Also see this list from the Tamora, T350 & Sagaris wiki.


Description of Part Donor Vehicle Other Sources Part No. Manufacturer Comments Thread
Alternator it is any one of these (the important number is A127IM-100A) * LUCAS LRB00283 (range rover mkII) * DELCO REMY DRA3674 *LUCAS ELECTRICAL 54022543 *LUCAS ELECTRICAL LRB283 *MAGNETI MARELLI 63321353 TVRs from Chim/Griff A127IM-100A various Loads on ebay from £30 used to £399 new OEM spec range rover Thread
Starter Motor BMW M5 E34 (1.7KW) Bosch 0 001 108 063 BMW 316i (1.4KW) Bosch 0 001 110 041 (1.7Kw) Bosch £82 Thread 1 Thread 2
Coil Pack Vauxhall Senator Carlton Calibra GM or Bosch 0221503002 Bosch . Thread 1 Thread 2
Shim Kit TVR Power NOT eBay . . Thread 1 Thread 2
Oil Filter unknown . Fram PH2854 or Motaquip VFL313 or Coopers Z501 or Bosch P3274 or Mann w914/2 or Mahle oc384 FRAM etc Part number from Offord Motor Co invoice - updated by JimmyZZ (Bosch etc.) Thread
Oil Pressure Sender unknown . TE6538 . Part number from Offord Motor Co invoice Thread
Fuel Filter BMW 518 1994 eBay G3829 (push fit) or G3831(banjo) / WK830/2 FRAM / MANN Part number from Offord Motor Co invoice No Thread
Fuel Pump Bosch OR Sytec Camberley Auto factors & Fuel pumps online BSH 0580254909 EX 28 FSE Sytec Part No OTP020 Bosch 0 580 464 126(smaller dia...plastic sleeve packs back up) Bosch £78.38 in 2007 SYTEC pump £72.05 in 2013 Thread 1 Thread 2
Fuel Pump Relay Vauxhall Carlton Mk3 Camberley Auto factors PFU PR11 or Wehrle 50 205 002. Could also be Febi Fuel Pump Relay-part number 01483 Wehrle £15.25 in 2007 Thread
Relay multi purpose (indicator, fans) tyco V23134-B52--X127 or YWB 100 12 - Bosch 0 986 332 071 and HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS 75613215 - £9-20 in 2020 no thread
Fuel Pressure Regulator Bosch . 0280 160 280 . . No Thread
Coolant Tank Cap Volkswagen Golf Mk2 VW Beetle? 443121321 VW . Thread
Release bearing Triumph TR7 4 or 5 speed . HD3264 . . No Thread
Crank speed sensor Ford Granada 1989 - 1992 . 6C 315 88 WFAD . . No Thread
Throttle pot sensor rear (white) Ford, Rover, MG . FORD 5028499 6145039 6162877 6185106 6444052 6590860 6854780 86TF9B989AA 86TF9B989AD 86TF9B989AC 90TF9B989AA 90TF9B989BA ROVER JZX3491 MHB101440 SLD100080 TVR E1586 . From £23 to over £90! No Thread
Lambda sensor LAND ROVER DISCOVERY MK1 or Range Rover I ebay F00E261358 or OS033 (care on OS033...seemed to cause overfuelling on one bank) Bosch (or Car Parts Online-> (note wire order needs adjusting by moving pins around in plug body after removing yellow insert via 2 small holes/latches)) £172.62 or £27 Thread1Source1
Cat ebay carpartworld-ltd Type Approved (note no heat shields) 1998-> £157ea No Thread
Carbon Canister Ford Ford Focus Mk1 1998->2004 Ford Part number 1S4X9D653AA, 1S4X-9D655-AB Ford Not exactly the same but fits with current hoses and works as it should Thread
Diagnostics Plug farnell/ebay TST03PA00, pins separate (192990-0020) ITT/Cannon £0.6ea No Thread
tvr-thermostat by WAHLER 82° originally used by TVR in all speed six, BIG BORE 31mm (troughflow), 54mm/fitting-depth 20mm, use this gasket: PART No. E0195U part N° wahler 3004.82 £ 7.98 ! 24mm shown is false they are all correct 20mm depth 74° is 3004.74, available
MBE ECU non-volatile RAM digikey or eBay DS1230AB-200 IND (or faster eg -70 from digikey) Dallas/Maxim £19 or roughly £7 from eBay Thread
Fuel Injector Five0 Motorsport D1720BA (slightly diif to oem, perhaps TuscanS?) Lucas £40ish Tech data

Suspension and Braking

Description of Part Donor Vehicle Other Sources Part No. Manufacturer Comments Thread
Master Brake Cylinder Ford Ka Non-ABS type eBay . Ford? £57.50 Thread
Front Brake Pads . Circuit Supplies J0176 Ferodo . Thread
Front Brake Pads . eBay FRP216H Ferodo £115.45 Thread
Front Brake Pads . ebay DP3036C EBC around £100
Rear Brake Pads . ebay DP3617C EBC around £44
Rear Brake Calipers Ford Sierra/Granada(vented disc) . BCA1346/1347 GBC2050/LC3165 BCA2060/2061 Unipart? . Thread
Handbrake Cable Ford . BC2256 Quinton Hazell £20.54 Thread
Wheel bearing Assembly Chrysler Jeep Cherokee 1999-2004 . 513158 BR930219 HA597449 Chrysler . Thread
Steering Rack Gaitor Saab 9000? eBay TSG46 Saab? Part number from Offord Motor Co invoice No Thread
Power Steering Pump Citroen Saxo Peugeot 106 . . . Thread
Steering Column Vauxhall Vectra B . . . . Thread
Top Ball Joint Saab 99/900 . . . . Thread
Bottom Ball Joint Jaguar . . . . Thread
Track Rod End Rover SDi . . . . Thread
Hub Bearing Jeep . . . . Thread


Description of Part Donor Vehicle Other Sources Part No. Manufacturer Comments Thread
Side Light Assembly (RHD) Hella TVRCARPARTS 2PF003563151 Hella . No Thread
Clear Side Repeater Assembly (RHD) Peugeot 107, 307, 407, 607, 206 Citroen Peugeot/Citroen part WY5W 3311 Saxo Scintex £5.92 from Peugeot on 20/6/14 No Thread
Dip Beam Assembly (RHD) Hella Camberley Auto Factors 1LL008193117 Hella 90mm Halogen unit ~£52 No Thread
Main Beam Assembly (RHD) Hella Auto Electrical Parts UK 1K0008191017 Hella 90mm halogen, without sidelight £57.34 delivered Link No Thread
Reverse Light Switch Ford Motorcraft lrs-15220a or SW6306 Ford or Motorcraft 1983-00 Mustang Reverse Light Switch Fits T-5 & T-45 Thread1 Thread2
Windscreen Washer (pump only) VW, Vauxhall, SEAT, Opel eBay VDO part no.: 246-082-008-021G, VW part no.: 1H5 955 651 Vauxhall part no.:14 50 184 or 90585761 VDO About £5 Thread
Door & Boot solenoids Ford Transit or Puma Maplins BOOT Ford PUMA V97FB C43102AH Ford? £7.99 from Maplins Thread 1 Thread 2 Maplins Thread
Air temp sensor . Intermotor 55701 € 7.11 .
Door Window Position Encoder . RS Electronic Optical Switch (that is what fails sometimes in the encoder) OPB625 Optek £2 No Thread
Pod rheostat LHS 100ohms . Ebay or Digikey Variable resistor type P16NP-100-ND Vishay Sfernice £7 No Thread


Description of Part Donor Vehicle Other Sources Part No. Manufacturer Comments Thread
Wing Mirror Volkswagen Corrado Glass without heater element can be bought on E-Bay. Heating element carefully prized off back of old glass and attached to new item . . About £10 Thread
Heater Matrix Peugeot . . . . Thread
Seat Belt Citroen XM . . . . Thread
Boot Hinge Ford StreetKa Ford Escort Mk5 cabriolet late 1990,s. . . . Thread
Seat belt None Via Ebay SECURON 500/15 Securon Approx £35 per belt Facebook Link