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An attempt to list the most useful Links for TVR S Series owners new and old. List should include links to sites that contain information, images, help and guidance and might include Traders whose site does this but links to Dealers that are either purely commercial or are easy to find advertising on the forum already or who are listed on Owners links below should be avoided. The intent is to support fellow S Owners with hints, tips and information.

if you are an S owner and are new to this forum, or have not done so, please add your details to the Owners List here:

S1-S1.5 & 2 Owners List
S3 Owners List
V8S/S4 Owners List

General S Information

TVR Car Club Site = TVRCC
TVR S Series = http://www.tvrsseries.com/
PH Buyers Guide & S Series Info (some out of date) = Link
Alternative Parts List = Parts List
NEW Alternative Parts List = 2016 NEW List
PH parts list = PH Parts LIST
Paint Codes in General TVR Here
Uploading Pictures - use the "Upload an Image" selection from within the message to open "ThumbSnap" and browse your PC to upload. (Uncle Dave appears to be no longer with us frown )
Photobucket Picture Upload Guide Link
Model TVR V8S kit or built options Link
S1-S2 Owners Handbook LINK
S3-S4 Owners Handbook LINK

Owners Sites, Blogs and Albums

(great picture references) many of these include links to dealers and other sites :
BarkyChoc (Diary of Body Off V8)... Photobucket Link
Barkychoc PH Body off thread Here
Tvrgit (website, how to's + diary)... TVRgit
Jed-S (Diary and How To's).......... http://www.deadpineapple.net/
Ketvrin (Pics and Video) http://www.flickr.com/photos/kevickrpic/?saved=1
Olav (Diary of Body Off)............ http://olavbergman.nl/index.php?option=com_content...
Mr Clifford (SCH pictures etc ).... http://www.freewebs.com/tvrs2/sclubheaven2007.htm
Spivvy (Rebuild and events)....... http://www.tvrs3series.co.uk
mep12345 (rebuild inc body lift, how to with pictures and instructions)...... http://www.gbsportscar.com
jls (S2 Rebuild)....................... http://tvrs2-car.co.uk/sitemap.aspx
HvdWeerden (S3 Engine bay cleanup)...... Han's Pictures
Taylorcars (Body-off pictures)...... http://www.taylorcars.toucansurf.com/index.htm
100000 Miles in an S3 ....... http://Bertram-hill.com
TVR Cars Unofficial Blog...... TVR Blog from Italy
S Series Photo Gallery - Dedicated to S Club Heaven, Owners Cars and other S Club Trips....... S Series Gallery
Blues3 (Body Off, Chassis Restoration, Electrics etc) Very much a work in progress........ http://www.tvrs3.net/
S1 Rebuild. Not one for the purist https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&...


Insurer Phone Website
Classicline 01455 639000 http://www.classiclineinsurance.co.uk
Heritage 0845 330 0660 http://www.heritage-quote.co.uk
2gether Insurance 01945 465508 http://www.2getherinsurance.com
Carole Nash 0800 630 0030 http://www.carolenash.com
RH Specialist insurance 01277 206911 http://www.rhclassicinsurance.co.uk
Adrian Flux 0800 369 8590 http://www.adrianflux.co.uk
Lancaster Insurance 01480 484848 http://www.lancasterinsurance.co.uk
Peter Best insurance 01376 574000 http://www.peterbestinsurance.co.uk
MSM Insurance 01279 870535 http://www.msminsurance.co.uk
Peter James Insurance 01215066040 http://www.peterjamesinsurance.co.uk
Keith Michaels Insurance 08005 422141 http://www.keithmichaels.co.uk/
- - Don't forget to say you are a member of Pistonheads and TVRCC if applicable

V6 Engines and Transmissions

http://www.fordscorpio.co.uk/CologneV6manual.htm = V6 Engine
http://www.fordscorpio.co.uk/transgen.htm = Transmission
http://www.fordscorpio.co.uk/faultfinds.htm = Fault Diagnosis
http://www.fordopedia.org/ = V6 Engines detailed drawings and lots of information
Sierra Owners Club site (need to register but worthwhile)... Sierra Owners Club
http://www.ford-capri.fsnet.co.uk/whiterose/Inject... <<[ dead link ]>>
http://www.automotive-tradition.de/en/start/index.... Bosch website for older parts
http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/TFI_D... Website with lots of information on diagnosing ignition problems
http://www.specialisedengines.co.uk/about/se-speci... Website is a bit clunky, but the knowledge base on v6's is amazing, also a good collection of uobtainable parts/

V8 Engines and Transmissions

http://www.g33.co.uk/tuning.htm (not TVR but some useful stuff)
http://www.roversd1.nl/sd1web/index.html Rover SD1, inc gearbox info
V8 EFi Information
Bleeding V8 Hydraulic tappets
V8 Engine Manuals (Download)
V8 Engine number reference
Cheap New V8 Airflow meter
V8 AFM to Plenum Hose
Clip for above AFM Hose
Note I previously used a 80-100 clip on the larger end but it seems they don't do it anymore (Barkychoc). 2 of the above clips I think will be OK.

Useful info on Sierra diff

General stuff common to all S Series

http://www.mlperformanceparts.co.uk - Neil, formerly of TVR Carparts, has set up on his own, and has an exhaustive knowledge of parts for S Series cars.

TVR S Series Fuel Filler Cap - Seal
The Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club have a quantity of Fuel Filler Cap Seals available 3.50 each including postage.
These are for TVR S Series that share the same filler flap as the Fastback Rapier/Alpine/H120.
They are brand new items made of fuel resistant 'Nitrile'. They are a perfect fit & just like the original. It is a potential MOT failure if your car's one is perished & it's a simple job to replace.
Order from the clubs Fastback Spares Sec., Glen Mason, telephone 01225 777771
Pay Pal also accepted - payments to sroc.fastback.spares@hemscott.net

http://www.siliconhoses.com/index.asp Silicon & duct hoses
http://www.reco-prop.com/ Propshafts & driveshafts
http://tvr.m-fix.co.uk S series speedo repairs go to enquiries and email for details
http://www.speedograph-richfield.com/ These guys can make brake / speedo cables from your original
http://www.b-link.co.uk/tet/ New Body Panels
http://www.jdo1.com/ Clock / Speedo repairs (S1 cable driven only) / New chrome bezels & glass
http://www.namrick.co.uk/default.asp UNF/UNC nuts & bolts and other fixings, electrical bits
http://www.boltmeup.com/index.asp Various Nuts & Bolts inc stainless
http://www.newfordpartsonline.co.uk/index.php?opti... Steering Column switches
http://www.autostyle.co.uk/index.asp Floor mats tailor made for S inc TVR logo if required
http://www.chapmanandcliff.co.uk/ Wood dash renovation
http://www.superclips.co.uk./ Lower profile (more ground clearance) exhaust clamps
http://www.sogefifiltration.com/searchresult.aspx?... - Filters
http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?cPat... top UJ (listed Sierra to Escort one)
http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?cPat... bottom UJ (not V8 or S4)
http://www.dcdevs.co.uk/ for Stainless steel fuel tanks (295 inv VAT) DC Developments, in Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, NR16 1ER Contact Eric Neave, ERIC@DCDEVS.CO.UK
http://www.boot-bag.com/ Additional luggage space solution
http://www.mobilewindscreens.co.uk/ 530dTPhil - We keep the Pilkington (Triplex) ones in stock
http://www.stagonset.co.uk/fasteners?output_frontp... = stainless steel fasteners
http://www.currentcare.co.uk/ This looked useful as a cross reference (added by Barkychoc)
http://www.chandleryworld.co.uk/product.asp?produc... Large Diameter Fuel Hose
http://www.kellybraysteering.co.uk/ Steering Rack Overhaul
http://www.superflex.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=SF3... Steering Rack Bushes (Poly)
http://www.aa1car.com -general repair stuff
http://www.mobilewindscreens.co.uk Phil Lomas 530dTPhil Mobile Windscreens Ltd 0117 304 2000
http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&a... Bulkhead bearing.
Heater valve = mk1 vw golf plus other vw's try ebay.


http://www.pastparts.co.uk can rebuild Saab master cylinder including re bore & sleeve
http://www.powertrackbrakes.co.uk/products.html Master cylinder service kits not available for SAAB 9000 (Girling Part Number SP 8544) but exchange M/C is (Girling part number PMH 237)
http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll191/gerald-tv... S3 Brake pipe specifications
http://webshop1.tecdoc.net/ows/en/25579F06845DAAE7... Mintex On Line Catalogue
http://www.biggred.co.uk/ Master cylinder service kit for 22.2mm bore cylinder 16.25 +P&P
http:///www.partsforsaabs.com Master cylinder service kit part number PFS901705 (approx 10)


http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/VWP-onlinest... Note they sell the round Ring spotlamps for under the bumper part RL020
http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/VWP-onlinest... Connectors for engine injectors / other sensors
http://www.ansor.it/alza34.htm S3/S4/V8S Electric window switches
http://www.newfordpartsonline.co.uk/index.php?prod... new indicator stalk
http://www.newfordpartsonline.co.uk/index.php?prod... new light / wiper stalk - with intermittent position (later models)
I have been told earlier models with the flick wipe function (down) are early sierra but I don't know for sure (Barkychoc) Part I'm told is
Sierra Mk 1 (1982-1986)unit partno. 83 BG 11K665 BA
http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GRID006230 Number plate lamp


http://www.jpexhausts.co.uk - Stainless Steel Exhausts, Manifolds


http://www.shinynuts.co.uk/default.htm For Shiny Wheel Nuts
http://cx-basis.de/eshop/product_info.php?products... for Citroen mirrors
http://www.sxcolor.info/scripts/colorinfo.dll/getp... - paint codes
http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/ IKEA Dimpa storage bags 65cmx65cmx20cm (2.99!!!!) are suitable to store roof panels/spare wheel
http://www.lakewell.com/index.php?page=shop.produc... Hood replacement kits
http://www.rubbertrim.co.uk/body_mouldings.htm Chrome strips above bumpers


"Targa" Seal (135) & Door Seal (84) = http://www.classiccar-trim.com/phdi/p1.nsf/supppag...
"Targa" Seal (266) = http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/c-37-side-seals.aspx
Door Seal Black 266 http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/p-1286-door-seal.asp...
Carpet = http://www.carcarpets.co.uk/
http://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Jaguar_Leather_Co... TVR Seat colours are Jag colours - list with pics
Gearstick & Handbrake gaiters (£20 each) = email Rhon at geargaiters@hotmail.co.uk

General Tyre Information


Hood Covers

Car Convertible Top Cover ("TC100" or "MG/TR") http://www.hamiltonclassic.co.uk/acatalog/Cover_-_...
Cheap Car Cover = Argos Cover
Leven Hood Cover ("HC3 - S-Type") http://www.leventechnology.co.uk/index.htm