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It was off to Daytona raceway in Milton Keynes on Saturday for 25 readers of PistonHeads. After putting faces to names it was time to slog it out on the track.

With a lengthy track and plenty of skilled and highly competitive drivers it was a tough race rather than a casual Sunday drive.

Tony Freeman organised it and despite holding the lap record there he succumbed to the pressure but his son did him proud and won, beating British GT racer Simon Pullan in the process. Pete Nixon took third with er... everyone else behind him!

Many thanks to Tony for organising the event and based on the success of this outing, there will certainly be more opportunities for readers of the site to get together and more importantly, to compete!

Thanks also to Tony Hall for these pictures.


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Car park was like a TVR showroom...
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  • jamesc 03 Mar 2002

    Quite an array of cars, well done Tony and Pablo for putting this together. I promise I will be at the next one!


  • SMiles 04 Mar 2002

    Many thanks for doing all the organising. Me and Mrs Smiles had an excellent time. She felt rather embarrased about bringing everything to a halt so close to the end and was dissapointed not to have made full distance. She is now hooked. In addition to this the eyesight has returned to normal and the whites of her eyes are no longer red (bloodshot)- I am quite releived.

    Considering how slow I was going it felt darned fast I can tell you!

    PS. Get well soon to Ferret Boy.

  • adriand 04 Mar 2002

    Thanks to all the organisers - an enjoyably competitive event on an impressive circuit. Best wishes to the walking wounded, although I for one was grateful for the rest when the red flags came out!

  • blindswelledrat 06 Jun 2014

    Speaking to a mate the other day who still sees Volvos as unexciting square old-mans cars which I thought was a prehistoric view but I might be wrong.
    I was curious to the general consensus here. SO how do you see the Volvo image

  • Crafty_ 06 Jun 2014

    Surely that should be "non descript Ford brand" given that they did (do?) share bits ?

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