Cars & Car Conversions Magazine has been closed!

Cars & Car Conversions Magazine has been closed!



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Thursday 18th September 2003
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I found out a couple of days ago that after 40 years Cars and Car Conversions magazines has been closed, a decision taken after the October issue of the magazine had gone to press (the issue with a blown Ultima on the cover bearing this sites name on its windscreen is the last ever)
IPC Media who own the title think that people tinkering with their cars doesn't happen any more. We know thats utter rubbish, but a more difficult point to argue against is that sales were down to 7,000 copies a month and returns from the newstand up to 70%. Also, advertisers who used responses to measure the value of the advertisements in the magazine were pulling out. Maybe the internet can be blamed for this since it is so easy these days to find out where to get parts or look at classifieds online instantly instead of waiting a month for a magazine to be published. They tried to sell it but say that they didn't even get a bid. So they have written to subscribers and told them that they can get Racecar Engineering or their monewy backwhich is really the end of that title for sure.
It seems that the staff were not made aware of this decision until it had already been made hence why the October issue has next months magazine info etc. They are now looking for jobs...

The magazine got me into motorsport - my first event was the final of the 1993 CCC Converted Car of the Year doing a sprint at Curborough - and my XE powered Sylva Fury was featured in it in 1997. So I will mourn the passing of the great title, what will step into the hole left by CCC?
Certainly not comics like Max Power/Fast Car/Redline these are far too basic in their content to satisfy the taste of educated pistonheads!


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Thursday 18th September 2003
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Indeed! also been discussed here Rich...

eric mc

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Thursday 18th September 2003
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Interesting reading an article in Tuesday's FT about Haynes Publishing. Sales of their car maintenance manuals have also fallen dramatically because people really are not working on their own cars anymore (too many electronic gizmos and warranty issues). Haynes are doing very well at the moment because they have branched out into other forms of books and manuals. In fact, they are planning on producing a "Sex Manual" later this year.

I can't wait.


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Thursday 18th September 2003
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eric mc said:
Haynes .... planning on producing a "Sex Manual" later this year.

I can't wait.

now that should make an interesting addition to the museum....a bondage room perhaps...

insert tab a in slot b

remove and reinsert repeatedly until lubricated..

removal is the reversal if insertion...

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Monday 17th November 2014
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Slight thread revival. I suspect it's 50 years since Triple C started, I'm organising a display of ex Triple C cars next year and wondered if anyone knew of any existing Cars and Car Conversions competition cars. Already located the Brian Harvey Unipower GT, RHE's Cox GTM, Will Sparrow's rally Mini and Fred Game's race Mini. Any others anywhere?


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Friday 12th December 2014
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Chris Turner of the TR Drivers Club has the Dave Bulman CCC TR7V8 rally car.


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Friday 15th January
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CCC has been dead for over 17 years eek

It was the enthusiast's bible back in late 60s and early 70s. Every new edition was eagerly awaited. I met a couple of their editorial staff back in 2002 and congratulated them on their magazine's content. Just over a year later, CCC closed forever.

So much for my opinion hehe