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TVR Gold Portfolio, 1959-86


When it comes to Wedges, 'special' is a bit of a misnoma. Many of the cars were produced in low volume with varying specifications. Here are some of the more special ones.

Tasmin "High Speed Tracker"

Shaken not stirred?

This is a wedge modified for use as a camera car. It was used on the set of the James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies" for the chase sequence in a multi-story car park. It has seating for two camera operators and an additional seat in the front. Scaffolding bolted to the car allows for a variety of cameras, lights etc. to be used. Cameras can face forwards or to the rear.

Tasmin Turbo

1982 saw the unveiling of the 2.8 litre Tasmin Turbo at the Motor Show. A follow up to a prototype drop-head shown the year before. Producing 228bhp and 249lbs/ft of torque from the Ford V6 was a respectable feat. However Peter Wheeler was appearing on the scene around this time and it was his influence that lead to the development of the more popular V8 models. The Tasmin Turbo never made it into production.

350 SX

A non-factory model, this was a dealer special. At the former TVR dealership "Northern TVR Centre" in Barrow-in-Furness, Dave Haughins worked with Yeovil based DPR Forced Induction Systems and took nine 350i wedges and two 400SE's and added Sprintex supercharger units. Various power and torque outputs have been quoted over the years, with the best I've found being 260 bhp at 5100rpm and 294 lbs/ft from only 3000rpm, giving excellant mid range acceleration. It was claimed that the supercharged unit was a more driveable engine than the similarly powered 390.

The cost of the conversion was £3967.50 for the engine work and £1200 for the suspension package. An uprated clutch was also an option. This would have been on top of the price of the basic 350 which was £18,015 at the time.

430 SE

Only three 430 models were produced by the factory, one of them being used for the Motorshow in 1991. They used the 4.3 V8 from the newly launched Griffith

500 SE

It isn't known how 'official' this model is. It's believed there's only one in existance, and the details can be found here

660 SEAC

A 660 SEAC was prepared as a one off for a Scandinavian customer. Using a 6.6 litre engine from the USA based on a Chevrolet block, output was claimed at 572bhp.