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Aston Martin 'DBS 59' special edition: Update!

Aston releases new pics of the DBR1 homage DBS and, yes, it looks as good as you might hope

By Dafydd Wood / Thursday, April 18, 2019

We've heard a great deal recently about Aston's near and distant future, but the brand hasn't completely forgotten about the here and now. To remind us that there is much to get excited about without the help of a concept car or your imagination, the manufacturer has just updated us on the progress of the DBS 59 - a limited edition run of the flagship Superleggera.

The crux of the update is pretty shots of a new Aston Martin - but that's okay because it's fairly easy to wile away five minutes admiring the commemorative DBS, and even more so when it's coated in Racing Green paint and other special design cues. You can read about the spec at greater length below, although suffice it to say that this is the first DBS 59 built, with just 23 to follow it down the production line at Gaydon.

The car is a 'Q by Aston Martin' effort, following on from other recent commissions, including the commendably zany Cygnet V8. That one-off model was a fine example of the kind of bespoke engineering effort that the manufacturer's personalisation service is capable of when primed with sufficiently large amounts of money. The DBS 59 is arguably less riveting - but certainly no less important to Aston's thrusting business model for what's left of the decade.

Aston Martin is no stranger to special edition cars. From the Red Arrows Edition Vanquish to the DB5 Goldfinger, there have been all manner of machines created over the past few years to celebrate and commemorate the various milestones of Aston and its partners.

Some have been more successful than others, but this one seems right on the money - literally, Aston will hope. For starters it pays tribute to one of the marque's greatest ever creations, the magnificent DBR1, a car Sir Stirling Moss himself described as "the most important Aston Martin ever produced."

It is also perfectly timed. Last year saw one of the five original DBR1s become the most expensive British car ever sold, when it went under the hammer for £17.5 million, and with next year being the 60th anniversary of the DBR1's historic one-two finish at Le Mans, the timing could hardly be better to pay homage to the car.

To do so Aston Martin Cambridge has commissioned 24 examples of the bespoke 'DBS 59'.  Unlike the recent DBZ Century Collection, owners won't get a continuation DBR1 with their DBS - though they'll also be spending considerably less money. Instead they'll receive a DBS painted in Aston Martin Racing Green - which alone would be enough for us, because it looks superb - with carbon fibre roof and spoiler. The standard DBS wheels get a questionable lick of bronze paint, as do the brake calipers, grille surround and badges, while a small roundel bearing the production number of the car adorns the side.  

The cabin is clad in a combination of Obsidian Black and Chestnut Tan leather, with fabric "inspired by the DBR1 seat material" used to trim the seat backs and door inserts. Bespoke Saddle Leather helmet pods in the rear hold special replica crash helmets, while period blue race suits and string-backed gloves are included and a bespoke two-piece luggage matched to the car is available as well.

Aside from going a little Partridge towards the end there, then, the DBS 59 seems like a special edition Aston that you wouldn't be ashamed to actually be seen behind the wheel of. Although, should you miss out on being one of the lucky 24, Aston's standard 'Appletree Green' paint and Carbon Fibre exterior pack achieves a remarkably similar look without all the extra bits. Look for examples of that with a white '25' tippexed on the side in a country club car park near you soon!


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