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The Porsche 911 has gone through many evolutions (okay, okay, very subtle ones) during its 60 years on sale, but few are remembered as fondly as the 993. It was the last air-cooled 911 for a start, which almost certainly cemented its place in the hearts of Porsche fans from the get-go – because there’s nothing quite like the rasping note of the air-cooled flat-six.  

It was also undeniably well proportioned, with sturdy-hipped rear arches and a sleeker, more modern nose than the 964 version of the 911 that it replaced. It does come from a time, however, when Porsche was not established as the paragon of ergonomic interior design virtue and peerless build quality that the company now is. As a result, the layout of the dashboard in particular is, er, somewhat idiosyncratic.    Be that as it may, the 993 has bags of character; whether a bog-standard Carrera 2, a super-fast four-wheel-drive Turbo or a rare-as-hen’s-teeth Carrera RS, they all feel like very special cars indeed. It’s a star of the 911 family tree, in short, and already firmly established as a definitive modern classic.

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