Pearl Red, black leather interior, de-catted with sports pipes and front and rear blended light conversion.
darreniCerbera 4.2
dffycerbera 4.2only had 4 days a big culture shock engine noise exhaust noise wheel spin i am used to japenese evo what is normal oil pressure water temp any advice on ownership would be appreciated
ferdi pCerbera 4.2
garyc3481Cerbera 4.2
Gunner44Cerbera 4.2Absolute bliss, one of my favourites. never wanted to stop driving the car. A drive that's so addictive. Oh the sound. Not overly reliable mind but you can't help falling for it.
hadescerbCerbera 4.2
hundleydavidCerbera 4.2
JensenACerbera 4.2
Jinto100Cerbera 4.2
JnrCerbera 4.2Guaranteed to give the biggest grin!
J_S_GCerbera 4.2
KEVIN LCerbera 4.2
L5DYJCerbera 4.2
Latty666cerbera 4.2blackpool rocket, its a work in progress project , things fall off , electrics work only at certain times of the month, its low, loud and antisocial, and bloody damn fast too... pain and pleasure rela...
little AlCerbera 4.2purchased it needing an engine. So far done: New Engine, with new crank, pistons etc etc. New carpets New Alacantra trim new lights new suspension new wheels should be ready soon!!
ManfredCerbera 4.2Hope she´s giving me the fun that I expect
masterpieceCerbera 4.2
mattclubbCerbera 4.2Bought it 2 weeks ago and as my first TVR I can speak highly enough of it! Absolutely everyone loves the look of it too!
milucerbera 4.2great car
NickOrangeCarsCerbera 4.2A beautiful yellow 4.2 black leather with yellow stitching.
OBO35Cerbera 4.2
Paul.BCerbera 4.2This is going to be a full restoration project. To be continued .......
Paul.BCerbera 4.2A little more exciting than the SL500!!!! I needed a proper car whilst I do the restoration on the Red 4.2 Complete career change meant it needed to go!!!
paul1962Cerbera 4.2
PeterWoodxCerbera 4.2The maddest TVR ever. Wonderful.
Prime_alCerbera 4.2Awesome - incredible tappet roar - achieved 200mph on German autobahm
reapermanCerbera 4.2
Resin RocketCerbera 4.2
RS 6Cerbera 4.2
snookescerbera 4.2
SpringbokCerbera 4.2
tangerinedreamCerbera 4.2
turbo2Cerbera 4.2
TVdinneRCerbera 4.2
tvrgitCerbera 4.2
tvrMathbelgiumCerbera 4.2
V8loudpedalCerbera 4.2great until the crank broke.
washyCerbera 4.2My first TVR. Ran it as second owner from 3,000 miles to just over 40,000 miles. Cams, dampers, gearbox replaced over time. Still was enough to hook me. This was a brilliant car and I have many found ...
WhyTwoCerbera 4.2
Yetti81Cerbera 4.2
EffTeeCerbera 4.2 AJPA racing car for the road
yosiniCerbera 4.2 AJP
gpjimmyCerbera 4.2 AJP V8Wow, what a car. Sports exhaust to wake the dead. Accelerator pedal that you had to press like there was a raw egg under your foot. Gutted had to sell it; couldn't get over the speed bumps in the str...
aderutCerbera 4.5
aideCerbera 4.5
akitaCerbera 4.5
Alistair H.Cerbera 4.5More grunt than a pot bellied vietnamese pig!
AllezWaspsCerbera 4.5http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLrkylPeBew
AllezWaspsCerbera 4.5Silver. Y***NLK Purchased from Castle TVR
beemerCerbera 4.5AML Highland Purple 4.5. Bought in March 2003, everything I wanted and more. Got sports exhaust that is already making me popular with the neighbours! May 2005 - It's gone!!!...to a good home I thi...
bigblockCerbera 4.5Very fast, very fragile.
bosscerberaCerbera 4.5I love this car to bits. At time of ordering, in '97, I'd got a Griff 500, was about to buy a Challenge car and had the [delayed] "Griff Speed Six" on order. I ordered a "Cerbera GT" to replace the Gr...
brianoCerbera 4.5
CedarCerbera 4.5Newest and most eagerly awaited member of the family. Formerly Caduceus' car and he deserves all the credit for the great condition she's in.
cerb33cerbera 4.5Wow, what a car!!
Cerb`eraCerbera 4.5Warp Factor 9!
ChancerCerbera 4.5Awesome!!
CraigCerbera 4.5Midas halcyon pearl with blue hide. Later light upgrade front and rear. Sports exhaust. Induction kit and remap. 18" spiders. Great to drive and sounds fantastic! Was mechanically sound in my o...
CubanCerbera 4.5So good - I bought it twice. :D Very special thanks for all his help to the King of Cerbera sales - [URL]James Agger|http://www.jamesagger.com[/URL] :bow: [pic]http://www.aauk.biz/Cerbera/Jamesagg...
Cyclone1Cerbera 4.5Silver with full magnolia leather interior, 18" Spiders, front and rear blended lights conversion, TCS Linked De-cats with Custom built big bore exhaust. Joospeed-TCS / Emerald ECU Upgrade, airbox mod...
cypherCerbera 4.5
darrentCerbera 4.5Dream machine! Absolute joy to drive. The best thing are the looks you get!!!! And of course, that soundtrack!!!
DaveRCerbera 4.5My dear departed Purple Throbber :( I loved it, both young daughters loved it, even Mrs DaveR (not quite so enamoured!) had to give it a stroke the night it went to its new home. Awesome piece o...
daviddCerbera 4.5
davidnCerbera 4.5Stunning performance and looks, raw and involving. Every journey an adventure so for me the daddy of TVRs.
dempseyCerbera 4.5
Desperate DanCerbera 4.5This is one mean momma. Owned a Porsche 944 whic went where one pointed it and was good fun but this moma is a 'hold onto your horses' job.
dickkarkcerbera 4.5aggro from day one clutch starter wipers winndows alarm.......
ElegantWeaponCerbera 4.5The car turned out to have been badly cared for by the supplying dealer, despite glowing reports from others on this forum. Most of the problems created by the dealer have now been eradicated and the ...
gdm_391Cerbera 4.5Love it !
gutu12Cerbera 4.5Was the actual motor show car for TVR in 2002 (so Dream Machines told me) Daughter born in 2004 ment she had to go (not my daughter, although it was close) Miss the old girl terribly
gutu12Cerbera 4.5Crystal Verde. Great colour.
guydwCerbera 4.5Not yet had time to play, but so far I love it ! Clutch slave cylinder went after 5 days waited for parts for 6 weeks Worked for 3 days Gearbox went Spent a fortnight waiting for warranty and ...
hartyCerbera 4.5
Imran999Cerbera 4.5
itiejimCerbera 4.5A Cerbera is always going to be a difficult purchase to justify - a low volume, hand built car by a now defunct manufacturer with a reputation for questionable build quality. However, after a period ...
Its a beastCerbera 4.5
JamesCerbera 4.5It cost a lot to run, but it was great fun. You can't afford to skimp on the maintenance of these cars, as any saving today will bite you ten times over tomorrow.
JimTCerbera 4.5
Jonny TVRCerbera 4.5
kinnysportCerbera 4.5
LucozadeCerbera 4.5Awesome car let down by some build quality issues. To be honest I'm still missing it and want another one now!
Mark-emjzfCerbera 4.5
mashieCerbera 4.5Cool, this is what I call an upgrade from the Ford Escort 1.4 I had before...
Matthew69Cerbera 4.51st Tiv and what a car, dreamt about it for years and finally got one. Really made up, goes and sounds fantastic, has the loudest aftermarket pipes I have ever heard outside of a drag car! Sold Ap...
mjf93Cerbera 4.5
Mjm145Cerbera 4.5
Mr ShipCerbera 4.5
MunirCerbera 4.5
nigel1202Cerbera 4.5cost an absolute fortune to maintain and run, everything done to it from a complete respray and retrim to overhauled gearbox, 2 clutches, exhaust manifolds, handbrake cables, countless brake pads and ...
nonsso_diddymanCerbera 4.5Now has ACT induction pipes, Austec chip & remap and Avos in all corners. Completely different car car now in every respect!
nonsso_fourwheelsCerbera 4.5
nonsso_Wigs Of HamCerbera 4.5Expensive. Fun. Lots of fun. More fun than a very fun thing. And very fast. And loud. Not to mention fun. Everyone should own one, at least once in their life. I dont doubt that I'll ever buy another ...
Out RunCerbera 4.5Fantastic. Almost came every time I got into it. And no problems beyond what any sports car owner would have.
Pete28Cerbera 4.5Good valve for money in performance terms but it needs to start proving to be reliable if it wants to stay.Its what I've always wanted not sure what to replace it with if it goes.
PeterWoodxCerbera 4.5
Phil DickyCerbera 4.5Awesome...my everyday car..so should see some bills :) [IMG]http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab111/PhilDicky/22724011aaa77e8ea41401d0a12df699-1.jpg[/IMG] Atlantis Halcyon, Grey / Wedgewood fu...
Phil.Cerbera 4.5A true supercar - awesome..... Nov 2005 - had the Joolz treatment: - Cooling problem sorted - Various preventive maintenance including a new standard rear sliencer - Valves & new HT leads - New...
Prime_alCerbera 4.5Even more awesome especially in yellow halcyon midas pearl with prussion blue leather and yellow stitching
rattersCerbera 4.5
Raw CerbCerbera 4.5After one year it still makes me grin. and now After two years it still makes me grin
RaymoCerbera 4.5
RenfieldCerbera 4.5Great Car !!!
ricardoCerbera 4.5Following a lot of repeated tuning and setting up at TMS the final fueling figures were one of the most accurate achieved according to the factory - result was a very very fast 4.5. And the reason fo...
Rochester TVRCerbera 4.5
S6 RORCerbera 4.5
SethljCerbera 4.5Wow what a car - if you think you want one then you MUST get one just to get it out of your system. Only had it for a short time but what an awesome machine. A little too much cost for my liking...
sportieCerbera 4.5special built for Peter Wheelers millionare friend Dean Butler.4.5 litre with Tuscan race cams
stopingbyCerbera 4.5
StPauliCerbera 4.5
Stucoscerbera 4.5
Sue T350Cerbera 4.5
SXSCerbera 4.5This one gave up the ghost, timing chain snapped and the whole valve-train collided.... She will be missed, a MASSIVE financial loss this one! 45k cost, and then literally thousands on dealer bill...
TangoedCerbera 4.5
tonitoni700CERBERA 4.5fantastic car, needs some tlc !
tvr-fanCERBERA 4.5Sports exhaust,decat.
TVR8BLACKCerbera 4.5Shiney Moonraker black Full cream leather interior New spiders decat sports exhaust Goodridge braided brake hoses Power flex diff bushes Voodoo 100amp upgrade Air con Hydrak LSD differential ...
tvrMathbelgiumCerbera 4.5
twizellbCerbera 4.5
Vince-iwzy9Cerbera 4.5Are there any left?
virage11Cerbera 4.5
washyCerbera 4.5Cerbie number two. Nice car. Sufficient to crystalise my confidence in the marque and place order for Cerbie number three!
_Neal_Cerbera 4.5Brilliant. Just brilliant. Was niggly but never let me down - expensive to run but never regretted any costs. I may be back :)
gluedlCerbera 4.5 97
cerbymadCerbera 4.5 AJP8BREAKNECK SPEED.
domritaCerbera 4.5 LHD
bigblockCerbera 4.5 LightweightVery fast but not in the wet. Fresh underwear required regularly.
TurboNellyCerbera 4.5 LightweightAbsolutely loved this car. Awesome looks, speed, noise, interior... everything! Hated having to sell it to raise some cash :( Will definitely own another one at some point soon.
bat-manCerbera 4.5 LW
Big TCerbera 4.5 LWIn Azure Blue with Flint and Prussian Hide, 18" Spiders, sports pipes and looked a million dollars. She was one loud mama and miss her alot!!! 178MPH at VMAX was good fun but not as much as the...
BornWildCerbera 4.5 LWEngine upgraded by factory to Red Rose spec - independently tested at 400bhp (50 bhp increase) Joospeed sports suspension kit(www.joospeed.net) - adjustable front ARB, custom springs, Nitron adjus...
ceejayCerbera 4.5 LWAnother Cerbie, this time a lightweight. Big improvement in visibility through front screen with revised roll bar but sunvisors would be handy. Not so keen on the Tuscan seats though, not enough later...
greenmCerbera 4.5 LWJust bought and collecting this Friday cant wait?? Had to sell just dont use it enough living abroad but would buy another in a flash just an incredible car
GriffithyCerbera 4.5 LW
GroomvroomCERBERA 4.5 LWHad few problems with the starter but in the time honoured TVR way, it seems to have fixed itself! What an engine! I have missed the huge torque wave that Maddy1 had in spades but Maddy3 has even ...
maverickCerbera 4.5 LWBought from new, spec'd by myself to have every option plus the red-rose brakes which hadn't been announced at the time. Visited car being made, signed my name under the seats before carpet was laid. ...
SXSCerbera 4.5 LWBought only as a business transaction, was a good car overall, but had a few engine problems. Currently this car resides in the cerbera graveyard. The poor chap who bought her from me, decided t...
tvrukRajCerbera 4.5 LWBest looking car ever made
BrightyCerbera 4.5 LW Red Rose
MontaugeCerbera 4.5 MkIIIt's such a blast - so pleased I've owned on.
christofCerbera 4.5 Red Rose
RedRoseChicCerbera 4.5 Red RoseIt's an amazing addictive drive!
VikingCerbCerbera 4.5 Red Rose
washyCerbera 4.5 Red RoseClose ratio box is a must have with the Red Rose option IMHO. It's my third and the best so far in terms of performance, handling and build quality. In the face of so much complaint regarding quality ...
MH DnegCerbera 4.5 Red Rose Lightweight
MoycieCerbera 4.5 Red Rose LW4.5 Red Rose C&SC Magazine: article featured, July 2014. "If you're into power and performance over practicality, though, then you'll love our 180mph shootout between the Chrysler Viper and TVR ...
dannyltCerbera 4.5 RREngine upgraded by factory to Red Rose spec - independently tested at 400 true bhp (50 bhp increase) Joospeed sports suspension kit - adjustable front ARB, custom springs, Nitron adjustable dampers...
shoggyraminatorCerbera 4.5 V8
ChrisCGCerbera 4.5 V8 Lightweight
SkellzCerbera 4.5 V8 LWAbsolutely awesome car. In fact its in a league of its own compared to cars i have owned before. This isnt a road car, its a street legal muscle racing car. The shear accelerative force just doesn't s...
benjy0503Cerbera 4.5LAlways broke down... Loved the looks, noise, but should have only been good to frame and stick on a wall being it was such a pretty car, but that is all it was good for.
pottmanCerbera 4.5LWI would only change it for another one. Still loving it ..
rjbenCerbera 4.5LWBent it in France
rjbenCerbera 4.5LWLets hope I have a little more luck with this one! Note to Self: Never go near another TVR. Unreliable money pit!
Jonny TVRCerbera 4.7 special200cc hotter than the standard 4.5! One of two factory made. One was a press car and yellow. Mine was made for a pal of Peter Wheeler. Engine was taken from one of the race cars and rebuilt. Appare...
911AJCCerbera 450
schimgCerbera 450.
torquervtCerbera L/WYes,, one of the best!!! Its such a shame we will never see these tvr`s again being made
gl911Cerbera LW 4.5
IncognegroCerbera MKII
GazzabCerbera Red Rose
dean_ratpacCerbera Red Rose 4.5Red Rose Chip Red Rose Engine Short Induction Kit (Joolz) Mapped to 425 343mm AP Grooved Disks Strengthened Rear Chassis Nitrons 18's Spiders - custom colour Headlight upgrade inc/Xenons Alu...
Cerbera Speed 12Cerbera Speed 12
JNR77Cerbera Speed 6
MaxwellCerbera Speed 6
MoycieCerbera Speed 64.0 Speed 6 Standard Factory Updates: -Powers Performance Sports Tailpipes
calum.mcerbera speed sixSo much promise, but sadly a disaster. From the sound of the engine at idle (like a broken diesel) to it's disintegration at 1500 miles - what a shame. I thought the handling was good - I loved the ...
ninjacostcerbera speed six
NoScrumpyNoMoreCerbera Speed SixFirst rule of TVR motoring never buy one in the first year of production! (I should know I bought a mark 1 Tuscan - @*7%£"!!!!) I know the Speed Six ia a liability, but it has great characteristics w...
Y194 ODXCerbera Speed Six
cryptoCerbera Speed6
cerberus4000Cerbera SpeedSixFirst SpeedSIX ever build, ex TVR Press car as featured in brochures and in various Car Magazines.
Quentin1Cerbera SpeedSixBack in a Speed Six finally...
cheese99Cerbera Starmist Blue
TVRCrazyMikeCerbera V8AJP
Mr TankCerbera. S6I have had two new Speed Six Cerbera's the first one was the first customer Speed Six. Both cars had the usual early engine problems but but the end of my time with them they were both good cars. I...
Eddie 4 2Cerberb
CorporatewhitesCerberraSorry guys,bought brand new owned 6 weeks in garage for 4 weeks Sytner group gave me money back after a few friendly discussions !!
tonywolfCerberraGorgeous lines and interior, sadly let down by its engineering
hayabusa chasercerbieyes fast as anything this side of £400.000 and still faster than most of them, the v8 over the six all day, easy to increase power from standard, re-map ecu, remove the odd restriction and off you go ...
hayabusa chasercerbieyes fast as anything this side of £400.000 and still faster than most of them, the v8 over the six all day, easy to increase power from standard, re-map ecu, remove the odd restriction and off you go ...
mccraecerbra 4.5 rr
violacerbrea speed sixvery good on country rds
Hunter TCerebraStarted my TVR bug
v-achtCerebraPhantastic Design, attracts positive attention
NickgnomeCerebra 4.5 V8Worst car I ever owned. Rubbish build quality and in garage for more months than on the road. Bloody fast though!
ff5317CereraAn absolute beast to drive with a seemingly never ending steram of power.
bob888ChaemeraWent to see her being put together at factory. Never had any problems re reliability. All minor issues, still get a smile when the key is turned. Sad for a saga qualifier.
AC BILKOChimBrill car for the money
chasod69ChimBrilliant, but I can't wait to get the 5.0!
DustyCChimYeah right, Im not that old!
edward1ChimGreat fun, the performance difference between the wedge and this is amazing. Much easier to drive and feels more well planted on the black stuff
Flyin BananaChim
funbobbychimonly just got the car been waiting for a long time to get one! bit unusual as it had no cats fitted because it started life in jersey.great car with an awesome volume dial.
Geoff391ChimRoad car but mostly used for track days
GillyrxchimTook my brothers (mowog) chim in p/x for my Tusc.
jamiethetruthChim600 MILES SO FAR..THE BEST FUN EVER..
karlos tvrchima great start into the tvr world was a joy to drive and my first track day outing with alot of sideways action
Mid Life Crisis2Chim
mikeS3Chim Having fun with the Chim, only problem is getting enough time to drive it. Not as raw or engaging as the S3 but feels a lot faster. No problems since ownership, fitted the david beer 2 stage cooling ...
murchmanChimbe prepared to spend a few quid but well worth it.
nonsso_dankwanChimabsolutely!! fantastic car, british history on wheels
Onion BoyChim
prestigechimmy fist tvr wicked car
R3 TVRChim
the landlordchim
Tin manchim
Whizz65ChimDark blue with cream full cream leather trim, dark dash top............ a dream to own and drive
windsorbears88ChimGreat looks, noise and performance. Sadly as this was the early Chim it was prone to leaks, badly fitting parts. The gear box was very temperamental and gear changes were awkward, the handbrake needed...
schmokin1Chim 4.0will be great I'm sure when I get it going! Bought as a non runner (cue collective sharp intake of breath from the chim/griff forums!) needing clutch and brake work but engine is sweet, Oh so sweet!!!
geoffpheadChim 450
GoneToLAChim 500What can I say? Every drive a genuine occasion! Paradise Purple [the only 500 I could find after a long time looking!], Mushroom Leather, purple stitching.
grum101chim 500
grum101chim 500audis r great tvrs r supersport bikes on 4 wheels
400+bhpchim 500 xkr mgf wkd nachine
1380 MidgetChimaeraFabulous car, sounds and goes great, just puts a big smile on our faces wherever we go. Been no trouble at all and its done 14000 miles in the first 2years of ownership. Had the exhaust doctored...
2 black linesChimaera
2 sMoKiN bArReLsChimaeraMy first ever TVR (aahh!). I loved this car. Just over 50,000 miles in two years with no major problems. Glad that RE71 tyres are a thing of the past though!
2 sMoKiN bArReLsChimaeraBrilliant silver bullet! 43,000 miles in a year and a half. Probably one of the first with tutti fruity lights & last not to have power steering.Toured Europe several times.
2 sMoKiN bArReLsChimaeraI did not get on too well with this one. Did get me to Monaco & back though
2 sMoKiN bArReLsChimaeraBought on a whim & sold on a whim.
2 sMoKiN bArReLsChimaeraFantasic car. Thick end of 60,000 miles in two years. Got as far as Rome & Mallorca in it.
2 sMoKiN bArReLsChimaera
2020t0nypChimaera4litre mica blue Body off rebuild with with reconditioned chassis replaced all suspension bushes with polybushes and the diff bushes as well. leda shocks Every fuel line replaced. New...
2ginsChimaeraNice thing about the 400 is while its not that fast you can rev it out before reaching ridiculous speeds.
2OOMchimaeraan exellent car that i shared with my bother, who now owns the whole car,It's given me many memorable trips. Its now done 75k and still goes well. i've now bought back the car from him ...huge grin ...
2SPNChimaeraAnother great car - quick, posy, generally reliable (apart from head gasket failure) But it averaged 2000 miles a year and I couldn't justify it.
3DPChimaeraTVR - fun as a second/third car, but wouldn't want to own one as my main car. Little niggles here and there with them, but *nothing* puts a smile on your face like a V8 TVR on a Sunny day with a sleev...
3DPChimaera4.0 litre - briefly owned before selling to my brother in law and buying a Chimaera 450. Strangely came back to me to look after so ended up with a free TVR for a long time as well. 450 was much bett...
3dr MarkChimaeraSo far ive only broken down once in the week ive had it so its already better then the cosworth it replaced
400chmChimaeraHavin' some and lovin' it.. Toured to :Lemans,gorge du tarn, milau viaduct in 2008,great trip, car was perfect. Looking to do Lemans-Stelvio in 2009.
450NickChimaera Modifications: Body/Wheels: - Full respray in House of Kolor Midnite Blue - MK3 Headlights - White indicators - ACT SP12 Wheels (17F 18R), Yokohama AD08R rubber Engine: - TVR 450 Rover V8...
4535jacksChimaeraGreat fun, but costly
4AD3DCDChimaeraI did'nt know what motoring was about until I got this. Best decision ever and not a days regret since.
50somethingChimaeraGreat car, no problems, love the sound.
55jnjChimaeraUpgrades fitted to date : Nitrons Adjustable Suspension, AP Racing 4 pot calipers & 305 mm discs, Cerbera style twin headlights, roll-bar, baffled sump, intercom system. Running Pirelli P Zero Cs o...
5656575784647346ChimaeraExcellent. Motoring equivilent of Prozac.... Feeling low, just jump in. Instant happiness.
5MUGChimaeraGood to be back.
5oo funchimaerajust had the rad recored 120 quid/1 new lam sen 103 quid/1 new cable 45 quid all in 1 week of buying it,but who cares im still happy.the wife grin has gone a bit but she still loves the car thank god....
6407NChimaeraI really love driving this car,it has been reliable and not cost a fortune in service costs. Brilliant!!
71tuscanChimaeraWonderful toy in every way! Mine was in rare Ash Green with black top. Interior was Fern Green full hide, all Leven bits, magnolia gauges and a brushed steel dash.
71tuscanChimaeraCrystal Verde, Green hood, green dials, fern green leather Absolutely bulletproof car. Car is now in France
73rsrChimaeraIt's not my own!
900T-RChimaeraRefurbished and upgraded to the following spec: [i]Engine[/i] - built by Richard Beaty; forged pistons, big journal crankshaft, higher compression, extensively ported heads, several other bits & bo...
944gavChimaeraBought it for my wife as she thinks they look lovely. Great fun to drive - very fast and a great noise.
977ChimaeraParis Blue with Magnolia Hide, Stratus Blue wool carpets and midnight blue hood. Elite leather pack, CD player, Nardi walnut wheel, walnut dash veneer. Leven aluminium dials/controls/kick plates. ...
993 turboChimaera
99ChimaeraChimaeraBest car I have ever owned and will keep it. Great fun to drive with great soundtrack.
a1butchChimaera R.I.P Pranged in April on the M1 curtosy of a wayward Nissan driver failing to use their eyes/mirrors/indicators/common sense/intuition/basic driving skills.
AAAndyChimaeraLove the noise, looks, speed and general presence on the road. It has never let me down in nearly 4 years, including trips to Le Mans and Spa. No regrets so far....
Ab ShocksChimaeraGreat car since fitting fast road cam and ACT trumpets.
AC MotorsChimaeraDriven down to LeMans twice and the car has been great. Only items replaced are new rad, new gaz shocks on rear, originals shot, and upgraded front brakes for tracks days to EBC grooved n drilled with...
AceOfHeartsChimaera-ACT carbon fibre trumpets -Precats removed -Insulated plenum gasket -Lightened and balanced flywheel -Mcleod twin plate clutch -John Eales alternator bracket -Gaz Gold adjustable shocks -Polyb...
adqtChimaeraMy weekend toy.
adycoleChimaeraGone from a 4litre to this 5litre WOW brilliant!!!! Now upgraded the engine to a tvr power taraka no'48.
adycoleChimaeragreat entry level for a tvr
aerospokeChimaeraGirlfriend named it Devil but loves it too
AfrofishChimaeraYear: 2000 Reg: W Body Type: 2S DHC Number of doors: 2 Displacement: 4997 cc Type: V8 OHV (16 valve - 2 per cylinder) Power: 320bhp @ 5500 rpm Torque: 320lbft @ 4000rpm Power-to-weight: 3...
agentokrachimaerafantastic car totally reliable
AirconAdechimaeraOn going project bought as a cat write off, One new loom later and away we go. Makes me grin every time I start it. gaz golds and a new roll bar plate at the rear this winter 09/10 ready for some ho...
AJs CerbieChimaera
al 350ichimaera
Al 450ChimaeraWow, what a car. Nothing comes close for the money although be prepared to finish it yourself! 2000 mile round trip to Le Mans and the Dordogne this year and it didn't miss a beat.
Al Up NorthChimaera
Alan-9j5brChimaeraAlways great fun and a great noise!
alephnullChimaeraChronically unreliable. Ignore the fanboys on the PH forum...didn't handle that well either.
Alex LChimaera
alex.tvrChimaeraWanted a TVR ever since hearing then seeing a Wedge in London when I was young and impressionable. Managed to get my car in the Time Line-up, Gang on the Green July 2003. Sold it due to a move t...
AlexanderV8ChimaeraOnce dodgy Lucas replacement rotor arm problem sorted by TVR centre Barnet, this car is now as reliable as I hoped it would be and gives me the blinding drive I wanted.
AlexBChimaeraGreat fun to drive! Sounds like nothing I've ever driven before!
AlexdaredevilsChimaeraEngine conversion in progress Roal legal race car [IMG]http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/alexsurrey/4.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/alexsurrey/6.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]...
alisonMcTedChimaeraGreat car with very few problems. Sorry to see him go.
alisonMcTedChimaeraSecond 450 but sadly due to children didn't have it long.
Alistair NewtonChimaeraAwesome is the first word that springs to mind! Having owned the Chimaera for almost 9 months, everytime I get in and turn the key... it makes me smile. Even though there is a petrol station less than...
ALTChimaeraBought in Jan '99 and run for 3 years daily with no problems and then sold via Pistonheads in Jan '02. Loved this car, especially the colour!
althetoadChimaeraFast, fairly reliable but a bit rough and ready.
AltreziaChimaeraV8. 275bhp. 1 tonne. What more do you want?
andramandChimaeraBloody love this car what a fun way to move on the road!
Andrew CarverChimaera
andrewcliffeChimaeraBought September 2015.
andrewphilpChimaeraQuick sale price. Needs a bit of TLC (mainly a good clean up), but generally sound and reliable. Has OZ Racing alloys which I wasn't too sure about but after giving the wheels a good clean my opioni...
Andy LChimaeraBought the car as soon as I split from my wife...she hates them. Brought me as much pleasure, and cheaper !!! Great fun and still the best noise on the road. Engine has been "played with" by Raven mot...
andy luxChimaera
Andy LynchChimaera
Andy PandieChimaeraFantastic car, loved every moment of ownership, just had to go to make way for the Tuscan!
andy-wChimaeraPride and Joy - Advice to anyone getting one...buy good and get red (Faster) Be careful when buying: Spent a small fortune on getting this car right. Brought in haste from someone quite local and ...
andy1acarssChimaeraWell I havnt got it yet, due to get it this week.
andy216ChimaeraHad a fantastic winter with this beautiful Chim 500. To me this is the sweet spot; a fantastic car in so many ways and an absolute bargain as well! Used as a daily drive (25 mile round trip on lo...
andy216ChimaeraMechanically sound but with plenty to tidy up cosmetically. I love the fact that the paint is not great, the windscreen is delaminated and the dash is cracked; because it meant I could afford the car...
andyallenChimaeraExcillerating and a sound to die for
andyatkins_1Chimaeracracking car that always makes me smile, even when its costing me money!
AndyGeeChimaeraWow. Whilst I knew the car would be expensive to maintain I had no idea that pant scraping would also figure as a large expense. Picked it up on the coldest icyest day of the year and it has behav...
andymac1962ChimaeraThe Chimaera is a great car to drive but can be expensive to own and run if you're not a DIY technician or own a fully fitted-out workshop as there's always something to fix, replace or repair.
andyolearyChimaeraGreat car, loved the V8. Stolen, written off :-( (£20K to repair apparently - new body shell etc, etc)
Andyr66ChimaeraMy Pride and Joy
Andy_mr2scChimaeraGranada Cosworth/283mm disc conversion. JVC DAB Wireless. Pre cats removed. Leven stainless dashboard. Leven rose jointed drop links front and rear. Sleeved exhaust.
anglefish909ChimaeraIt's abit like a luxury go kart.
AnjumChimaeraNice - early - [re-serpantine] lumpy as hell. Starmist Cooper Green.
AnjumChimaeraImperial blue - with everything
antadkinsChimaeraAlways wanted one, fills any spare time and more!
antonybChimaeraColour: Rouge Mandarin. Interior: Half Hide - Portland Grey and Cranberry. Now in the loving care of PHer TDTH1975 (Piccy Pre-Plate Change to P400 BYE)
antonybChimaeraStarmist blue with doeskin half hide, antelope carpets and a blue hood. The wheels are ACE 157's 7.5 x 17" on Potenza S-03's with TVR centre caps. She drives like a dream, and the ride is plush. Ni...
ant_fChimaeraGreat car. Loved it. Had to sell it in 2000 'cos it was a bit impractical having three kids and two dogs (even as a third car). The kids kept arguing about which one was going to come with me every ti...
anwbarwickChimaeraStunning introduction to the TVR mark. Pity I took it out on a January morning when the roads were not quite as bad as my driving skills. Slip, slip, spin, bang... one less Chim on the roads. First c...
anwbarwickChimaeraReplacement for the one I killed !! More torque, more noise, more fun. Need to keep it on the black stuff.
aorchardChimaera1995 4.0l Chim, Black. Great fun to drive, has been reliable up until recently, New alarm & Heater Matrix. Have serviced more regularly than need (like to keep her in good shape) New Zertec 'Af...
apeeblesChimaeraBought this car from new and it was a great introduction to the TVR mark. The car was totally reliable and did not leak. Apart from two muppets driving into it (Cosmetic damage)I only had to have the ...
aquatixChimaeraNot a show car (some signs of age to interior trim etc) but looks fantastic, mint chassis & engine, fully serviced and looked after, drives perfect.
artychimaerahas broken down but makes me smile so what
ATGChimaeraHad it a couple of years now and by and large it has behaved well. I've had a Tower View rollover bar fitted, bodged together an oil temperature guage, and am having avo shocks fitted. Next project is...
AutomentalChimaeraGreat car. Has gone off to live in Grenoble!
AYRESSCHIMAERA1 week gone and all is well
ayupchimaeraBuying this car is the best thing ive ever done!!!!!!
b11jesChimaeraVery reliable car, Dom at TVRP looked after and rebuilt engine/gearbox.
b11jesChimaeraLovely car but neglected by previous owner. Sorted then sold for bigger engine, newer car
B3astChimaeraGreat car - not a daily driver though.
bacchus180Chimaeradissappionting... wanted a cerbera by now!
bacchus180Chimaerabitten by the bug... way too slow
bad companyChimaeraWhat can I say. BRILLIANT!!! Still running this car which is over 15 years old and going great.
baggieroChimaeraThe Red Beast. Great fun
banjolucknickerChimaeraDream car. So glad I finally plucked up the courage to buy one. In truth, they are much like any other car to run. Just 200% better to drive..:)
bank loanChimaera http://community.webshots.com/myphotos?action=flashUploadSuccess&flashId=105242584gyfqRw&full=&upload=flash&campaign=&c=
baronvonhorneChimaeraVery reliable - owned since Feb 2002 and covered 10k. Servicing can be pricey, but have always used main dealers - not any more. Very pratical and to this day can't think of a car with this performan...
barterChimaeraAbsolutely reliable and lovely to drive. The only thing that could replace it is an Ultima GTR.
barterChimaeraJust had to upgrade to the 5L!
Basti450sCHIMAERAReally the best car I ever owned ;-D amazingly fast and beautifull, nice with some upgrades!!
BD ProChimaera
Bean CounterChimaeraComplete respray to rectify chips and new factory carpets fitted; well worth the money, now like new again.
BeaverChimaeraGood car, very reliable.
beesmaChimaeraFantastic engine the 4.5 litre offers the best compromise of performance and robustness by comparison to the 4.0 or 5.0 litre cars. This was a wonderful experience and always fun to drive, but only b...
beezeiChimaeraBought via Pistonheads ad
beljamesChimaeraPurchased from David Gerald in Inkberrow (2001) Sold to David Gerald in Inkberrow (2003)!!
ben7vChimaeraawsome, absolutly love it to bits, sounds great and really moves!
Bensonv8ChimaeraI got my 4.0 V8 Chimaera in dec 05 and i use it just about every day and i still haven't stopped grinning. it's great.
One day i'll take it on a track day.
beremanChimaeraGreat performance for little money.I enjoy the maintenance needed to keep it running perfectly.
bevboChimaeraFrom the beginning intermittent wiper does not work not the parking of the wipers. Car starting to pull to the left side. New tyres then tracking to be sorted. Some tyke has keyed a few cars of ...
bevboChimaera2nd Chimaera!
bgaChimaera'98 4L Chim Good fun but a few niggles, none of which were particularly typical TVR problems (diff got destroyed in freak accident with a rock that was left in the middle of the road, hydraulic lif...
Big Al.ChimaeraLove It
Big BirdChimaera
Big BrinChimaeraMy third variant of the fiercest marque in 'car-dom'.
Big BrinChimaera
big geoffCHIMAERA
BIG SI WhixleyChimaeraThere is nothing like the sound of the TVR ROAR!!
Big SighChimaeraOne year in & just rear tyres,100 Amp fuse,service & gallons of Optimax.
BigColChimaeraI still smile even thinking about this car... It was a reliable (yes!) TVR - only had two problems - one due to a Land Rover air flow meter and the other a punctured radiator... hardly due to po...
BigelChimaeraGoes like stink although clearly doesn't like the rain. So far I've had a woman reverse on to the bonnet (she didn't see it and was in a traffic jam?!), the exhaust manifold gaskets blow, the drive...
Biggles111ChimaeraTried the 400 and 450 but had to have the 500. Love it, and think I got a great one - thanks to all at Fernhurst.
BigglesworthChimaeraCompletely reliable - (oh, the battery died at 5yr 6mth old). Doesn't overheat, - doesn't leak (I've done the little glicks there). Rolling road says 228bhp at rear wheels - (so it's a good one!) No...
BigJLChimaeraExcellent car, never had any problems with it... apart from spinning on a wet road and taking half the back off on a lamp post :( My fault though.
BigJLChimaeraGreat car... although starter motor over heated, clutch cylinder failed, door solenoids broke and a couple of other minor electrical issues. Loved it though!
BIGRAHChimaeraThis is my first TVR and its Great !
bigsichimaeraOh yes!!!! what a great car, loved it. Took it to le mans, what fun! shame it depreciated so badly and cost a fortune to run!
big_treacleChimaeraGreat car. Got written off when someone crashed into me.
bilberry101ChimaeraMetallic Quartz
Billy Bullitt Chimaera Oh the noiseeee !!!!!!
Bill_HChimaeraLusted for a V8 open top sports car, with REAL performance since I was a kid,and its as good as i always wanted it to be! Had it 10 years and i still get a thrill, esp on a greasy road
bjcChimaeraMidnight Blue, Wooden Steering Wheel, Aluminium Stalks etc.
black-k1ChimaeraBrutal, expensive to run and totally un-subtle but what fun!
blaze_awayChimaeraCracking car, well cared for but history file sadly lost by previous owner.
BlingChimaeraBought the car privately from a guy up north, with the baliffs on his back, about his mortgage..So I got a very good price. Took the car down to mole valley, Had them replace almost every single co...
Blue ChimChimaeraI am loving every minute we spend together. The more I press on the loud peddal the more she makes me smile. Currently I have the beast in Athens waiting to be driven back to London on my return from ...
Blue ChimpChimaeraIn the throws of a rolling upgrade
Blue MonkeyChimaera
Blue ThunderChimaeraTop car - Top laugh !!! It has also been far more relible than my Audi A6 As it's bog standard some say it's a bit soft, but it still flies round corners and is comfy enough to drive round Europ...
BluesChimaeraI love this car! Upgraded shocks, brakes, clutch, headlights oh yes and it has now been supercharged, delivering 425 bhp (340 at the wheels) and 409 ft/lb torque. Taken me on a Paris Tunnel Run, and ...
blues3ChimaeraIn storage waiting completion and sale of the S3
Bluey GreenChimaera Back to TVR after a 10 year absence and how I have missed them. Drives just as nice as the 450 I had 12 years ago and looks mint. Nothing has the character of these cars - just love it.
Bluey GreenChimaera
blueyonderChimaeraCooper Green. Bought the car after having it inspected by Leven's. Required a few bits and pieces doing and a 12,000 mile service. All done now and she runs like a dream.
blue_chimChimaeraAbsolute joy to own, no major problems so far (touch wood). This car changes your perceptions of driving, it is a car that demands respect. Still mastering the challenges of driving this beast, it ha...
blujay10ChimaeraStill love driving this car. Yes it costs loads in petrol and servicing and insurance and tax..........but that noise together with the performance makes it one of the best cars I have ever owned. Oh ...
BlundersChimaeraBest car I've ever owned, just smile each time that engine starts up. Use it in all weathers (except snow), wife loves it and it's so comfortable to drive over long distances.
Bob the PlannerChimaeraThe car that has given me the most grins per mile !!!! A great car for the cold spring mornings - makes me feel alive. 58 months of ownership and still grinning. I was surprised how many miles ...
bobcuthChimaeraToo early in ownership to say much. First service coming up. 01 Nov 2005 Insurance - via Direct Line £600 (ish) - 8000 miles pa First service, 12000 miler - 11th April 06 - Auto Medon, Poul...
bobs4cChimaeraGreat car but sold due to rusty outriggers and the chance of a bigger engined later model.
bobskiChimaera20K miles in 21 months,(daily car) only major niggle was META alarm system screwing up - replaced under warranty. Not a hitch since then. Services (back at David Gerald) 20K - £350 24K - £700...
BobsyChimaeraHad car for 7 years and was very reliable and fairly cost free. In 2007 Had to have exhaust gaskets done which ended up with heads off to remove some bolts. 2008 I had radiator out and had it repaired...
bod560ChimaeraI just got it, but so far it's great! It's harder work than I expected, (having never owned a performance car before) but I'm sure with a little practice, I'll love it! I'll try to get some pictures...
boilerChimaeraWhat can I say about this one. Picked it up two days ago, turned heads all the way home. Also managed to pickup a cold at the same time, cause I just had to drive it with the top down in February. ...
bombChimaeraPart ex'd the Chimeara for a new T350T.
BoyzToyzChimaeraThis is the love of my life for whom I would forsake all others... Added 16" front wheels. Added Willwood front brakes & uprated rear brake pads. Added Gaz Shocks...
Brendon NZChimaera4.0L Halcyon Midas Yellow Pearl with Anthracite Oz Super Tourismo wheels. Lots of upgrades
bri hChimaera
brian chimChimaeraI would say this is the best car that i have ever driven even if i do say so my self. Buy one if you havnt got one.
BrianTChimaeraI've used this since 2005 as my daily drive with the exception of a short period when it had a chassis refurbishment by Southways Automotive in 2015.
BriefträgerChimaeraOh yes
BrightYellowTVRChimaeraStill makes me smile when I drive it :) & the noise is amazing :)
BriossChimaeraThe noise !
BriossChimaeraA Fernhurst car, its in perfect condition !
BriskdubChimaeraCan't wipe the grin off my face
broompChimaeraFast, Fun and the best sound in the world!!!
bsdnazzChimaeraTop fun and I've hardly had it two weeks. Seven months on and I'm still having fun. Thirteen years on and it's still my daily drive.
bttvrCHIMAERAI take delivery on 01/02/06 got a good discount from my local dealer £21.000 on the windscreen sealed the deal at £18.000 c/w 12mth warranty,service,m.o.t and 12mth tax. Januar...
BunglistChimaeraThe Best Car I Have Ever Owned. Scares the Shit Out Me every time I drive Her. Sounds Awesome, Always gets looks from pedestrians and thumbs up from people. Handles superbly, and is very very...
ButtonItChimaera"I know, let's take a massive V8 engine, bolt it to 4 wheels and surround it in plastic" Genius!! I know plenty of other small manufacturers have been doing this for years, but NONE with the style...
C. MorganChimaeraAwesome car
C4PNEChimaeraYellow, a light colour to keep the weight down and hence go faster! Great for attracting police attention!
caduceusChimaeraBought for an undisclosed sum as a project car. Bought her 31/03/14 and it's been in my garage undergoing work ever since. A lot of surface rust but no rot. In remarkably good condition for a car tha...
cafcfanChimaeraA very good, reliable car. Newly allocated number is V899EGV
cagulaeChimaeraThe best TVR I've owned. Completely reliable, great spec. Imperial Blue/Magnolia. Whoever has P822BUG now has a winner.
calsagegreenchimaerabeautiful California sage green 450,cream trim piped in green.love this car its in such good condition body, chasis,interior,low miles that i may keep it till i can no longer drive,allways makes me sm...
calum.mchimaeraCompletely reliable & fondly remembered. A neighbour bought it from the TVR dealer at a later date, & had similar experience of the car.
calum.malcolmChimaeraNo problems at all with this car - 100% reliable, great fun, except my wife struggled with it in the snow.
Cambs lionChimaera
cammyChimaeraBought car for 6 months until new one arrived. Disaster! Broke down at r/bout, wrong size fuel pump fuse inserted. Next breakdown, wire to rev too tight and snapped. Lastly, every xth time of starting...
CanoeSnifferChimaeraAn ex-barn find, almost fully restored but still a little rough round the edges. Running an Edelbrock 1404 four barrel carburettor through an Edelbrock Performer 3.51 dual plane manifold, runs well an...
captainHChimaeraGreat fun.
Carlos78ChimaeraThis is my first “sports car” as I'm definitely a performance bike man through and through, but thought at the arse end of summer 2006 to give one of my all-time favourite cars a go..... and I bloody ...
CarlosV8ChimaeraAwesome car, but wasn't get much use so swapped it for a Monaro
carmadbakerChimaeraif u have the money buy one!! don't think about that german rubbish! buy a blackpool beauty, as yourself...how many people do u see smiling in a porsche? none! how many people do you see smiling in a ...
CarnageChimaeraBought to replace a Lotus Elise and fulfill childhood ambition. Fully lived up to all expectations.
CatsChimaeraBought it from Fernhurst's September 2009. Great selling technique by Simon and Drew. "Now tell me sir have you ever driven a TVR? Err no. Would you like to take this one out for a little drive? Err y...
Cerby666ChimaeraFlippin excellent, puts a smile on my face every time I fire it up:-) These make great sense as a second car, as I keep on trying to explain to my wife and 3 kids... Mine has been super reliable, part...
Cerby666ChimaeraHad a Chimp before, so this is known territory. I bought this off a Pistonheads classified very cheaply, needing work: Power Steering not working properly, running a bit fast, outriggers need urgent a...
charlie vrsChimaeraRegistered as a Chimaera 400, but the engine replced with a 4.6 litre in 2009. Outrigers replaced and chassis powder coated at the same time. Full respray in 2011.
Chas88ChimaeraMy first TVR - awesome! Now sold but in my ownership it started first time every time and never once broke down. Sad to see it go.
Chassis 33ChimaeraSoon to be my 2006 TVRCC Challenge Cup race car.
ChastylerChimaeraMy first TVR!! Ran it for 8,000 miles in as many months. At the time collegues were into BMW's and couldn't resist asking me each day if it had broken down yet.....they got bored. In fact apart from ...
cheekylmcChimaeraHave access to
Cheese MonkeyChimaera
Chequred DemonChimaera
chezgiloChimaeraWonderful car. Dangerous in the wet.
chickletsChimaeraFantastic - bought from James Agger and new S03s all round, taken to Austec for a straight thru' exhaust, baffles removed and now sounds like a NASCAR on tickover... Modwise 2 stage cooling kits as...
ChiefbadgerChimaeraStill missing the noise. . .
chim 500Chimaera
Chim Chim ChereeChimaeraOoooooohhhh. THAT's what was missing... My life is now complete.
Chim GirlChimaera
chim500njChimaeraLovely car Starmist Blue, non PAS and Aircon supplied and Serviced Fernhurst never missed a beat in 7000 Miles.
Chim500TomChimaeraAwesome, fantastic, exhilerating, heart thumping, loud, fun, head turning, stunning - need I continue?!?! Bought as a second car, so not as concerned about reliability as a day to day driver might ...
chim666ChimaeraBought in 2002. Driven to Le Mans (twice), once to Ypres plus various trips in the UK. Always a joy to drive!
chimaeraChimaeraBought as a totally standard car then started to get into doing track days etc. Started modifying it by upgrading the brakes, then changed the suspension for adjustable Avos. Competed in the Scottish ...
chimaera 1999chimaeraWeekend Toy
Chimaera 5.0Chimaera
Chimaera001ChimaeraEverything I ever hoped it could be - utterly fantastic. Wonderful noise, dripping with character and never had any aggro from other road users. She was a daily driver and all the better for it.
Chimaera27ChimaeraMassive step up from the MG TF! I LOVE the power and low down torque, and the noise never fails to put a grin three miles wide on my mug! Its the first I've ever driven so I don't know what a co...
chimaera5.0Chimaera A fabulous car that has provided a lot of pleasure and no real problems. Have driven extensively in Europe and it has always gone like a dream. Perry Mott has always looked after it for me with the od...
chimaera500ChimaeraSuspension engine and brakes upgraded
Chimaera520ChimaeraWhat a car! turns heads everywhere I go. Fantastic in Camel Yellow, ACT bits and Tornado Chipped,Mark Adams Tuned etc. oodles of power and torque! Gonna be a good summer!
chimaeraschimaeraGreat fun, sheer driving pleasure, Great club ( TVRCC )
ChimaeraWolfChimaeraT216 JCA Starmist Blue, Nimbus Grey interior. Unfortunately had an argument with a lampost and lost. R.I.P.
ChimaeraWolfChimaeraP56 JCA Moonraker Black, Black/Cream interior.
Chimbo450ChimaeraGorgeous!! The best car I've ever owned, and reliable!...New Tamora has arrived now...hope it's even better
chimburtChimaerashe's a corker! she's a thoroughly good car - never failed to complete a journey, and we've done a few together now. usual niggles, but nothing that the dealer hasn't been able to sort! great car...
chimheadchimaerathis is the tickly hairs on the dogs danglies
ChimhunterChimaeraBought from Tiggsy (PH user) and very happy so far.
chimi500Chimaeramy first performance car!!swapped for a tuscan s . loved the car even through all the breakdowns ( there was a lot)
chimjimchimaerasuper entry into tvr ownership!! loads of laughs with the old boy including a memorible trip to le mans 2003 for a stag do!!
ChimjunkieChimaeraNitron Suspension with 475/400 springs, Steve Heath droplinks, TopCats fast road Geo setup, 300 bhp V8D 500 Engine with Stealth cam, ACT 45mm inlet man + trumpets, 72mm plenum with spacer and insulato...
ChimLeicChimaera*** FOR SALE *** Chimaera 400. 98/R. Bought for £15k with 30k on the clock. *** FOR SALE *** My first TVR...how did I ever live without one? Has performed fantastically, no problems ex...
chimp chumpChimaeraOnly just bought it. We'll see. Chuffed to bits with it at the moment. Always wanted one! Love the noise!!
CHIMV8 500Chimaera
chimyellowChimaeraThis is now my latest car. Excelent around town but it is when you get out of town that it really comes alive. It is bright yellow (which makes it stand out a bit), not my initial choice but my Wife...
Chim_PeteChimaeraReplaced:Radiator,alternator,rear wheel bearing (twice),rear drive flange, clutch,camshaft,rear tyres, front ball joints,ignition module. Full Samco silicon hose set Front wishbones removed, paint...
chinnyChimaeraIts my second tvr and i absolutely love it!!!! Open top driving at its best,and the noise, pure heaven.....!!!
chippieChimaeraGreat noise and looks. Cheap to run with Ford and Rover running gear, and suprisingly reliable!
chosen 1 denChimaera
Chris SmithChimaeraFantastic machine. Never missed a beat in 5 years. Loved it to bits.
chris wattonChimaeraI just simply love this car!! As long as I have money, I will always stick with TVR :)
ChrisAChimaeraBy far the best car I have ever owned (Until I bought the Tuscan!!!). Love(d) it!! I used to think that my S1 Elise was the ultimate, but I was wrong. Gives me the thrill that the TT just couldn't ...
ChrisAChimaeraLoved it
chrisdaddChimaeraI've driven a Vectra 2.5 in the past, but this TVR is astounding... I was going to buy an Audi TT but I decided to get a british car with an even bigger engine. I'm even considering selling my Kwak...
chrisg4.5ChimaeraSold with great sadness, March 2016.
chrislafleurchimaeraThis is a beautiful car the best ever Its a dream come true.
chrisoikCHIMAERAf...ing nice! No probs at all My next car definetely A TVR tuscan may be
chris_chimChimaeraLooking good so far. Only one track day (Snetterton in April) which was very, very wet but helped me get used to the handling on the limit...
ChuggerChimaeraBest car i've ever owned
Cider AndyChimaeraThis car is standard (if there is such a thing!) except for a few Leven bits (handbrake handle, column stalks). It has seven-spoke 'Estoril' alloys, factory fitted, I believe, and has stainless 'Chima...
citizen smithCHIMAERA
clarkgiChimaeraMy first car and I love it! it looks and sounds great, and drives fantastically. Loads of new bits. New Roof, SS exhaust, steering rack, fr suspension, Leven ali bits & paint job.
Classic Chim Chimaera
CliffedgeChimaeraMy first TVR, great car!
ClippyChimaeraBought as a sound car with the potential to tinker and tidy, I've now replaced the suspension, radiator, uprated the brakes to later 260mm discs/calipers, sorted the paintwork, serviced, tuned, washed...
clivegraceChimaeraWould love to know where E777TVR is now
Clockwork CupcakeChimaeraBought in August 2001 and sold in February 2008. Standard car with very few extras, but did have the optional rear speakers and 6-stack CD changer.
Had a few overheating problems and leaks whe...
coachChimaeraPearl Yellow Flying nana! All been said before!
cobtraChimaeraYou have to love them to own them!
codeChimpChimaeraIf you're considering getting a Chimaera or Griffith, go for a 500. This is how they should feel. If you do plump for a lesser motor, like what I did, you'll have the awesome pleasure when you DO up...
cogrogChimaeraVery few minor problems in 2 years of ownership.
coley500ChimaeraThe best thing I have done with my car was buy from main dealer. This is my first TVR and they have been very supportive and patient with me, any niggles or actual problems they have seen to without ...
Colin LChimaeraStill going strong with no rebuilds yet (Touch wood). Engine still strong with a dyno last year putting 278BHP out of her. Now that is great for a car with this mileage and age. NO ENGINE OR DRIVETRA...
colinrobChimaeraThe best car I have ever owned
colinrobChimaeraGood car but not a patch on the 5.o
CoopstarChimaeraGreat reliable car. Superb drive and sound.
CowheadChimaeraHad to get rid of the TVR cos it just wasn't practical and I needed a boot to carry stuff to and from work. Other than that an awesome car!!
craigalsopChimaeraModifications: Otter Switch override Remote Boot plipper Put Thermo-Tec thermal wrap on manifold headers Put heatshield on starter motor Had Mark Adams Tornado chip fitted EBC Turbogroove front...
crisp500chimaeraSleeved exhaust. Removed pre-cats ACT induction kit c/w K&N ACT blue silicon coolant hose kit
crispian22chimaera 4th tvr,second chimaera.
crosseyedlionChimaeraDrives well but needs a lot of tlc - not to worry its being converted to a racing car!
CrusaderChimaeraFord Starmist Silver and Blue 1/2 hide. Modified with Leven handbrake lever and dash board switch gear, alloy pedals. Alloy radiator grille, clear front and side repeaters. ICE: JVC head unit + Alp...
Cupra Black ChimaeraBrought with nearly 39K on the clock in Starmist Blue. Looked at 6 in one week and this one was a peach, hoping it remains that way. Have now fitted ACT Elbow Pipe, K&N Filter, new clutch and ...
CVMChimaeraIts the second Chim 400 i've owned :)
D StanleyChimaera
d50cyxChimaeraImperial blue with Magnolia/Black three quarter hide interior, aluminium dash, CD changer, power steering, wool carpets, black full hide dash top, door tops and centre armrests, black carpets piped bl...
DalamarChimaeraAbsolutely brilliant! You have to be on top of the maintenance and be prepared to spend time hunting for spares and investing time if you can fix these cars yourself but the driving experience is well...
DaltoChimaera Ex Fernhurst car. Kept in storage for the last 12 years and recently had a minor recommission. Lovely!
DamnFineChimChimaeraGo on.. You know it makes sense!!!!!
DamoTVRChimaeraIt's bloody luvley! - Shapphire Black with blue hood, power stering, AC. But I need more BHP!
Dan MChimaeraGood - I've done 8000 miles per year so I'm more of a driver than a polisher!
Dan XJRChimaera
daneChimaeraabsolutly brilliant
DangermouseChimaeraAgainst all odds my car has only broken down ONCE, touch wood, cooling fan managed to lunch itself 3 DAYS before my trip to Le Mans 2003.
DangerousDerekCHIMAERAFull body off chassis refurb. Wizards of Nos nitrous kit to add upto 250 bhp. Mickey Thompson Street ETs for the strip. Will be back on the dragstrip very soon.
danny tattersallChimaera
dan_underChimaeraHad two weeks and already blown a head gasket - grr ! Engine rebuilt and tuned. Brakes upgraded - hoses/disks/pads. Gaz Golds just fitted - wow Tucked away now for winter :)
DarrelChimaeraGreat car - Completely reliable - like my other two TVR's... Just not as good as my 500
DarrinMChimaeraGreat fun so far, doing some little mods to it, ACT HT leads and smooth bore air hose, Leven stalks Looking for afterburner lights perhaps !
darthPaddingtonChimaeraWhoo Hoo... :-) I was told an elise was apparently impracticle. I was told a caterham was no go. By comparison the TVR looked like the practical choice.
Dave FordChimaera
Dave JRHChimaeraLoving it so far, although only delivery mileage as waiting for tax and private plate documents
Dave81ChimaeraV8 = miles of smiles. First convertable and V8. Just an amazing car.
DAVELAChimaeraGreat car with a nice colour combination IMHO.
Davey SChimaera
davidyycChimaeraGreat car - a few foibles but a lot of fun!
davo23ChimaeraBought in December '13, as a car that I wanted to use frequently - not a garage queen. I have done just that, and having just come back from the lake district where I covered just over 700 miles o...
day dreamerchimaera
dc400chimaeramonza red
dc53chimaeraabsolutely excellent car! was a perfect introduction to the world of TVR! Had it's fair share of mod's from the factory, and went like a rocket!
DeadfastChimaeraGreat car. Bought as a wedding present (to ourselves). Drove round Europe in it on honeymoon. Only let us down once when the rad let go. Wish we still had it, but needs (house purchase particularly) p...
defendChimaeraFun fun fun.....
DemonDesignChimaeraAwesome car. another PHer had it, see verysideways profile also Sold this on 04/03/07 :-(
Demon_DazzaChimaera 30th Birthday present to myself back in Feb 2002 .... well no one else was going to buy it for me !?! Dark Blue with Magnolia Hide (aren't all the best ones !)
demon_jakoChimaeraHas a TVR Power Taraka rebuild. Fun to drive! Pulls from tickover unlike the Tuscan (Tuscan is still faster if you floor it though :p)
denChimaerathis is TVRs original Press Chimaera 450 as seen on all the TV motoring programs, and photographed a million times. The car had done 29K miles when I bought it, at 39K it needed a full engine rebuil...
Derek SmithChimaera1993 Motor Show car. Would I recommend it? Oh, yes.
DevonB656ChimaeraWorks to be done... Body off- chassis inspection, new outriggers and clean up New dash Interior leather rescue or retrim Re-cover hardtop New carpets throughout Engine cleanup and fettle New s...
DHillyChimaeraBought just before Xmas, only been able to use it briefly but loving every minute! 6 Months into ownership now, starting to get some little jobs done and now the weather is better getting to use it...
Dickie DastardlyChimaeraA fantastic weekend car, noise worth the admission fee alone! Now reluctantly sold, a great reliable car....
dinger0001chimaerabought May 2003 from Peninsular TVR, to replace girlie MGF, despite my worries the other half test-drives and more importantly likes the chim (Yay!), plump for the 4.0 due to insurance (i had 5 points...
dino154ChimaeraGreat sound track and feel the power
DirtiDanChimaeraYes!!! Absolutely without doubt the most awesome car I've ever had the pleasure of driving. Sure it's not the most comfortable way of getting from A - B, but it has to be the most enjoyable! P.S. How...
Dirty SanchezChimaera
Dirty SanchezChimaera
DJ JULESchimaeraPurple and very loud
DJDChimaeraWow, absolutely awesome. Great fun just burbbling around then on a open stretch of road all hell breaks out. BMW Montreal Blue, grey leather and blue carpets. 2 owner car, good history and stack...
djpaulsimpsonChimaeraMy Favourite Colour
DJR 7Chimaera
dlkChimaeraI’ve never felt closer to Satanic worship!
dlkChimaeraAffectionately known as ‘The Beast’ - it needed TLC & regular level checks etc, but I completed nearly 20,000 pain free miles in it and would recommend the Chimaera V8 4.0l to anyone seeking an entry-...
DN CHZ 98Chimaera
dodgyviperChimaeraReplaced by baby. New model isn't as fast and costs more
Dollar BillChimaeraOnly Chimaera and (I think) only TVR in Singapore. Good support from an Aston dealer in country, and from factory in Malaysia. Heat is not ideal for the cooling system on 500, but uprated air-con an...
Dominic TVRettoChimaera1998 TVR Chimaera 450 in Cobalt Blue. TVR Power re-built 4.6 engine with top hats, Pete Burgess-reworked TVR Big Valve heads, TVR885 cam, 72mm plenum, 44mm ported intake manifold, alloy trumpets, JP E...
DonChimaeraPHers know all about these. It is what it is. Occasionally an unreliable piece of poop that needs constant fettling and on other occasions a brute of a sports car that makes you feel alive. We stil...
dontknowmuchChimaeraSuperb fun - only minor niggle is that the 2nd to 3rd shift is impossible to do at all fast; needs stronger spring loading. Fantastic noise.
dopamineChimaeraWow. This car is something else. Huge smiles abound each time I splat an M3 or Boxster!
dopamineChimaeraGlad to be back.
Doug ShepChimaeraAbsolutely fantastic experience owning this car, best thing I have ever bought. Full of character running costs not that bad if you find a good specialist and buy wisely.
DPS 78Chimaera
Dr Mike OxgreenChimaeraMy '99 TVR Chimaera 450 is in Starmist Blue with Magnolia half-hide interior, wooden dash, blue carpets and aluminium stalks and controls. She has power steering and, unusually, factory-fitted air con...
Dr TChimaera
drcarreraChimaeraFantastic car for the money. Huge fun and surprisingly reliable. +ves Looks, speed, sound. Bags of character. -ves Some interior materials and quality not the best, but what do you expect fo...
DrizzleChimaeraReliable, enjoyable and not toooo expensive.
drum4it2CHIMAERAthis is not a car it's a way of life...
drumochimaeraSold my Chim this morning, sad to see it go, especially hearing the V8 roar off down the road! Apart from little niggles, a great car. well recommended.
Dunc BChimaera
Duncan MChimaeraWhat can I say ... ab-fab!!!
earthianChimaeraMy first ever car - a TVR! :) *big grin*
Ed400ChimaeraI have never driven anything that gives so many miles of smiles. All I can say is buy one, you won't be disappointed!
EdFezChimaeraFirts intro to TVR ownership will always be the best
edhorneChimaeraBallisticly quick, and suprisingly quiet
EggsBenedictChimaeraLovely noise, not fast enough (yet)
ekimChimaeraAwsome car, no other car gives the noise or savageness of a tvr with a nice v8. recomend to anyone
ekimChimaeraGreat car, Very few problems for age of car. Awsome to drive and a real head turner with the noise
Electric ClutchChimaeraAlso own, Ford Focus TDCi Sport MGB Roaster
ElegantWeaponChimaeraSuperb car. Heartily recommended.
Emission Possible Chimaera
EmleyChimaeraLoved every minute of 9 years of ownership. Great to drive, great soundtrack, great to look at, and cheap as chimps. Door lock fell apart once, but otherwise mint and reliable. The colour was Hot P...
Euan StoutChimaera
EversleighChimaeraFirst TVR owned... certainly won't be my last, great fun to drive and brings alot of smiles to those on the street - sadly had to sell due to purchasing of a house!
EvilJamesyChimaera1998(S) Chimaera 500 Bentley Amethyst Pearl..... It's sexxx on wheels...nuff said.....
ewan221Chimaera[IMG]http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j163/ewan221/Chimaera/20439763_e6fdd884f0_b-1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j163/ewan221/dash1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i80.photobucket.com/alb...
extvrChimaeraI have just sold my 3.9 TR7/V8 Grinnall in May 2006 and bought into the TVR scene with a 400 Chimaera, what a difference, it makes the TR seem a little pathetic and its better on fuel, handles better,...
EyasChimaeraFantastic fun, never let me down although had a fair few small niggles.
EzyGriffChimaeraBought it new, sold it six months later to help finance a career change. Not the most financially sensible move!
f@-potsChimaeraIt's blue so obviously very fast , but a bit tatty round the edges (pretty much 50% daily driver) Still trying to iron out all the running problems so frustrating but marvelous when she's on song.I do...
Fast_&_FatuousChimaera[IMG]http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/john_r_2006/TVR/SNC13295.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/john_r_2006/TVR/SNC13296.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i135.photobucket.com/album...
Fat ChapChimaera
Fat ChapChimaera1998 Rosso Pearl 5.0L
Fat DogChimaeraDream fulfilled...wasnt disappointed either.
fausTVRchimaeraTiv bought at Fernies June '10, daily car till winter, then found an old moggy to use for general shlepping about. Tiv had sub 15k miles on it, condition to match when i took hold. Added ~6k since, tr...
FergusGChimaeraBought from Adria Blyth
fieryfredChimaeraCost wise you have an E type Challenger, Sebring or MG V8. The TVR is cheaper.
FilmstarChimaeraHave not had as much fun since I was a kid.
finestjammyChimaeraI can't think of a better second or third car. No chance as a daily runner, but the complete antithesis of a modern eurobox. Not the quickest thing on the road, but the raw feel is amazing.
fiveoclockhero1ChimaeraUsed 99% for track days. Estorils with Toyo R888, Gaz shox, aluminium rad, Magnecor leads, Tuscan seats, TorqueV8 TorqueFlow mod (re-map, 73mm plenum, bespoke AFM), ACT smooth induction pipes, K&N air...
fizmo100ChimaeraLoud. Very loud. And fast... Just got it, taking things very easy at the moment!
FizzerChimaeraTaraka+, Nitrons, best TVR I've ever had...including 2 other Chims, a tuscan and a tamora !!!
FlackyChimaeraAfter 10 years of wanting a TVR, (having seen a Griffith pull out of a car park in front of me and being taken in by the noise and styling), I am finally the proud owner of a beautiful TVR Chimaera. ...
flanaganChimaeraAwesome amount of car for the money
FlintyGPChimaeraBrute force & ignorance. Least scuttle shake of any open top car ever owned. Solid as a Rock.
Fly FiferChimaera
foliedouceChimaeraFirst taste of TVR ownership and so far so good - great performance and reliable! Spent a fortune on it, but that was my fault for buying a car that was overdue a service and then taking it to most...
FoxTVR430ChimaeraBeautiful and fast!
foxy ecossechimaera
Freddie-MChimaeraLove it- so far. Still a bit scary!
frenchalexChimaeraThe dogs b******s.
FrenchdaChimaeraShe was great. If you are thinking about one then stop thinking and do it! No other car others more bang for bucks IMHO
FrenzyBChimaeraMarvelous sound and brutal bottom power gives stunning accellaration. Beast of a car but can also be driven gently.
fromatobChimaeraLowest mileage Chimaera? LHD
FT_WagonChimaera Burble burble
FunkyGibbonChimaeraSilver Stardust, aluminium dash switches/buttons/levers. RollCentre rollbar. Gaz-Gold adjustable dampers. Cherry Bomb sports exhaust by Offords :shoot:
G21ChimaeraWanted a TVR since I was a little'un. Living in small Island plenty enough power with a 400. Dream of a Tuscan S in moonraker black.
GalahadChimaeraFirst TVR and I love it!! Sadly traded in for bricks and mortar but made a small profit which was nice!
Gambl0reChimaerafirst taste of tvr ownership totally amazing love the sound looks and people also seem to love it too :)
gamefreaksChimaeraWhat a fantastic car. Loud and brash. A handful in the wet. Completely unreasonable in the snow. Everything you’ve heard about TVRs is probably true. Having said that, it was reliable i...
GarlickChimaera My first TVR, a memorable moment.
gary58Chimaera Only for those who are to realise that threre is no gimmicks or gadgets on these cars they are for pure driving entertainment to enjoy and cherish and not recommended for under 25 year olds and defini...
gattoneroChimaeraNow French registered, great use in the summer (15 weeks without rain),
gav2612ChimaeraOwned for 10 months, cost £2,500 in depreciation and £1,200 in bills. Worth doing, especially for that V8 burble!! demanded concentration at every second of driving, amazingly quick. Made my current 9...
GavstarChimaeraCan't get enough of it! So sad to see it go but no longer had the time to enjoy it.
gazzapChimaeraBought from main dealer for a certain degree of peace of mind. New Hood and 4 new Brigestone S02's 6 CD multi-changer FTVRSH 1 yr warranty