TVR Tuscan Convertible

TVR Gold Portfolio, 1959-86

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Body and Interior

The Tuscan is a two seat, two door convertible, manufactured in glass reinforced polyester resin with Kevlar and carbon fibre inserts for additional strength. This is moulderd in one section for the forward opening bonnet and one section for the remainder of the bodyshell. Strategically designed internal body crumple zones protect front and rear portions of the vehicle, complying to all current safety legislation.

A laminated front windscreen and frameless door windows combine with twin roof panels and a fold down header to complete the roof structure. This allows the vehicle to be driven in a number of open and closed positions. The roof is trimmed in mohair in a variety of colour schemes.

Individual figure hugging seats with fore, aft and tilt movements are combined wtih separate headrests and trimmed in leather. The modular dashboard houses full instrumentation of speedometer, electric tachometer, oil pressure, fuel, water temperature gauges, along with voltmeter and electric clock. Windows are electrically operated as are twin exterior door mirrors.

Chassis, Suspension, Brakes and Tyres

The bodyshell is combined with a jig formed, multi tubular steel spaceframe chassis with outriggers. This is manufactured out of 1�" circular 16 gauge tubing, plastic coated for corrosion resistance.

Front suspension is by unequal length fabricated wishbones, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar. Rear suspension is by double fabricated wishbones, telescopic absorbers, coil springs, anti-roll bar and constant velocity sliding driveshafts from the centrally mounted limited slip differential.

The braking system is servo assisted throughout with large diameter Brembo 11.5" 293mm ventilated front discs. Rear discs are solid and mounted outboard and 10.2 260mm diameter. The handbrake cable is operated from the centrally mounted lever and acts on the rear discs.

Road wheels are OZ Racing 32 stud split rim aluminium alloy 8J x 15" and utilise low profile 225/50 VR15 high performance tyres.

Engine, Fuel System & Transmission

The engine is front mounted and drives the rear wheels through a five speed transmission. The unit is an aluminium alloy 90 degree Vee 8 Cylinder with a total capacity of 3528cc The bore and stroke ration is 88.9mm x 77.12mm 3.5" x 2.8" respectively with a compression ratio of 10.1.

It features overhead valves, operated by hydraulic tappets for maintenance free service. The crankshaft is five bearing. Maximum power is 225 bhp at 5280 rpm. Maximum torque is 235 ft/lbs at 4000 rpm.

Induction is by Lucas manufactured L type electronic fuel injection system. A single electric fuel pump and filters are utilised along with a single 12 gallon fuel tank mounted at the rear of the vehicle over the axle line. The system incorporates anti-surge pots for high acceleration and cornering.

The transmission is five speed manual with hydraulic operated single dry plate diaphragm clutch. No automatic transmission is available. Gear ratios are: 1st 3.32;1, 2nd 2.09:1, 4rd 1.40:1, 4th 1.00:1, 5th, 0.792:1. Reverse 3.43:1.

A centrally mounted limited slip hypoid bevel final drive is utilised with a ratio of 3.31:1. This produces 26 mph 42 kph per 1000 rpm in 5th gear.


Rack and pinion with adjustable and collapsible steering column with full range of fore and aft adjustment. This combines with a leather trimmed 14" 3556mm (sic) diameter steering wheel, giving a turning circle of 31.5ft, 9.59m and 3.7 turns locks to lock. Power assisted steering is not available.

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Maximum engine rpm 6000 Length overall A 3937mm 155"
1st 37.06 mph 59.67 kph Wheelbase B 2336mm 92"
2nd 58.87 mph 94.79 kph Height overall C 1184mm 46.6"
3rd 87.89 mph 141.1 kph Width overall 1740mm 68.5"
4th 123.05 mph 198.11 kph Front track 1482mm 58"
5th 155.76 mph 250.77 kph Rear track 1482mm 58"
0 - 60 mph 5.5 seconds Ground clearance 132mm 5.2"
Power to weight ratio 230 bhp/ton Luggage capacity 70kg 154lbs
Carrying weight 250 kg 550 lbs Fuel capacity 54 litres 12 galls
Weight vehicle dry 1000kg 2204lbs